Branded Video Increases Sales.  Period!

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Here’s why video is so important to your fitness business….

  • 72% are more likely to purchase your product or service after watching a video  After watching a video people get a greater understanding of what you are selling.
  • Video gives you the advantage to connect with potential buyers on an emotional level.
  •  Video allows you to effectively demonstrate the quality and professionalism of your services.  (Source: Wharton School of Business).
  • Adding video to your website makes your site 6 times more likely to convert a browser to a paying customer. (Source: Forrester Research).
  • Only 20% of web visitors will read the majority of the text. But 80% of web visitors will watch a video.
  • Most people don’t like to read a text-heavy website, but if you video the same information they will probably go through the whole video. Video can be your most powerful sales tool.  (Source: Forrester Research)
  • Your Video can help present a consistent message every time for every viewer. Put forward a consistent marketing message to enable wider audiences and on-demand viewing.
  • Video is affordable. It’s no longer just for large corporations. A carefully scripted 2-3 minute video can be more effective and convey as much information as a stack of printed materials.

Video Differentiates YOU from the Competition….

You’ve heard it a million times, “websites are about content,” but if that content isn’t delivered with some style, panache and enthusiasm… then, you’re just like everyone else… a web-based brochure that no one wants to read.

Listen… most fitness websites look and feel the same.  And, they mostly say the same things.   VIDEO MAKES YOUR BUSINESS SING!