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Do you believe in YOUR BRAND?   Top producing fit pros, coaches and facilities are proud of their brands and constantly project them to increase profits and scale their businesses.  You can do the EXACT same thing.  Plus, increase your brand awareness, brand loyalty and professionalism!

We've made it EASY & AFFORDABLE
Get Started for as low as $250


Private Label Fitness is the ONLY company to offer such high quality formulations at such low MOQ's (minimum order quantities), available for private-label and held exclusively for health professionals.

What Branded Nutrition Will Do For You:

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    Reinforce Your Credibility - Project Professionalism

    Of course, your clients know that you don't actually manufacture your own supplements.   

    But... they TRUST that since it's YOUR BRAND, the formulations must be of the highest quality.  And, they'd be right! 

    This confidence in your brand adds to your credibility, authority positioning and commitment to excellence

    It also demonstrates a higher level of professionalism than your competitors.  


Rachel & Alwyn Cosgrove

Results Fitness / Results University


"Check them out. These are great products"

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    Generate New Profits

    The highest priority is to offer your clients the very best formulations for recovery and overall health.  Nonetheless, all smart, successful health and fitness businesses understand the need to create multiple profit centers. 

    Your own branded line of super-premium nutritional supplements will command a top tier retail price, thus creating higher profit margins from 50 to 100%.

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    Breed Brand Loyalty

    Your brand is projected and "felt" throughout your business among staff and clients.  It also flows out into your local neighborhood and "online" community as well.   Distribution into the homes of your purchasers literally breeds confidence in - and loyalty to, your brand.


    To learn more about what goes into our proprietary formulations just CLICK or TAP HERE...

How Will YOUR BRAND Look?

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YOUR BRAND just $250 min. order.


Four (4) Categories

We segment our formulations into four categories including, Daily Multi-Vitamins, Fat-Loss Formulations, Muscle & Tone and Specialty products.


  • Two formulas
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Non-varnish coating
  • Brand: YOUR LOGO


  • Super lipid transport
  • Enhance  body-comp
  • Multi-dose formulas
  • Brand:YOUR LOGO


  • Pure whey protein
  • Glutamine powder
  • BCAA tablets
  • Brand: YOUR LOGO


  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Salmon Oil
  • Cal Mag Zinc
  • Brand: YOUR LOGO

Your Own Brand

When you place an order, we "print-on-demand" your specific branded label for the particular formulations you order.   Then, we cut-to-size the labels and apply them by hand to the containers for each product you order.  No other company in the world does this... for such small quantities.


As such, everything about our processes and production costs more than mass produced nutritional brands who batch 100's of thousands of products all at once under their brands. 


Your BRAND QUALITY will speak volumes about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!


How to Market and Sell Nutritional Supplements



What YOU Should Know

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    Super Premium Quality - Low MOQs

    We are the ONLY company to offer such a high quality, proprietary supplement line (designed exclusively for athletes and fitness enthusiasts) available for PRIVATE LABEL at such low minimum order quantities (MOQs).  Wholesale MOQ  is just $250 (total order).  No Logo Set-Up Fees - ever!

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    Exclusive to Health Professionals

    These formulations are available EXCLUSIVELY to health professionals including fit pros, coaches, teams, fitness studios and clubs.   We do NOT offer these formulations to consumer-based marketers outside the health professional trades. 

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    Small Batch Laboratory Environment

    These specially designed formulations are produced in super small batches (think "microbrewery") in a controlled  environment resulting in formulations that are always fresh and consistently adhere to our rigid specifications and protocol.  


Avery Moynihan

Owner / Fitness Director - Ultimate Fitness
"Thank you Art and team Private Label. Our line of branded nutritional supplements has been generating additional revenue for 12 years. Now we have an online store and even our inactive clients continue purchase our products. We have a loyal group of consistent customers adding to our business each month."

Jamie Shelton

Owner - Shelton Fitness
"Total game changer! Helps to set us apart and create our vibe as an upscale, hands-on studio for our staff, clients and members."

Net Profit Calculator

Just input your Qty. number to see your actual NET PROFIT per product.  At the bottom you'll see your TOTAL NET PROFIT.  It adds up quickly for an additional profit stream to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES... absolutely.  You'll definitely earn a higher profit margin by carrying the physical products in your facility.  But, when members recommend your supplements to friends, family and co-workers who are not members or clients -- they NOW have a way to show them your products -- and allow them to purchase your products online.

It's the best of both worlds... especially if your customers are not local. 

(NOTE:  We do NOT process INTERNATIONAL ORDERS due to health compliance regulations that vary from country to country.

Unfortunately, no.  We're a boutique company and too small to offer free samples.  You're certainly welcome to purchase single items to try under our house brand: MediCorp.

