A Complete Web-based Weight-Management
and Lifestyle Education Curriculum

MAP SYSTEM Subscription Plans

  • 10 Pack – 10 Clients 1-Year Subscriptions $125 – ($12.50. per client)
  • 25 Pack – 25 Clients 1-Year Subscriptions $249 – ($9.96 per client)
  • Annual – Unlimited Clients/Trainers $599 (variable based on # of clients/members – some as low as .25 cents!)


The MAP SYSTEM has a 20 year track record of success because it’s education-based.  It adheres to the principles of basic human physiology and requires client interaction and accountability.

Plus.. the MAP SYSTEM is a complete interactive learning experience based on real foods (found at the grocery store) and personalized body-composition tracking (lean mass vs. body fat). The MAP SYSTEM is the only web-based application that ensures steady, long-term weight-management and fitness.

The MAP SYSTEM provides clients with three crucial elements to help achieve long-term health, fitness and weight-management goals.

  • The Learning Experience – The system provides a complete 12-chapter curriculum written lay terms on how the human body actually works.  From digestion to resistance training, these 12 chapters, with interactive quizzes, provide your clients with the “complete” picture and rational behind the absolute necessity of proper nutrition combined with productive activity.  It explains why starvation never works and why body-composition is “real gauge” toward achieving long-term weight-management.
  • Personalized Menu Plans –  based on each clients optimal caloric intake, food preferences, goals and expectations.
  • Customized Activity Plans – Each client can be assigned a pre-defined, built-in activity plan, or you can create your own customized plans based on your floor and equipment layout.  From bootcamps and day spa to complete multi-purpose fitness centers

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