Digital Welcome Kit

My tech team is currently working on a digital Welcome Kit for a training studio in Massachusetts.  The more I see it coming together, the more I think it’s pretty cool.

So, I am wondering if it might be of interest to YOU.  

You'll see on the survey, I'm not looking for your name or email or anything like that. Just a simple Yes or No.   I have nothing to sell here.  But, it would be of tremendous help to my decision making. 

The project is a digital “Welcome Kit.”  The idea is to allow a prospect or client to complete all intake forms online.  And, to offer value-added components to keep clients/members engaged with your business and brand.  Here’s what’s included:

  • Complete, done-for-you, custom branded Welcome Kit Website similar to current design of our eCommerce Sites - matched as closely as possible to your current web design:
  • Welcome Letter -.pdf document 3-5 pages. Branded Header (customized)
    • Welcome (custom)
    • Operations/Hours/What to wear, etc (custom)
    • Meet the Team (custom)
    • Location Map  (custom)
  • Intake Forms: Four (4)  different optional forms. Completed forms are automatically emailed directly to you and client for download.Branded with your logo on the header. Similar to these FORMS on Crystal Lowery’s site: CLICK HERE
  • Liability Release:   .pdf document download.  Branded with your logo on the header.
  • Recipes/Smoothies: Branded with your logo on the header - New ones added sporadically.
  • Posters: - Letter Size (Branded with your logo on the header) CLICK HERE
  • New Blog Posts: (every two weeks) Keeps search engines updated for SEO
  • Model Release: - For photos and video - Download .pdf document. Branded with your logo on the header.
  • Hosted Video: if you have them already, or we'll show you how to produce simple testimonials, classes, etc.)

Custom Build out: $197.  Monthly: $49.99 (would include hosting, security, updates, back-ups etc.)

This would be a linked "done-for-you" custom branded website we create, host and maintain on your behalf.  You would simply place a link on your existing website top navigation bar: "Welcome Kit."  Clients could then click and begin their own intake and download information.

  Comments I've already received....

  • Physician Release Form
  • Grocery Shopping Check List
  • Food Exchange List
  • PAR-Q

P.S.  If you know other fitness professionals who might be interested in this survey, please click on the SHARE button below....!