How to Create MASSIVE Online Wealth Using Other People’s Money..!

Years ago when I was in my 30’s, I had a friend who was a fantastic business mentor.  His name was Thomas Madison — and he always offered incredible advice. He was a Wall Street guy who accumulated enough wealth to not only retire, but enough for his wife and he to travel the world! […]

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The Fastest, Most Immediate Way To Turn Your Fitness Business into an ONLINE CASH COW

O.K.,  before I reveal all the virtues of ONBOARD101….  I’m going to share with you a little secret that will literally save you hundreds of dollars — INSTANTLY. GO AHEAD AND KICK ME WHILE I’M DOWN! We both know… … that it’s not nice to “kick a man when he’s down!” But, in this case, […]

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The “NEW” Next Generation of Fit Pros

Ten years ago I wrote an article titled, “The Next Generation Fitness Professional.”  It was forward-focused about Generation X Trainers and how those “young guns” embraced new technologies including mobile smart phones and the internet to increase their own productivity as well as marketing and managing their businesses. I layered this scenario on top of […]

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