How To Generate $1,649 of PASSIVE INCOME

with a 5-Minute Conversation

"Oh, nooooo way," you say!


"There's no way I could do THAT!"   That's just not possible for ME."




Well, it IS possible.  And, more than one person has proven it!


PLUS.... I'm going to give you a script... so YOU can do it TOO! 


The Back Story...


When ONBOARD 101 was introduced, a trainer named Lisa Wheeler signed up for the FREE TRIAL.


As you know, all of my TRIALS are the REAL DEAL.  Fully functional systems that I even BRAND with YOUR LOGO


Nothing is held back... because I want YOU to have a "real world" experience with our products -- like a "test drive" in a new car.


So, Lisa, during the "cool-down" of her group session of 12 ladies gave a 5-minute conversation of her BRANDED ONBOARD 101 Course.


And, she used many of the same "bullet points" I often use to explain my "WHY"  -- when we developed ONBOARD 101 in the first place.


I asked Lisa if she would write down her conversation as a script in order to help others who struggle with selling ONBOARD 101 or any other program for that matter. 


She graciously spent the time to write it all down as she remembered it and sent it to me. Thank you, Lisa.


I did a little editing -- gave it a title:  "COOL DOWN CONVERSATION" and converted it into an MS Word Document so you can edit to your own audience.  Just click on the link to grab it...  It will download directly to your desktop!


If you read the script, you'll see Lisa initially sold ONBOARD 101 as a PILOT PROGRAM at an introductory price of just $97


Among her two groups that same day, she, sold exactly 17 programs at $97 each --  for a total of $1,649.  This not only paid for the program, itself, but put a bunch of cash into the business... with NO additional labor.


Here's the AMAZING THING....  Lisa is not the only one doing this.


I've heard from several ONBOARD 101 ADMINS who have run special offers on Facebook and other social media.  One ADMIN who runs a Transformation Meet-up Group in San Francisco sold more than 52 ONBOARD 101 COURSES in just 2 days.... at $197 per course!


And a few studios have already told me they plan to make ONBOARD 101 MANDATORY for all NEW CLIENTS.  In other words, they are "baking it in" to their training.

Crushin' It With Seminars & Facebook


It's crazy how successful some health pros are with their ONBOARD 101 subscription websites -- right out of the gate.  


Almost everyone figures out how to make the program pay for itself by simply enrolling at least 9 people at $97 dollars  --  usually with an introductory offer.


But Steve Nunno and his BRANDED Onboard 101 website have really "hit it out of the park."  In less than one month he sold more than 40 clients on the value of the Onboard 101 curriculum at $99 per person.  That's $3,960.


His sales came from his from existing clients as well as new clients directly from Facebook.   He uses the MARKETING TOOLS on his Facebook page.


His ONBOARD 101 website not only paid for itself, but also put $2,363 in his pocket. Nice ROI, right?


But, it didn't stop there.


Taking Action...


Steve also purchased the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit.  Then, here's what he did.

He learned the Seminar Materials and put them to use by creating a plan followed by promotion and execution.


He booked the local Radison Hotel and presented 3 Live Seminars in one day.


At the end of each seminar, after the Q &A session, his audience was escorted to a separate room where his staff provided confidential body-comp evaluations


After that, attendees could sign-up for his B3-Weight-Management Program with cash, check, credit card or PayPal. 


Then, even after that, there was a third room where his audience could socialize with healthy snacks, listen or dance to a DJ and have the opportunity to purchase products or a membership to his studio.

Awesome Results for a Father & Son Team!


If you are an ONBOARD 101 owner with the Seminar Webinar Kit... and haven't yet produced a live seminar event... then, hopefully, this will motivate you to get started!


Here's a great example of the amazing one-night revenue that can be generated with some planning and execution!

We Just Followed the Directions!


Greg Keefe owns a small studio with his Dad.  They recently purchased the Onboard 101 package.  They spent 3 months incorporating the components into their website as well as their programming. 


Eventually, they introduced 12 different  "Lifestyle" programs using these basic package configurations:

  • Self-Guided - Onboard 101 Program
  • One-on-One Nutrition Only Consults
  • Group Sessions with Group Consults (Classroom style)
  • Private 1:1 Personal Training Packages with 1:1 Nutrition Consults


Pricing ranged from $49 for the Self-Guided Onboard 101 package to $2,300 for a complete 12- week 1:1 Training / Nutrition package.


After developing their new packages, they decided to introduce them with their new Seminar: Finally the Truth About Weight-Management.  


Here's what Greg told me.


"Everything we needed was in the Seminar Kit website.  So, we decided to just follow the directions on the site and did everything by-the-book."


Exactly 73 people attended their Weight-Management Seminar Event.  More than half were people who had never been to the studio.  New leads!


