eCommerce Dropship Supplement Program


Exclusive to Certified Fit Pros


Super-premium nutritional formulations.

White-label and ready for resale in 7-Days.

Done-For-You, eCommerce website / Supplements shipped direct to your clients

How will YOUR BRAND look?


Powerful "Online" Passive Income Opportunity for Advanced Fitness Marketers

Exclusive to Fit Pros - A Revenue Stream

If there is one singular TRUTH about today's modern fitness business... it's that almost everyone is attempting to generate ONLINE REVENUE.   

For the motivated fitness entrepreneur, branded nutritional supplements are a HUGE STEP toward  "ONLINE" success and a predictable, recurring passive revenue stream.  

It's All About You:

Most supplement companies will sell to anybody.  That's why you see their products all over Amazon, Shopify and just about everywhere.  Not YOUR BRAND!

You'll be glad to know that your proprietary super-premium formulations are exclusive ONLY to certified health and fitness professionals like you.

We believe professionals, like you, who've paid their dues through education, certification and experience should have their own higher quality line of nutritional supplements. 


Your Custom eCommerce Website...

The New World of Fitness Marketing

Here's what else you should know.  Beyond just selling products and services, the new world of health and fitness marketing is all about your "online presence" as well as the "online experience" you offer your clients and prospects. 

Now, more than ever, you and your business need to build and cultivate RELATIONSHIPS

And nothing builds relationships, trust and loyalty better than YOUR BRAND.

Instant Passive Recurring Income

With your own branded Private-Label eCommerce / DropShip Program your online business will grow and prosper... with a stream of recurring monthly revenue. 


Most dropship programs are MLM programs designed around big, multi-million dollar brands using "recruits" as distributors of THEIR BRAND. 


And, other "white label" supplement companies will sell their products to anybody - no matter who they are or what kind of business they run.  It gets ugly.




✅  EXCLUSIVE:  First off, we offer our products exclusively to certified Fitness Pros ONLY.  You might be surprised at how many times we turn away business from unqualified prospects.


✅  YOUR BRAND:  Next, this is all about building YOUR BRAND -- and no one else's.   To our knowledge we are the company in the fitness business to offer this opportunity at such a granular level -- at such an inexpensive price. 


✅  EXAMPLES:  Here are just a few of the successful eCommerce sites we built for some forward thinking health and fitness businesses: 


"I love that you only sell to certified health professionals"

"Oh man... I tried a different company that sold all kinds of stuff to anybody.  It was a horrible experience and customer service was the worst.

I love that you only sell to certified professionals.  And, you only carry a small line of formulas.  Much easier to manage and most people don't need all the crap that's out there anyway!  


Lana Smythington
Lana - Fit


"It's the perfect solution!"

"I can’t believe the amazing supplement website you built for me. I shouldn’t be surprised though. All the products and support that I receive from you, are nothing less than the most professional in the business.

I added an online component for supplements to my business and with this website, I am now able to offer the best supplements on the market without having to maintain a local inventory. It’s the perfect solution! The product layout and detail on each supplement on the website makes it informative for my customers. Thanks again Art! You’ve done it again!"

Evan Zingman, NSCA-CPT, B.S.
Owner - Z Physique
eCommerce/Dropship Website

Marketing Support - Video

You'll receive these "explainer" videos to help promote your branded line of supplements -- as well as educate your clients on what goes into a super-premium formulation.  CLICK or TAP on the image to play the video.

These videos are displayed on your eCommerce / Dropship website.

Plus... you'll also be sent the "native videos" separately so you can post on your social media platforms, too!


Marketing Support - Email

With your new eCommerce/Dropship Site you'll receive 5 EMAIL TEMPLATES in MS Word (you can edit) to help introduce your clients to your new line of branded nutritional supplements. 

These emails can easily be repurposed into blog posts

Marketing Support - Pre-Written Blog Posts


Professionally pre-written blog posts intentionally designed to educate your clients about nutritional supplementation.  Current blog posts include:

  • Sensible Supplementation
  • What to Know About Amino Acids
  • That Morning Workout
  • Why Serious Fitness Enthusiasts Multi-Dose
  • Why Take Nutritional Supplements
  • Nutritional Supplementation and Research
  • What Goes Into Our Supplements
  • The Truth About MultiVitamins

Marketing Support - Branded Smoothies & Protein Shakes

As part of your branded website, you'll also receive 34 Smoothies & Protein Shake Recipes all branded with YOUR LOGO.

Your clients will appreciate these delicious drinks and the listed MACROS as they track their nutritional intake.


Marketing Support - Branded Spec Sheets


Self-education is powerful.

That's why with your super-premium line of nutritional supplements you'll be able to proudly put the ingredients and nutrition facts on full display with these branded spec sheets.

Located on the appropriate page, each formulation has a "spec sheet download" whereby your clients and members gain knowledge about each product.

