How to Get Your 20% OFF Coupon…!


Send Your Video Get a 20% OFF Coupon

Here’s a new kind of promotion for us.   I’m not really sure if it’s a promotion or actually a bribe!  But, here it is…  We are going to produce a new  testimonial video to enhance our regular testimonial page.  So, obviously, I’m looking for video from fitness partners like you!

It can even be an iPhone or Android video… and, in return, I will create and email to you an exclusive COUPON CODE for you that takes 20% OFF your entire next purchase… no matter what it is.

The Interview Script

To make it easy, we’ve even come up with a brief script where you are being interviewed.  Here are the interview questions:

  • How many years have you been ordering from Private Label Fitness? (Or what year did you start ordering)
  • What product(s) do you order?
  • How does this product help your clients?
  • How does this product help your business?
  • How does Private Label Fitness treat you as a customer?
  • What do you like most about Private Label Fitness?
  • Anything else you want to add?

Shooting Tips

A couple of tips might help your video look great.

  • Shoot outside where the lighting is typically better than inside.
  • Try to have someone shoot the video instead of attempting to do it “selfie style.”
  • Experiment with shooting in different segments (we’ll put it together).  This will allow you to shoot from different angles or zoom in and out.  It also allows you to answer each question separately.

How to Send to Us

If you create the video on your mobile device, just send us the segments to my phone:  714-404-1800

Or, if you shot a video and have it on your desktop, just let me know and we’ll coordinate delivery through “dropbox.”  I’ll walk you through the process.  Takes 5 minutes.

Upon receipt of your video, I’ll send to you via email, a 20% Coupon!





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