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How to Create Specialized Menus

We’re often asked for a way to create your own custom menus with the MAP SYSTEM. For example, you may have a need for menu templates based on the GLYCEMIC INDEX.  Or, perhaps GLUTEN-FREE or MEATLESS menus.

This functionality is NOW AVAILABLE!

The new MENU TEMPLATES – link will appear on your left navigation bar as soon as you log in.  Just click on it and you’ll arrive at the  MENU TEMPLATE SCREEN. (* Note:  it will look almost blank until you build a CUSTOM MENU.)

This new Feature/Function will allow you to create specialized menu templates with the ability to ASSIGN them to specific clients based on such preferences as:

– Meatless Menus
– Gluten Free Menus
– Low Glycemic Menus

PLUS… Since you create them.. just like the Workout Templates, you can create Signature Menus by naming them with YOUR BRAND! Like:

  • Joe’s Meatless Menu 1,750
  • Pacific Health Club Gluten-Free Menu – 1,750
  • Fit Studio Low-Glycmic – 1,750

Design Features

Here are a couple of design features of which you should be aware:

  • To create a new menu, scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Manage Menus” drop down menu and click on “Create New Menu” and click on “GO.”


  • From here, you can name or title your new custom menu template.


  • Create your own Custom Menu starting with “Add Food.”
  • You can enter your own specific foods into your custom menu templates.  However, they will be listed as “USER FOODS” with no exchange value.
  • As you create your custom menu template, the caloric and ratio warnings will remain intact and display in red when the menu template is out-of-balance.
  • The MAP SYSTEM will allow the creation an out-of-balance menu, however, you can NOT disable the red warnings or warnings on menu printouts.
  • You may create an UNLIMITED number of custom menu templates.
  • Custom Menu Templates can ONLY be assigned AFTER you’ve clicked on a client account (click on the client name).  From this screen you may assign multiple menu templates.
  • Video Tutorial is coming soon!


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