Private-Label Supplement Dropship Program

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***  Available in Continental U.S. ONLY  ***
(We are currently in beta-test only)

Be the FIRST…!

(Please NOTE:  The beta Test Pilot Program is currently full.)
IMPORTANT: Even as a Beta Pilot, there are costs involved as detailed below.
Please read the entire page for details.

I am so excited to announce this new program.  According to our research, we are the ONLY company in the world to offer a private-label nutritional supplement dropship program at such a “granular” level.   As you know, most dropship programs are designed around big, multi-million dollar brands using “recruits” as distributors of THEIR BRAND.

This is DIFFERENT.  This is all about YOUR BRAND.   

Perhaps we’re the only ones crazy enough to try it!  But… if I recognize just one thing about our business together… it’s that almost everyone is attempting to generate ONLINE REVENUE.   This is a HUGE STEP toward YOUR “ONLINE” SUCCESS!

How it Works…
***  Available in Continental U.S. ONLY  ***

  • ACCOUNT SET-UP:  We secure a domainbuild, host and maintain a complete, “Done-For-You” eCommerce Supplement Store under YOUR BRAND.

  •  YOUR BRANDED STORE will look EXACTLY like the existing pilot store except with YOUR LOGO and COLOR SCHEME  and YOUR BRANDED FORMULATIONS as well as your own ABOUT page.  To view our successful Pilot Website, please CLICK HERE… 

  • CLIENT ONLINE ORDERING:  Your clients will be able to order and pay for YOUR BRANDED SUPPLEMENTS directly from your eCommerce Supplement Store via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • TRANSACTIONS:  We will process all ORDERS and PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS via PayPal.

  • LABELS – DESIGN, SET-UP, PRINT:  We will DESIGN,  PRINT and APPLY YOUR BRANDED LABELS to the purchased formulations on a per order basis.  There are no charges for these custom design and hand-labeling operations.

  • SHIPPING:  We will BOX and SHIP your BRANDED SUPPLEMENTS directly to your clients via USPS — in most cases via Priority Service (2-3 day).  

  • COMMISSIONS: You will earn a 15% COMMISSION on all GROSS SALES (does not include shipping or tax).  Commissions are assigned 30 days after purchase dates and accumulated into monthly payments.  Commissions must equal a $50 threshold.  If threshold is not met, commissions are rolled over to the following month or until the $50 threshold is met. 



  • TRADE ONLY:  You MUST be a verifiable health professional (certifications, degree, etc.) or health club/studio owner.  Due to the specific formulations for active fitness enthusiasts and athletes, these products are not a good fit for internet marketers selling to general consumers or people not involved in a fitness protocol. 


  • ACCOUNT START-UP and BUILD-OUT:  On your behalf, we are literally building you a $2,000 dollar website including branded images, an integrated eCommerce store function, shipping function and email integration.  Plus, a complete back-end tracking administration function to track your sales and commissions.   For all of this there is a one-time charge of $197 dollars.

  • MONTHLY HOSTING:  To maintain website hosting, security, back-ups and updates, there is small fee of just $9.95  per/month.  This is our “dead cost” to maintain your individualized, BRANDED eCOMMERCE WEBSITE.

  • SALES MINIMUMS:  All sites are guaranteed a six (6) month online presence.  However, after six months websites MUST consistently generate at least $250 per month in gross sales to make it viable.  If the minimum sales requirement is NOT met we will provide noticeterminate the agreement and take down the website.   

Currently in Beta.  Estimated launch date is May 1, 2018
Special Beta Pricing $197 + $9.95/mth.

Please note:  Even if we decide NOT to roll out the program industry-wide, we will continue to keep your site active for as long as you desire.  Upon purchase, you’ll be sent an email confirmation along with a form to complete that will help us build out your eCommerce Website.  The site will take approximately 7-10 days to complete.


You build me a web store? How do you make money doing this?

Great question.   Just like you, I make a small commission from every purchase – and that’s how we pay for the site and make our money. 

The difference is that, for us, it’s a “delayed ROI model.”  It doesn’t become profitable until our website development and collateral materials costs are met.  In other words, it’s really an investment in YOU!  Our return on investment (ROI) comes later.

What EXACTLY is included?