Yes.   Our company is a "Trade Only" business model. We are not interested in web marketers or others with no background in health or nutrition. As such, we require you to be a:

  • Verifiable Fitness Studio or Health Club owner
  • Certified and/or Verifiable Fitness Trainer or Health Professional
  • Registered Dietitian and / or Nutritionist
  • Medical or Chiropractic Professional
  • Licensed or a Degreed Professional  in Health or Health Sciences

These proprietary formulations were created by OFNP/SporTelesis, a privately-held custom, boutique manufacturer located in Southern California. Like 90% of all supplement brands, the actual manufacturing processes are contracted out to various laboratories. Our labs and manufacturers are located in California. Some specialize in tablets and capsules while others specialize in powders

In all instances, the processes are carried out under OFNP/SporTelesis' strict protocol and guidance including filtration, batching, temperature, line speed, mixing, drying, etc.  

All fulfillment is carried out at OFNP/SporTelesis where each individual order is hand-labeled and individually inspected for quality control.  

For a complete history of this specialized formulations, please click here..

There are several agencies that certify nutritional supplements, including: 

  • U.S. Pharmacopeia,
  • NSF International

However, none of these organizations guarantee that a product has therapeutic value.  Instead, they simply verify label claims.  In other words, that the ingredients listed are actually in the product.  They also ensure that the products are not contaminated with arsenic, bacteria or lead. 

Plus, in the State of California, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) conducts "Random Testing."  This is where agents actually enter the manufacturing facility and pull products right off the line and send them off for independent laboratory testing.  If the test fails, the entire batch is quarantined and not allowed to be shipped.  We've never, ever failed a test.

The FTC also ensures the physical environment is conducive and in compliance of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) to manufacturing and storage by measuring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, air quality and other elements.  

For more than 35 years, we have provided health professionals with this exact same proprietary line of formulations.  These professionals recognize the high-quality of the raw ingredients as well as the design of our formulations. 

* (For a complete history of these formulations, please CLICK HERE...

Over the years, hundreds of professional athletes, coaches and teams have submitted our formulations to their own laboratories for independent assays.  We have NEVER failed an assay test.  

As stated, our formulations are proprietary.  In order to run proper assays, we are required to relinquish trade secrets which includes our proprietary formulation design, raw ingredient sourcing, manufacturing protocol and hundreds of closely held elements of intellectual property we choose not to share.  

Finally, to be 100% truthful about ingredient claims, all brands would need to submit their products after every single batch run.  To our knowledge, it is not required to resubmit.  In our minds,  this invalidates the entire validation process since all kinds of differences can occur with the same product from batch to batch.

Therefore, based on our longevity in the market place, our educated customers and reluctance to share intellectual property, we do NOT submit any of our formulations to the aforementioned organizations.

However, if you desire to have the products tested at your own expense using an independent laboratory willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) we will provide all formulations along with documentation for independent assay testing.

Yes. Since you are classified as a "distributor" you are a rider on the manufacturer's insurance policy.  The way the law works, is the company responsible for applying the label to the product is totally liable for the content of the product.  All formulations are filled and labeled at our manufacturing facility in Southern California. 

In more than 40 years, there has never been a claim filed against our manufacturer.

The answer is YES... BUT... only if you choose to INCREASE the price. You can imagine the chaos of "price wars" among our fitness partners if we allowed discounting.  Further, this is a proprietary line of super-premium supplements.  We are not interested in customers looking for a "deal."   The entire goal of our nutritional supplement line is to offer a super-premium, high-quality line at a fair price.

No.  Affiliate programs use cookies, banners and click throughs to an existing brand.   

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own affiliate program to help sell your branded line of supplements!

No.  Network marketers are usually selling a "mother brand" like Isagenix or Advocare or Amway.  Plus, they rely on you recruiting new distributors into the network.  This is nothing like that. 

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own network marketing program to help sell your branded line of supplements!

Yes, we offer several sales and marketing materials to help you promote, market and sell your branded line of nutritional supplements.


Ready to Take Your Brand to a New Level..?


Trent Mitchell, M.S., C.S.C.S.

Owner - Mitchell Fitness Systems, Inc.

"For many years, Mitchell Fitness Systems (MFS) had been diligently looking into adding its first supplement line. There are many issues to deal with and a smart business owner must look around every corner to make sure the right decisions are being made.


Issues such as availability, warehousing, distribution, packaging, and in-house direct mail just to name a few!


We've also attempted to get other leading outlets to allow us to use our branding, but have been unsuccessful without a steep investment. Promoting our brand is very important to us.


If you have had the same desire and have thought about the issues stated; we have good news! Private Label Fitness (PLF) is the answer!


Talk about the best deal for us and anyone wanting to break into this market. PLF will basically take care of just about all facets of getting you up and running and ready to sell supplement products.


Need a website for it; they'll take care of that for you. No room to warehouse?  No worries, you don't need any because they have you covered and will drop-ship direct to your customers.


We keep a few of each supplement on hand to promote to our customers, but that's about it. It's totally up to you. Worried that the product won't be available? We've never had an issue to this point. Overall, I'm trilled and excited about this and feel it's a good fit for any other personal training business to pursue."


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