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Introducing… The Secret Weapon!  We’re convinced this will be one of the most popular branded videos ever.  For two reasons.  The price and the content.   Think about this… Now you can post your own branded video on your own branded website and demonstrate your own branded Daily Journals.  This is commonly referred to as “cohesive branding!”  

Here’s how it looks on a website…

And, this type of professionalism is not lost on potential clients and members who are browsing the web to find someone who can help them with weight-management and fitness.

Then, of course, you can post your video on YouTube and FaceBook.  You can add links to your video from Twitter and LinkedIn.  


There are 3 different ways to get this video. 

And here’s why video is important to your business….

Video Differentiates YOU from the Competition….

You’ve heard it a million times, “websites are about content,” but if that content isn’t delivered with some style, panache and enthusiasm… then, you’re just like everyone else… a web-based brochure that no one wants to read.

Listen… most fitness websites look and feel the same.  And, they mostly say the same things.   VIDEO MAKES YOUR BUSINESS SING!

There are two purposes of videos that are important to business owners and entrepreneurs.


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