The Unwitting Pirate

There are people who knowingly steal copyrighted materials.  Some not only steal it, but actually re-sell it as their own.  I've been a victim of this practice numerous times.  Everything from journals to software!


But, here's the honest truth. 


Many people don't even know it's against the law to simply "lift" content and use it. 


They are shocked to find out there's something called "copyright infringement." 


Yup... you should see their faces when they learn it's a crime to simply "lift" and/or "plagiarize" someone else's content.  And, that it can result in a fine up to $150,000!


Cease and Desist


Typically when it happens to me, we simply send a "cease and desist" letter.  If that doesn't deter the offender, then, we send a threatening letter from our attorney. 


And, if THAT doesn't work, we actually file a claim for copyright infringement.  In 30 years, we've only filed once.  And, won.



Why I'm Telling You This


Here's why this is important -- and why I'm telling you all this. 


As we move forward into "Content Marketing" I am going to make available (by subscription) a ton of .pdf downloads, licensed images and .mp4 video files


So, there will be a HUGE temptation for some people to simply take them from our demo sites and "run with them" as if they were their own.  There are many who don't even realize how legally, morally and ethically wrong this is.


It's not only a crime against me and my company, but also a crime (legally, morally and ethically) against my fitness partners who PAY to subscribe for our copyrighted and licensed materials. 


Like a Pit Bull


As such, I've gone to great lengths to protect our content.  Ignorance is no longer an excuse.  Especially since I'm spelling it all out for anyone who might be tempted. 


First off, I retain a law firm that specializes in "intellectual property rights" and how to protect it legally with copyrights and trademarks, etc.  


I also subscribe to a service similar to what the major image companies like iStock, Getty, Dreamsphoto, etc. use.   This service allows us to place an invisible identification pixel on all of our images, videos and even .pdf files. 


Then, the service uses bots to scan the internet for our pixels.  If it finds a pixel on a site not licensed by us, it notifies us right away.  And, then, the "copyright infringement" process begins. 


Why I do this...


Listen, I do this not to be a jerk or to "get even" with the crooks.  I do this because I am deeply grateful for the trust and loyalty placed in me and my company by some of the absolute best health and fitness professionals in the world. 


I will go to any length to protect their paid subscribed content and our relationships built on mutual trust.



It's a bond that I revere and will protect at all costs



NOTICE:  Please be on notice Arthur I. Rothafel, Inc., dba, Private Label Fitness, will fully protect all copyrighted materials and content on all media including, but not limited to, print, video, film, electronic and all other media to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law under  U.S. Library of Congress guidelines as well as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA).