Daily Multi-Vitamins


Daily Multi-Vitamin Mineral Formulas

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These super-premium multi-vitamin and mineral formulas accomplish two things. 

  • They help in the digestion and utilization of foods, thus creating “higher octane fuel” for your body.
  • Second, they ensure that all nutritional gaps are filled allowing your body to efficiently and effectively burn fat, build lean muscle tissue and fully adapt to increased physical stress.

These are super-premium vitamin supplements. Only the highest quality raw ingredients are used such as Pancreatine 5x (digestive enzymes), polynicotinate (instead of picolinate) and whey protein instead of lower cost substitutes.

These formulations are NOT available to multi-level organizations, discount health food stores, drug stores, supermarkets or other retail venues.

Despite the marketing hype and endorsments, super premium supplements are what fitness pros, coaches and athletes actually use, themselves, for reducing body-fat, gaining lean muscle and enhancing overall fitness and athletic performance.