Complete Done-For-You Website

Like it or not, prospects visit your website long before they contact you.  Your website is a prospect's "first impression" of YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


Make it your Primary Website or Use as a Content Add-on

This is a complete DONE-FOR-YOU branded "content" platform that can serve as your PRIMARY WEBSITE or can link to your existing website. 

The Digital Welcome Kit includes a variety of online "client intake" forms, recipes, blog posts, client handouts and a ton of updated content to keep your clients ENGAGED with YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


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Why is Your Website so IMPORTANT..?

Prospects visit your website long before they contact you.
Your website is the "first impression" of YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

First Impressions Count!

Can I be Blunt..?

Listen, a disorganized, ugly old website is bad.   It's bad for you and an absolute nightmare for your business. 

No matter how many certifications you've earned... or how many years you've been training clients... if your website looks bad, your prospects just "click or tap out" -- and they don't return. 


Too Busy..?  Too Expensive..?

I get it.  You're busy!  You'll get around to it.... someday.

Plus, most web developers are crazy expensive and take forever to build your site.

And, even then, YOU have to come up with all of the content.   The copywriting, images, and, well... everything!

You spend a ton of money, yet, do all the work!


We Take Away All That Pain...

That's exactly why hundreds of health professionals have taken advantage of the Digital Welcome Kit.  

This platform has saved them thousands of dollars and literally hundreds of hours of their valuable time. 


Time & Money

So, there it is.  We'll save you time and money -- and provide you with a state-of-the-art, "kick-ass" website that will not only engage your visitors, but position you as an expert, leader and authority on ALL THINGS health related.

What Conversions are Made Of...  

Engagement with a credible professional is the stuff that CONVERTS a prospect into a client. 


Ask Yourself This...

Other than schedules and prices, when was the last time you updated your website?


Level-Up Your Website...

If you're ready to create a digital "experience" for your prospects as well as your existing clients, then, we'll have you up and running within 10-Days.  

You'll Receive All of This Content Branded with Your Logo..!

11 Online Intake Forms w/ Your Logo

Completed client intake forms with YOUR LOGO auto-emailed (.pdf) to both you and your clients.

16 Info Handouts with Your Logo

Informational handouts with YOUR LOGO.  Easy downloads (.pdf) for your clients and prospects.

31 Professionally Written Blog Posts

Your clients want information.  These posts demonstrate why YOU are the "go-to" professional.

100+ Online Recipes with Your Logo

Incredible recipes with calories and macros per serving --  Each recipe is branded with YOUR LOGO.


Branded Content Projects Authority, Experience and Leadership.


11 Custom "ONLINE" Client Intake Forms

  Automatically converts to .pdf document and auto-emails to you and your clients... Wow!

Xpress Assessment

Model Release

  • Xpress Assessment (with your logo) 
  • COVID-19 Screen Form (with your logo)
  •  Xpress Workout Journal (with your logo)
  •  Health History Form (with your logo)
  •  Xpress Assessment (with your logo)
  •  PAR-Q (with your logo)
  •  Model Release Form (with your logo)
  •  Physician Release Form (with your logo)
  •  Food Intake Questionnaire (with your logo)
  •  Wellness Lifestyle Assessment (with your logo)
  •  Kitchen Questionnaire (with your logo)
  •  Habit Tracker (with your logo)

How to Use Your "Online" Forms


Robert Norder

"The best part about working with Art and his crew --  is working with Art and his crew!  They walked me through every single phase of building out my new website.  

It really pays to have someone with his fitness business experience and technical knowledge working in your corner!"

16 Professionally Designed Informational Handouts

 This is exactly the actionable information your clients can use right now.  All branded with YOUR LOGO!
Click on the links below to view two of the most popular handouts.

  • How to Build Your Immune System (with your logo)
  • Invitation / Guest Pass (with your logo)
  • Your First Workout (with your logo) 
  • The Difference HIIT vs. Steady State (with your logo)
  • Weight-Management Facts (with your logo)
  • Weight-Management Flow Chart (with your logo)
  • Target Heart Rate Chart (with your logo)
  • The History of Diets (with your logo)
  • What to Know About Sugar (with your logo) 
  • Muscle Chart (with your logo)
  • Skeletal Chart (with your logo)
  • 365 Days of Positive Living eBook (with your logo)
  • What to Know About Blood Sugar (with your logo)
  • 5 EZ Resolutions (with your logo)
  • What to Know About Hand Sanitizers (with your logo)
  • Your Skincare Bonus (with your logo)
  • The Miracle That is YOU (with your logo)

Denise Faulkner

"Best investment I've ever made.  No more technology nightmares.  So damned simple!  Everything is done for me.  The Digital Welcome Kit is the perfect solution for anyone involved in health and fitness." 

How to Drive Traffic with Your Branded Handouts...

31 Professionally Written Blog Posts... and Growing

 These blog posts serve to position you and your business as an experts and authority on positive lifestyle choices.
Click on the links below to view a couple of blog posts.  

