Super-Premium Nutritional Supplements

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SUP_SAMPLE_CLICKWe categorize our supplements into four categories including:

 Here’s the Truth About Nutritional Supplements

There’s a reason why the fitness industry’s most successful top achievers, like Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove (Results Fitness University) recommend these super-premium formulas to their mastermind coaching groups and mentoring programs as well as for their own fitness business.   At the highest levels of fitness training, fitness coaching and fitness marketing… quality counts.

Two Types

This is incredibly important and here’s why.  In our industry, there are two types of wholesale supplement purchasers.  Those who are in it just for the money.  And, those who choose to offer their clients the absolute highest quality formulas available...  yes, even if it costs a little more!  For us, this is an important distinction.  In fact, as a matter of policy, we choose NOT to offer our premium line to those who are “only in it for the money.”

How to Get Started

Private-label your own BRAND of supplements for just $250.  Yes, it’s true!  Use the form… (How to get started).

Compare the formulas and ingredients to all other brands.  You will not find anything like these formulas… anywhere.  They were specifically developed for the unique metabolic requirements of athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts who already consume higher quality nutritious foods.

You probably already know that almost all fitness enthusiasts and athletes enhance their nutrition/fueling programs with ultra, high-quality nutritional supplements.  These  extraordinary, scientifically-engineered formulations are considered “best of breed.”

Details of NOTE:

  • Digestive enzymes incorporated into the formulas. 
  • Specific Pre & Post workout formulations. 
  • Proprietary synergistic herbal complexes to aid in uptake and bio-availability.  

***  Please note:  We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion to any customers we deem unqualified to adequately represent this line of formulas.  For more information, please call Art at 714-404-1800.