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Chromium is the metal no body can afford to lose.

Like iron, copper and zinc, chromium is one of 16 essential trace minerals your body needs to keep healthy and fit.

And, for people who are over-fat and/or out of shape, it may be the most precious metal of all.

Chromium is a mineral that helps to accomplish three things:

1.) It helps insulin metabolize fat,
2.) It helps turn protein into muscle
3.) It helps convert sugar into energy.

ChromeMate®, a unique form of niacin-bound chromium, is designed to optimize energy output.  It accomplishes this by increasing the amount of glucose available for energy production nearly twenty-fold.

It also is the “master” nutrient for controlling blood sugar, which in turn, can curb sugar cravings.

What’s more, a study at Auburn University showed that ChromeMate could reduce LDL cholesterol by an average of 14%.

Unfortunately, chromium deficiency can be caused by exercise (up to five times the normal rate).  Deficiencies can also be caused by consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates.

Since most credible fat-loss programs include aerobic activity, ChromeMate supplementation is essential in order to recover chromium loss.  Also, it benefits active lifestyle enthusiasts because it supports the conversion of food to energy and promotes metabolism.

Two Forms of Chromium

1.) The low-quality, inexpensive type called picolinate;
2.) A high-quality form known as polynicotinate.

The difference is quality, potency and results.

ChromeMate’s patented oxygen-coordinated, chromium-niacin complex is the most potent of all – over 18 times more potent than any other form of niacin-bound chromium.  ChromeMate is absorbed and retained by the body 300% more than picolinate.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Chromium helps control blood sugar resulting in reduced sugar cravings — a problem many over-weight people experience — due to diets high in sugars and refined carbohydrates.  It also helps level out the highs and lows of a high carbohydrate diet.   It does so by promoting a steady stream of available glucose for continuous, prolonged energy.

Chromium also plays an important role in controlling blood lipids, lowering harmful LDL cholesterol levels and increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol.

Weight / Fat Loss

Chromium is not a miracle diet aid.  Losing weight (body-fat)  safely and effectively — keeping it off — is best accomplished through proper exercise and menu planning, in which chromium plays a vital role.

Adding ChromeMate to a person’s nutrition program can serve as an important part of a complete fat-loss or active lifestyle nutrition program.

Chromium and the Athlete

Insulin’s effect upon muscle development and energy production is vital to high intensity workouts and athletic performance.

Insulin is similar to growth hormone in its ability to stimulate muscle growth and is of vital importance to the facilitation of glucose absorption.

Though insulin is generally associated with diabetes, it is in fact one of the body’s principle metabolic hormones and plays a major role in weight control, cardiovascular health and many other vital biochemical functions.

Insulin’s effectiveness is dependent upon glucose tolerance factor (GTF) chromium, which as a co-factor potentiates the action of insulin.

The nutritional status of chromium in athletes may be sub-optimal due to strenuous physical activities such as weight training and endurance events.

Substantial mobilization and excretion of chromium has been observed in athletes following prolonged endurance activities such as a six-mile run or long cycling

a100 capsules
$11.99 / Sug. retail: $19.99

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