Each eCommerce website is set-up as as an independent WordPress website with WooCommerce as the shopping cart and PayPal as the payment gateway.  All shipping is integrated with USPS.  Here’s a line list of everything you receive:  

  • Domain Name:  We secure a domain name based on your business name:  Ex:  If your website is: we would secure a domain:
  • Complete Done-For-You WordPress Website:  We build a complete WordPress website on your behalf.  Each individual website will include:
    • Your Brand in the header (example)
    • Images of Branded Supplements (example)
    • Branded Product specification “One Sheets” in .pdf download (see example)
    • An about page for you and your business (example)
    • An Opt-in form for lead capture
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart:  We fully integrate the WooCommerce Shopping Cart into your website allowing your clients to shop on all devices from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.   The shopping cart includes images of your branded products.  (see example here) .
  • PayPal Integration:  We fully integrate our own PayPal integration into your branded store so your clients can easily make a direct payment for their orders using Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover or PayPal.  
  • Email Notification:  Via a proprietary email set-up with our hosting platform, you’ll be notified whenever customers place orders.   You’ll also be notified every time an order has been completed and shipped.  You customers will receive order processing notifications, too. 
  • Hosting:  Your website will be hosted via https: secure managed WordPress hosting server.  This makes it secure and super-fast since our hosting platform is “tweaked” specifically for WordPress websites. 
  • Back-ups:  All websites are backed-up nightly (database) and weekly (full back-up) so if the worse case scenario ever occurred, you’d be up and running within 24 hours.  
  • Updates and Upgrades:  All websites are “living breathing” things that continue to grow, evolve and improve.  We will manage all core code updates as well as plugin upgrades as they occur.  This will be invisible to you as we manage all of this tech stuff on the back end. 
  • Administration:  All payments, commissions, delivery tracking and other administration duties are handled by us.  At the end of the day, your only responsibility is to help drive traffic to your brand store and ultimately collect your commission checks .

Can I offer my supplements in my club/studio and ONLINE?

YES… absolutely.  You’ll definitely earn a higher profit margin by carrying the physical products in your facility.  But, when members recommend your supplements to friends, family and co-workers who are not members or clients — they NOW have a way to show them your products — and allow them to purchase your products online.

It’s the best of both worlds… especially if your customers are not local. 

(NOTE:  We do NOT process INTERNATIONAL ORDERS due to health compliance regulations that vary from country to country.

What is the commission structure?

The commission structure is simple and straight forward at fifteen percent (15%) of gross sales – excluding shipping and sales tax (California Only).  So, if the order is $100 dollars, you receive $15 in commissions.

How often are commissions paid

Commissions are paid monthly.  There is a 30 day delay to accommodate any returns or non-valid orders.  Monthly commissions must amount to $50 or more to be disbursed. 

If your monthly commission is UNDER $50 dollars, the actual amount will be rolled over to the next month.  It will continue to roll over until the required disbursement amount reaches $50 dollars.   

Can I change prices?

The answer is YESBUT… only if you choose to INCREASE the price. You can imagine the chaos of “price wars” among our fitness partners if we allowed discounting.  Further, this is a proprietary line of super-premium supplements.  We are not interested in customers looking for a “deal.”   The entire goal of our nutritional supplement line is to offer a super-premium, high-quality line at a fair price.  

Is this an AFFILIATE program?

No.  Affiliate programs use cookies, banners and click throughs to an existing brand.   

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own affiliate program to help sell your branded line of supplements! 

Is this a NETWORK MARKETING (MLM) program?

No.  Network marketers are usually selling a “mother brand” like Isagenix or Advocare or Amway.  Plus, they rely on you recruiting new distributors into the network.  This is nothing like that. 

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own network marketing program to help sell your branded line of supplements!  

May I add other products?

Unfortunately no.  These eCommerce Dropship websites are specifically set-up for your branded supplement line ONLY.  

May I put clients on Autoship?

Not initially during the beta test program.  However, as we move forward this may be an option we offer.   

Do you offer any kind of Marketing Support?

Not initially during the beta test program.  However, if the beta test is successful, we will develop a complete sales and marketing system to help you promote, market and sell your branded line of nutritional supplements.   

Currently in Beta.  Estimated launch date is May 1, 2018
Special Beta Pricing $197 + $9.95/mth.