  • How to Get Out of Bed for a Morning Workout
  • What to Do When You Don't Feel Like It
  • How to Overcome Excuses
  • Sleep and Recovery
  • 7 Effective Life Hack to Create New Habits
  • Your Healthy Grill
  • The Almighty Stretch
  • The Hope Molecule
  • Junk Food Be Gone
  • Food for Thought
  • Your Final Destination
  • The One Thing That Makes a Difference
  • How to Kick Sugar
  • How to Strengthen Your Immune System - Really! 
  • 5 EZ New Years Resolutions (with branded handout) 
  •  Stress - The Great Reality Check
  •  21 Rewards From Working Out
  •  What Matters Most in Your Life?
  •  How To Power Up Your Routine
  •  Muscles Matter
  • About That Pumpkin Spice Latte!
  • How to Reach Your Goals
  • The Miracle That is You
  • That One Thing That Makes a Difference
  • Busting Through a Plateau
  • How to Become More Productive
  • Motivation
  • How to Become a Fitness Super Star
  • How to Navigate Holiday Overwhelm
  • Keep it Simple
  • Get Inspired to Move

100+ Amazing Recipes Each with YOUR LOGO

Your clients will love these Healthy Family Recipes complete with Macros.
Click on the links below to view sample recipes.



  • Asian Chicken Wraps
  • Asian Mango Chicken Wraps
  • Baked Egg Rolls
  • Baked Lemon Cod
  • Baked Pork Chops / Sauce
  • CreoleDinner
  • Crunchy Chicken Fingers
  • Empanada Pita
  • EZ Classic Chili
  • Fried Rice Chicken
  • Garden Turkey Meatloaf
  • Grilled Halibut
  • Hawaiian Huli-Huli Chicken
  • Mexican Lasagna
  • Shepard Pie
  • Sweet 'n Sour Chicken



  • Baked Curried Brown Rice & Lentil
  • Barley Brown Rice Pilaf
  • Brown Rice Goat Cheese Cakes
  • Crusty Rice with Tofu Vegetables
  • Couscous Fruit Salad
  • Lemon Rice
  • Mexican Cauliflower Rice
  • Mexican Fried Rice
  • Orange Couscous
  • Quinoa Cakes Lemon Olive Parsley
  • Quinoa Pilaf w Mushrooms Carrots Pecans
  • Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Roasted Red Pepper Toasted Orzo
  • Wiki Rice



  • Broccoli Cheese
  • Chunky Tomato Sauce
  • Curried Turkey Cashew Spinach Salad
  • Dunkin Veggies with Dip
  • EZ Grilled Zucchini
  • Green Bean Stir Fry
  • Green Pea Salad
  • Parmesan Green Bean
  • Spinach Corn Pancakes
  • Tangy Salsa
  • Watermelon Tomato Salad
  • Zesty Tomato Soup


  • Bruschetta
  • Celery Cream Cheese Mousse
  • Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars
  • Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies
  • Fruit Skewers Yogurt Dip
  • Grapesicles
  • Make Your Own Snack Mix
  • Peanut Butter Hummus
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Southwestern Beef Roll-ups
  • Turkey Pinwheels
  • Turkey Pinwheels

Yes, of course, we include 34 Smoothies and Protein Shakes -- all with caloric information and YOUR LOGO!



  • Basic Green Smoothie
  • Yogurt Smoothie
  • Blueberry Banana Smoothie
  • Berry Blast Smoothie
  • Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie
  • Blueberry Milkshake Smoothie
  • Chocolate Raspberry Protein Smoothie
  • Kiwi Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Ginger Strawberry Kombucha Smoothie
  • Goji Berry Mango Smoothie
  • Chocolate Avocado Smoothie
  • Green Machine Smoothie
  • Lemon-Lime-Kale Smoothie
  • Spice Smoothie
  • Coffee Smoothie
  • Sweet Dreams Smoothie
  • Raspberry Peach Watermelon Smoothie



Camile Jefferson

"This is like having my own marketing team.  Art, you even answer the phone yourself.  You are always helpful in providing me with really great advice on how to deliver quality service to my members. 

Thank you for such an awesome website and always being there to help me!"

Make the Digital Welcome Kit your Primary Website or Use as a Content Add-on

What You'll Receive...

  • Complete Done-For-You WordPress Website

    Hosted on lightning-fast, super secure servers

  • 11 Online Client Intake Forms

    With auto-convert to .pdf and auto email. Branded with YOUR LOGO

  • 16 Informational Client Handouts

    Instant downloadable handouts.  All branded with YOUR LOGO

  • 20+ Professionally Written Blog Posts

    Written to demonstrate your credibility, experience and authority. 

  • 100+ Recipes, Smoothies and Shakes

    Instant downloadable recipes with macros.  All branded with YOUR LOGO

  • 24/7 Maintenance Package

    Hosting, Updates, Back-ups, Security, New Content, etc

Complete, Customized, Done-For-You WordPress Website

All materials BRANDED with YOUR LOGO...  

