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Do You LOOK like a Fitness PRO… or a first year rookie?

The fitness industry is more complicated than just a few years ago.  It’s more fragmented. From: traditional big box clubs training studios independent trainers To: online health coaching personal development lifestyle consulting There are literally millions upon millions of health and fitness professionals throughout the world. One Thing Will Never Change But, no matter how […]

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The BIG DECISION — are you in?

Quite often a single decision changes a person’s business… and his or her life… FOREVER! How about marriage?  That’s a big one! What about quitting the 9-5 job to start your own business?  Big decision… right? Whoa…. and having kids..?  Totally life-changing! The ability to make BIG DECISIONS is one of the most overlooked attributes […]

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What Do You Teach Your Clients About Digestion…?

(yes, this is part of the social media banner package you receive with ONBOARD 101.) If you are a fitness professional or health coach and you want to INCREASE retention, referrals and revenues… then health education should truly be part of your business.  In fact, among many top pros, it’s a moral obligation to get […]

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The Fastest, Most Immediate Way To Turn Your Fitness Business into an ONLINE CASH COW

O.K.,  before I reveal all the virtues of ONBOARD101….  I’m going to share with you a little secret that will literally save you hundreds of dollars — INSTANTLY. GO AHEAD AND KICK ME WHILE I’M DOWN! We both know… … that it’s not nice to “kick a man when he’s down!” But, in this case, […]

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The “NEW” Next Generation of Fit Pros

Ten years ago I wrote an article titled, “The Next Generation Fitness Professional.”  It was forward-focused about Generation X Trainers and how those “young guns” embraced new technologies including mobile smart phones and the internet to increase their own productivity as well as marketing and managing their businesses. I layered this scenario on top of […]

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