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Art Rothafel

"I help health professionals turn their passions into lucrative brands!"

Topics for Podcasts, Workshops and Speaking

With more than 45 years of professional marketing experience, I have lots to talk about!  But, I've honed it down to the most important and impactful strategies and tactics for health professionals who want to scale their businesses.

In addition, I can also present credible information to consumers about basic physiology as it relates to weight management, lifestyle and overall general health.

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    Fitness Marketing vs. Fitness Sales

    (B2B) For trainers, coaches, studios, clubs and health related businesses.

    What's the difference between marketing and sales?  There is so much confusion over this topic.  Most health related businesses are "sales driven." 

    However, the most successful and profitable businesses recognize that clear and concise messaging is essential.  

    As a 45-minute talk or as a guest, I break it all down and add clarity to the differences between marketing and sales. 

    Your audience will come away with clear definitions and the ability to assess whether their next move is "marketing" or "sales." 

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    How to Successfully Market Weight Management in a Fitness Environment

    (B2B) The hidden gold mine inside most health & fitness businesses!

    For over 35 years, I've been an industry expert on this topic -- and have helped hundreds of health professionals build, operate and market lucrative weight-management programs -- using existing staff, knowledge and protocol. 

    In addition, my company developed the most comprehensive marketing and promotional kit to help health professionals educate and empower clients whose goals are credible, long-term weight-management:  CLICK or TAP HERE... 

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    Finally.... the TRUTH About Weight-Management

    (Consumer presentation) Health fairs, trade shows, conferences or on behalf of health related businesses.

    This slide deck presentation designed to educate and empower consumers.  Organizations often retain me to provide this presentation at their retreats, workshops and health fairs. 

    The video below is a 14-minute condensed version of the presentation.   When delivered, "live" this same information typically takes about 45-minutes to present with 15-minutes left for Q&A.

This exact same presentation is available to our clients as a "white label" product branded with their own logo:  CLICK or TAP HERE... 

Whether I present it or YOU present it, this is the type of information that will motivate consumers to enroll in a "credible" weight-management program based on positive lifestyle choices.