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We do more than develop fitness products.  With more than 45 years of professional marketing experience I may be able to help you with your marketing. 

If you'd like some assistance with copywriting, email campaigns, lead magnets, website development, brand positioning and overall strategic planning -- let's talk.

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    Logo Design

    A well-crafted LOGO / BRAND is essential for all modern health and fitness professionals.  Our minimalist designs will establish a strong and credible identity in an instant.  We tend to use vibrant and energetic colors that will evoke a sense of freshness and positivity.   Plus, our font selection is always clean, modern and super easy to read.   This fosters a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.

    Ultimately, our logo designs will resonate with your potential clients as well as symbolize your commitment to improving lives through your expertise and dedication.

    $200 - $1,000 (depending on scope of project)
    Includes three (3) revisions

    What We Know About Logo Design

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    Our team of copywriters are specifically focused on fitness, health and wellness.  We also have expertise in technical medical copywriting as well. 

    We'll write persuasive copy in order to convincingly sell your products, services or ideas.

    This can include writing website copy, email marketing copy and ad copy. 

    And, if you're creating video, we can compose the perfect voiceover script for you.

    Would you like a FREE EMAIL TEMPLATE just to see our work?  Just CLICK or TAP HERE...

    $65 - $125/hr (depending on project)

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    Email Campaigns & Nurture Sequences

    We specialize in writing some of the most effective and persuasive emails in the industry. Then, we build out a sequential process to deploy a series of five (5) to ten (10) related emails over a designated period of time. 

    This is typically known as a "sequence."   Our particular expertise is "nurturing sequences" that build "relationships" with first-time prospects.   

    Check out our pre-written "Nurturing Email 10-Pack" - you can download a FREE SAMPLE!

    $500 - 3,000 depending on project scope

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    Lead Magnets - Optin Forms

    A lead magnet is a piece of free content or special deal offered to customers in exchange for their contact info - usually their first name and email.  It can be a discount code, ebook or other special product or service. 

    Thousands of health and fitness professionals have used our "Healthy Family Recipes" package as lead magnets on their websites.   

    Here is how it is displayed on one of our fitness partner's website - CLICK or TAP HERE....

    We can help you determine the best lead magnet for your particular audience and help with the design of the actual opt-in form for your website.

    $200 - 500 depending on project scope

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    Landing Pages

    A website sales landing page is a crucial tool for all health and fitness professionals looking to promote their services effectively.

    Our professionally designed landing pages include key components such as a compelling headline, concise and persuasive copy, eye-catching visuals, a clear call-to-action and testimonials or social proof.

    Our custom designed landing page will allow you to showcase your particular offer as well as your expertise in order to build trust and confidence with potential clients.

    The true essence of your landing page is to convert website visitors into paying clients, offering an opportunity to capture leads and nurture relationships.

    With an optimized landing page, you will efficiently communicate your value proposition, increase your online visibility, and ultimately, drive more conversions and revenue, thus expanding your client base and scaling your business.

    To see a sample landing page, check out our 1-Page Wonder Template

    $699 - 3,000 (depending on scope of project)

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    Website Development

    Our digital platforms are the most sophisticated and unique websites within the health, fitness and wellness space. 

    That's because they are complete "turn key" websites loaded with content -  branded with YOUR LOGO. 

    We currently offer six (6) complete "done-for-you" websites, including:

    ✅  The One Page Wonder

    ✅  Digital Welcome Kit

    ✅  The Ultimate WebSuite 

    ✅  eCommerce / Drop Ship - Nutrition

    ✅  eCommerce / Drop Ship - Apparel

    ✅  Online Course - Onboard 101 (health education)

    Most of our digital platforms are built from our proprietary templates which saves you thousands of dollars.

    Nonetheless, we can also start from scratch and create a completely customized site as big or small as you choose and still include the branded content that comes with our turn key platforms. 

    In addition, we manage your website with the highest level of security, backups, new code updates, etc. to ensure your website is functioning at 100% at all times. 

    Plus, unlike all other website developers, we constantly update your site with new content including forms, handouts and blog posts.   We are the only web development team to offer this level of "hands-on" website management.

    $699 - $25,000 (depending on scope of project)
    Includes branded content

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    Complete Brand Positioning - Style Book

    This is a strategic process through which we establish a distinct, cohesive and compelling identity for your products or services and project it into the minds of your target audience.   

    It involves the determination of your unique value proposition, key differentiators, benefits and personality of your particular brand - as it relates to your niche.

    Brand positioning effectively communicates WHY your brand matters and how it fulfills your specific customer needs and/or desires.


    It also creates strong emotional connections, builds customer loyalty and influences purchasing decisions.

    Upon completion of the process, you'll receive a complete brand style book with specific instructions on how to use all logos, acceptable accent colors, fonts, taglines and acceptable variations.

    $2,000 - $5,000 (depending on scope of project)
    Includes complete brand stylebook and tagline options



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