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The MAP SYSTEM is a powerful and sophisticated menu and activity PLANNER.  It is NOT a TRACKING APP.

What's the difference?


THE MAP SYSTEM purpose is two-fold.


First, the system is specifically designed for advanced health professionals who want to create and store highly customized menu plans -- that can be assigned or personalized (tweaked) for each client.  It is not a listing of generic menus.


Second, it's designed to be an interactive "teaching platform" allowing clients to login and create and/or revise their own menu plans based on their personalized optimal caloric template and food preferences.  This allows each client to see the caloric and macro nutrient impact of their own food choices.


NOTE:  The MAP SYSTEM is best used on Desktop, Laptop or Tablet computers.   Due to the large amount of data being displayed, the system is NOT particularly mobile friendly.


Since 1995, the MAP System has proven successful with its "real world" approach using real foods and exercise  adherence to basic human physiology.


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