That night, they marketed a single program (normally $529 for just $399 and sold 37 for a total one-night revenue spike of $14,763. 


However, during the following days, they up-sold into several higher priced packages taking their total to over $17,000.  (They applied the $399 toward the higher priced programs).


I am a member of several FaceBook Private Groups full of health and fitness professionals.   And, the #1 question they all ask is: "How do I get more clients?"     The answer is so simple!   Just do it!


How To Generate INSTANT REVENUE with ONBOARD 101

I’m really excited to share something with you that could seriously INCREASE YOUR REVENUE…  INSTANTLY! 


And, “it” was reinforced when I sat in on a webinar hosted by Alicia Streger  as she interviewed Rick Streb who runs a successful studio.


I’ve never met Rick, but I know he’s a seasoned pro with lots of business savvy.  So, I blocked out the time to hear what he had to say about his Nutrition Programming and how he leverages it within his own training business.



Did you know you can start your own "Meet-Up" Group.


Over the years, several Health Coaches have used the 12-Week Curriculum to add structure to their meet-ups.


Some of the Meet-Ups require a fee to attend and others are free.  In either case, it's a fantastic opportunity to create your own community or tribe of like-minded people with similar goals.


Plus, it doesn't need to be strictly weight-management.  You can make it a "Wellness Group" or a "Healthy Lifestyle Group." 


Depending on your location, you may find that starting your own Meet-Up Group could turn into an amazing source of new leads and referrals.


The most important thing is this.  Have you tried it?

FaceBook Private Groups


Another great platform for anyone offering Weight-Management & Lifestyle services is FaceBook.


And, specifically, a private FaceBook Group. Here's a link for the simple instructions on how to start a group:  CLICK HERE...


Using ONBOARD 101 will provide you with plenty of topics and structure.


But, even if you don't use ONBOARD 101, the social platform of putting people together who share the same goals is HUGE.


And, a private group that adds support, motivation and encouragement - as well as credible information is even better.


If you are running an online Weight-Management & Lifestyle Course, then, having a FaceBook Group is an essential.


One of our admins is doing just that.  She starts with a Webinar that funnels to her site and program.  She then segments into two FaceBook Groups.  Members and non-Members.  The goal is to convert the non-Members into her online course.


Conduct Your Classes with Computer Projection

Several Onboard 101 administrators... or "professors" as we like to call them... are running HUGE classes (some over 75 people) using computer projection on a screen or wall.


They simply hook-up their laptop computers to a projector and stream-in their ONBOARD 101 website for all to see!


Then, they can play the videos, discuss the page content and even take the quizzes as a group!


I've been told that this makes for a very professional presentation for groups at corporate conference rooms, clubs, studios and even at a workplace health fair. It can be done anywhere that you have an internet connection. Yes...! Your ONBOARD 101 PLATFORM is very mobile!


This mobility has allowed several fitness pros to approach fire stations, police academies, business organizations, community groups, church groups and condo organizations as well as gated community recreation centers.


Anywhere there is a group interested in LEARNING about HEALTH MANAGEMENT -- there is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU!


The way to do this is to create a "dummy client" and each week just login the dummy for projection of the particular session you are reviewing.


Great E-mail...

Art, My sister is in medical sales. She showed the CEO of Kingston Family Medical Center our ONBOARD 101 site. We sold to them unlimited access for all their patients to our site for $5K. I’m already getting calls for training. We're smokin'..


Jenny's Story...

Here's another fantastic e-mail from a trainer who sold 157 ONBOARD 101 Programs in just 24 hours!

Here's how she did it....


BootCamp Magic...!

As you know, I don’t dictate pricing. It’s totally up to you. After all, you know your market... and what they are willing to pay for things.

That said, I still think Lindsey Smith could get more for her Boot Camp U.

However, as she explains, the bootcamp model has become overly saturated and the price wars are simply ridiculous.

As such, she’s using her ONBOARD 101 site as a Value-Added Proposition. She’s selling it for just $29.99 as an up-sell to her 6-week bootcamps (6-weeks | 3x week @$149.)

They complete two chapters a week and she holds a 10-minute Q&A during her bootcamp warm-ups. She runs it as a completely self-guided program so she has no additional labor costs.

So far, she’s sold 53 clients @$29.99 putting a clean $1,589.47 in her pocket! I still think the low-ball price should be $49.99. Just sayin'...!



Cool News..!

  • A fitness studio using ONBOARD 101 decided to donate 28 registrations to 28 students at a middle school (9th grade) in Western Pennsylvania as part of a nutrition class. The studio was written up in the local newspaper as “Helping to Offset Teenage Obesity.” Total cost to do this.... ZERO..!!!! How much would the media attention cost...? A lot! I know this will generate referrals to the studio. I'll keep you posted.