Would you like to schedule a FREE 15-Minute Consultation Session?  We can discuss your:

  • marketing, branding, ads
  • website design
  • online strategy
  • live events
  • supplementation 

…or anything you think my 25 years of experience may be of help to you.


I provide coaching and consultation in 3 specific areas within the health and fitness industry:

  • Branding & Marketing (ie; long-term strategic planning – not membership sales)
  • Weight-Management Programming & Marketing (in a fitness environment)
  • Online Health and Fitness Business Applications

Consultations are by appointment only and require payment in advance.  Sessions are held via Skype, Google Hangouts or by phone.

Workshops are in person with multiple attendees invited.


1 Consult60-Min.Includes pre-meeting preparation and review of current status.$250
4 Consults60-Min. 1 per WeekIncludes pre-meeting preparation, action plan, review.$800
Annual Retainer60-Min. 1 per Month1 Consult per month for 12 months. Specs based on specific plan and outline.$3,000
In-Person8-hr Day8-hour Weight-Management Workshop $3,000*

Initial Assessment

If you are interested in consultation, please complete the form below so I can review your situation before we speak.  The more information you can provide the more productive our session(s) will be.  Even for single sessions, I will spend all the time necessary to familiarize myself with your business BEFORE we speak.

* Day rates do not include airfare, overnight accommodations (1 night) or $150 per diem.