What most developers would charge:
Reg: $9,500.00 + $199/mth

Your Professional Price...
+ $169/mth


Frequently Asked Questions...

The NEW MARKETING REALITY for all internet marketers is CONTENT DRIVEN.  If you visit most health professional websites, the content is all about the service offerings, the team members, the before and after photos with testimonials, programs and schedules, calendars and how to join or buy now, etc. 

There's almost no reason for existing members and clients to ever RETURN to those websites.  No reason for them to REFER a friend, family member or co-worker to grab some actionable, useful information.  Most health and fitness websites look the same.  They are set up to convert new prospects and that's it. 

But, what top marketers have come to realize is CONVERSION starts with useful, actionable CONTENT

Here's why:  CLICK HERE...

YES.  We'll delete as many forms as you like.  However, it's nice to have them if needed.  With an assortment, you can simply instruct a client which form to complete.  Also, with with our test pilot program we found that sometimes a non-client visitor would pick a particular form and complete it for his or her own interest.  Now, that's a HOT LEAD!!!

YES.  I understand some professionals offer a "CONSULTATION" or a "DISCOVERY CALL" instead of a Guest Pass.  If required, we'll not only change the BUTTONS, but we'll also change the FORMS to match and align with your requirements. However, customized forms require a lot of coding so there's a charge based on an estimate.  Typically coded at $45 per hour. 

YES.  By all means!  If you have your own content and licensed images (or your own pictures) and send the text to us in either Google docs or MS Word, we will format and upload to your DWK.  Also, please let me know if it is a "Handout" or a "Blog Post" or other category.  

YES.  We'll provide you and/or your web developer with backend ADMIN access to your DWK website - with two (2) caveats. 

1.) You will be responsible for all updates and compatibility of plugins and/or integrations you might add to the site.

2.) If you inadvertently blow-up the site and can NOT restore it, we charge a $300 restore fee as it takes many hours to bring a site and all the databases back to life. 

These conditions are part of our terms of service. 

YES. If you are already an ONBOARD 101 admin you will receive a discount on the monthly hosting/updates/back-ups.    If you add the DIGITAL WELCOME KIT your monthly hosting/updates/back-ups will be just $199.99 per month for BOTH SITES COMBINED.

Right now, you can purchase this entire platform for just $2,799 and then have two platforms: ONBOARD 101 and the DIGITAL WELCOME KIT for just $199.99 per month

If this fits your business, it's one of the best opportunities in the fitness business!  Especially if your strategy includes CONTENT MARKETING.

YES.  Your discounts will be reflected in the current monthly hosting costs -- which over time could save you thousands of dollars.   

YES...   However, this may fall under the category of a complete "custom" website that includes this content beyond the common schedule, team bios, etc.

Obviously, this requires much further customization resulting in a higher buildout price and slightly higher monthly hosting/management cost. 

If this is of interest to you, we will provide you with two estimates. One for the Website Buildout and another for Monthly Hosting / Management --  all based on your specific requirements.

We call it a BOLT-ON website.  Here's a good way to think about it.  CLICK HERE...

You simply add a link on your top navigation or menu bar.  It might be labeled as "Welcome" or "Content"  or  "Info" --  or however you want to label it.  You'll notice on the DIGITAL WELCOME KIT website we have a LINK back to your existing website.  It's labeled as "MAIN."

Unfortunately, NO.  There are plenty of entrepreneurs who create white-label content.  However, we are building out complete platforms with interactive functions for both YOU and YOUR CLIENTS including, automated forms, downloads and other processes beyond content.  Think of it as being a holistic approach toward "CONTENT MARKETING."   

I will continue to expand the DIGITAL WELCOME KIT with new content and functions every month.  As such, we reserve this content for our partners

At least once a month I'll be adding a new blog post.  Other content like new research, health tips and recipes will be added at our discretion.  I won't just add content for the sake of adding content.  It must be relevant, timely and in most cases peer-reviewed for accuracy and credibility. 

We'll also be adding video content as the sites expand.

Great question and it's YES and NO.   Here's the legal side of things.  Yes you can keep all the materials BUT, you will need to reformat everything.  That's because all the formatting and licensed images are all copyrighted under Private Label Fitness. 

So, as long we actually own the website and are providing you with service - then, all copyrights, videos, images, etc are legally licensed. 

However, upon discontinuation of service, the licenses become invalid.  So, for example, you could certainly keep all the information for a recipe, but you can NOT use the same formatting and you can NOT use the licensed image on the page. 

This is all part of our Terms of Service -- and it actually protects you as long as you're a subscriber. 

For more information about how I protect YOU and the content please read our page: "The Unwitting Pirate."

Complete, Customized, Done-For-You WordPress Website

All materials BRANDED with YOUR LOGO...  

What most developers would charge:
Reg: $9,500.00 + $199/mth

Your Professional Price...
+ $169/mth