Bolt-On Membership Websites

Custom Membership Websites for Fit Pros and Health Coaches

One thing about our industry is for certain.  "Online" health, fitness and wellness training as well as nutrition education and planning are the FUTURE for advanced, career health professionals.  Period.


Update Part One - Why You May Want and Need a Membership...

This first video lays the foundation.  It's the "WHY" video.  Plus, through various conversations with numerous fit pros and health coaches, it's obvious there's a lot of confusion about the differences between live streaming, online training and membership sites

This explains what a membership website is... it's primary purpose and our approach.   

Update Part Two - Configuring Your Membership Website

Yes, I know... lots of companies offer all kinds of different platforms to make it seem like building out a "membership website" is easy. 

But, the truth is, there's no "sugar-coating" it.  To do it right and to meet your specific requirements requires a significant amount of technology and experience  That's what we're good at.  Plus, unlike most developers, I understand this business.

All pricing is provided through an estimate based on your membership requirements.  For an estimate, please complete this FORM.


Update Part Three - Different Kinds of Content

In this video, I discuss the three different types of VIDEO CONTENT as well as the PLATFORM CONTENT.  

Update Part Four - Walk Through

In this video, we take a walk through the Bolt-On Membership Demo Site.   

NOTE: The links below are just to show the different types of exercise programming you can create, market and sell. Please don't get hung-up on the technique or mechanics. That's NOT the point.


Also, many of these examples are from YouTube because they allow free public access. And, many of them simply don't know how to build their own membership sites.


Also, many of these examples are from YouTube because they allow free public access. And, many of them simply don't know how to build their own membership sites.


These fit pros make their money via advertising because they have HUGE audiences/followers.


You will generate much more recurring revenue with your own tribe on your own membership site. Unless you already have a few hundred thousand followers already!




    While our demo site shows 3 different examples, you are not limited to just 3 memberships.  You can have just one (1) membership or create a hundred (100) different memberships.  However, the buildout pricing increases approximately $500 per membership.


    You can create as many exercise and workout videos as you want.  We include unlimited video hosting as part of our Bolt-On Membership Package. 


    All video exercise content must be your own.  We do NOT provide the exercise videos.  We do NOT provide any workouts.

    Further, we do NOT accept 3rd party generic video exercises on our platforms as it simply invites non-certified, non-professionals.  We pride ourselves on serving certified health and fitness professionals, exclusively.


    Your Bolt-On Membership Website will be structured as outlined in Video #2 with:

    • Home Page
    • Landing Page
    • Payment Gateway
    • Self-Enrollment
    • Access to Protected Content

    You will be responsible for all copywriting on the Home Page, Landing Page and Protected Content Pages.  You can use our demo site content and copywriting if it serves your particular audience and protocol.   Or, use it as a guide and edit to your audience.

    For Landing Pages, I highly recommend using our "framework" with the six (6) key elements as described in Video #3.


    You can send us your own images for your website.  Or, our designers will use licensed fitness and/or wellness images that fit your membership. 



Upon Reservation or Purchase, we ask that you please complete this formCLICK or TAP HERE...



YES, absolutely!  This is a complete done-for-you custom WordPress website completely branded with your logo.  

Yes!  That's the beauty of our sites being completely independent WordPress websites.  You don't need to have an existing website at all.  This site will run independently as it's own domain and website.

Yes.  We order a new domain (url) that will be exclusive to your site.  We attempt to secure something close to your existing website.  For example, if your existing url is: - we would secure:

Yes.  Our super fast, super secure, "managed" WordPress hosting is provided as part of the monthly recurring maintenance of your membership site.  It also provides CDN (content delivery network) which means your videos will load quickly and play perfectly anywhere in the world.

Membership websites are extremely complex with end-to-end functions and integrations that automatically guide your clients and prospects from introduction to transaction to access.

On the pure technical side we provide a done-for-you WordPress website including domain acquisition, hosting, security, back-ups and updates.

We provide design and layout services to ensure your Membership Website looks and feels modern and up-to-date. 

We also provide all the technology required for a "framework" from which to build out and scale a successful membership website allowing for unlimited growth and unlimited membership potential. 

We handle and manage a significant amount of technology requiring integration, configuration and ongoing updates to ensure your memberships run smoothly.

The goal is for us to manage the technology so you can focus on your content and your members.  

We recommend you store your exercise video files in a Google Shared Folder, a DropBox Shared Folder or use a free file transport cloud-based service called 

From there, we will take care of the rest.

Fantastic!   We'll load, host and secure all of them as "protected content"  for FREE as part of your bolt-on membership package. 

Yes, custom sites are expensive.  However they are typically big agencies who need to accommodate all kinds of different businesses with all kinds of different memberships including courses, forums, podcasts, etc. 

We function more like a boutique (just like you) and specialize in health and fitness ONLY.   And, we are specific to pre-recorded exercise videos, exercise workouts and full exercise programs.  As such we have a pre-engineered framework that introduces some development efficiencies in time, money and labor.

This allows us to pass those savings on to you.

It will depend on how many memberships you plan to offer.  For a 3-membership website with all of the content completed and in our hands, development will take about 3 - 4 weeks.

Yes... in fact, that's a great way to get started.   The pricing of additional buildout memberships is approximately $500 per membership.  The recurring monthly hosting and maintenance should stay relatively modest depending on what type of membership content.

You can have as many memberships and subscriptions as you want.  It is unlimited.  The pricing of additional buildout memberships is approximately $500 per membership.  The recurring monthly hosting and maintenance should stay relatively modest depending on what type of membership content.

We will send you a brief questionnaire.  Upon receipt, I will provide you with an estimate based on your requirements as listed in the questionnaire.

I also accept deposits ($500). If you are already absolutely positive you want to move forward with your own Bolt-On Membership Website, you can reserve your space and pricing - even if you don't have your content ready. 

Your website will be built in the order that your deposit is received.  Please note your deposit is non-refundable. 

To make a reservation deposit, please CLICK or TAP HERE... 

Yes.  PayPal is part of our framework for memberships and is also the most TRUSTED name in online payment gateways.   

You will need to supply us with your business paypal account information (API Codes) or we will configure for you if you provide your login information (you can change your password upon completion. 

Yes.   We will create a link on the top navigation bar (just like our normal bolt-on) that will connect to any online training platform like Trainerize, PT Distinction, True Coach, PT Hub, etc.   Please see Video #4.


Questions or Comments...

If you have a question, I'll answer as soon as possible.  Comments are always appreciated.