Coffee Mugs






If you order your 10 Transformation Journals or Reference Manuals before midnight, this Friday night, April 14th, I’ll also send to you a BRANDED white coffee mug  – that you’ll want to use every day because it will have YOUR LOGO all over it!

If your goal is to BUILD YOUR BRAND with useful, credible health and fitness “tools”  —  and want to see your LOGO / BRAND / BUSINESS start to penetrate your market area when clients show YOUR TRANSFORMATION JOURNALS to their friends, family and co-workers, then, this is how you do it!

Listen… it’s a very noisy world out there.

Radio, TV, Internet, Magazines, Videos, Direct Mail, Live Events, Newspapers… and the list goes on and on…  Everyone is trying to be noticed.  Everyone is attempting to attract customers and buyers.

jrnl_girl_combo2And, please believe me when I tell you this.  To compete in this hyper-competitive market, you must at all times be your own BRAND EVANGELIST!

At every opportunity you should be imprinting your BRAND / LOGO.

On the front door.  Inside your facility with wall murals.  Everywhere in your pro shop. Even on your car…!   And, of course, you should at all times be wearing your BRAND / LOGO on whatever you’re wearing… hat, pants, polo, t-shirt… 

Take a look.  Even the Coke delivery guy is wearing an embroidered shirt with the Coke brand.  And he delivers in a Coke branded truck.

The point is, if you truly want to build your business and your brand… you’ve got to COMMIT.

Your existing and prospective clients all notice — even if they don’t verbalize it.  They know a committed professional will be BRANDED.

It’s as simple as that.

Even your own branded coffee cup on your desk adds to the perception of your commitment and professionalism!  CLICK HERE….

(Special thanks to J.R. Smith and Dale Benedict)