To view a client spec sheet just CLICK or TAP HERE....

How it Works

Available in the Continental U.S. only

  • Account Set-up:

    We secure a domainbuild, host and maintain a complete, "Done-For-YoueCommerce Supplement Store under YOUR BRAND.  Examples include:




  • Your Branded Store:

    YOUR BRANDED STORE will look EXACTLY like the existing example stores except with YOUR LOGO and COLOR SCHEME  and YOUR BRANDED FORMULATIONS as well as your own ABOUT page. 

  • Formulations Ingredients and Nutriton Facts:

    We create BRANDED FORMULA "SPEC SHEETS" in .pdf file format for you and your clients to download from your BRANDED WEBSITE.   Samples include: 

    Daily Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

    Pure Whey Protein
    Who manufactures these supplements?  CLICK or TAP HERE...

  • Client "Online" Ordering:

    Your clients will be able to order and pay for YOUR BRANDED SUPPLEMENTS directly from your eCommerce Supplement Store via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • Client Payment Transactions:

    We will process all ORDERS and PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS via PayPal.  You will receive an email notification upon purchase as well as upon shipment.

  • Label Design, Set-up & Printing:

    We will DESIGN, PRINT and APPLY YOUR BRANDED LABELS to the purchased formulations on a per order basis.  There are no charges for these custom design and hand-labeling operations. All labels including ingredients, verbiage and nutrition facts have been pre-approved for FTC compliance.

  • Shipping:

    We will BOX and SHIP your BRANDED SUPPLEMENTS directly to your clients via USPS.

  • Admin & Technical Maintenance:

    We will MONITOR, TRACK and BACK-UP your eCommerce/Dropship website every night. Admin includes constant tracking of sales and commissions as well as returns and or refunds. 

  • Commissions:

    You will earn between 20-30% COMMISSION on all GROSS SALES (does not include shipping or tax).  Commissions are payed out on a monthly basis regardless of amount. Commission payments are sent via paper check for your record keeping. 


How Will Your Brand Look..?

A Complete eCommerce Business


What You Receive...

  • Complete WordPress Website:  VALUE: $2,500     

  • Branded 3D Product Renderings:  VALUE: $500     

  • Branded Smoothie & Shakes Recipes:  VALUE: $500     

  • Set of Branded Spec Sheets:  VALUE: $300     

  • Explainer Videos (3):  VALUE: $1,500   

  • Branded Social Media Banners:  VALUE: $1,000    

  • Pre-Written Blog Posts (8):  VALUE: $1,500    

  • Pre-Written Emails (5):  VALUE: $750 

    Total Value $8,550              

You Pay Just $999! +69.99/mth
We manage everything including website, transactions, shipping & delivery!


  • Trade Only - Health Professionals:

    You MUST be a verifiable health professional (certifications, degree, etc.) or health club/studio owner.  Due to the specific formulations for active fitness enthusiasts and athletes, these products are not a good fit for internet marketers selling to general consumers or people not involved in a fitness protocol. 

  • Existing Website:

    You MUST have an EXISTING WEBSITE  from which to link to YOUR BRANDED eCOMMERCE STORE.  

  • Account Start-Up and Build-Out

    On your behalf, we are literally building you a $6,500 dollar website including branded images, an integrated eCommerce store function, educational blog posts, branded smoothie recipes, branded protein shake recipes, shipping function and email integration. 

    Plus, a complete back-end tracking administration function to track your sales and commissions.   For all of this there is a one-time charge of $599 dollars.

  • Monthly Hosting, Security, Back-ups and Updates:

    To maintain website hosting, security, back-ups and updates, there is small fee of just $69.99  per/month.   This is our cost to maintain your individualized, BRANDED eCOMMERCE WEBSITE.


Advanced Fitness Marketers...

"Thanks Art... These amazing supplements have helped my clients achieve their goals much faster!  One of my favorites and most of my clients would agree, is the 2X fat burner. When you say 2X you mean it.  

Thanks for all you and your team do! The hands-off approach to the entire website and ordering is amazing for passive income.  Plus it’s so professional, which adds to the strength of my brand. Looking forward to more from you! "

Dominique Johnson
Definition by DJ

"I can’t believe the amazing supplement website you built for me. I shouldn’t be surprised though. All the products and support that I receive from you, are nothing less than the most professional in the business.

I decided to add an online component for supplements to my business and with this website, I am now able to offer the best supplements on the market without having to maintain a local inventory. It’s the perfect solution! The product layout and detail on each supplement on the website makes it very informative for my customers. Thanks again Art! You’ve done it again!"

Evan Zingman, NSCA-CPT, B.S.
Owner - Z Physique
eCommerce/Dropship Website

For many years, Mitchell Fitness Systems (MFS) has been diligently looking into adding its first supplement line. There are many issues to deal with and a smart business owner must look around every corner to make sure the right decisions are being made. Issues such as availability, warehousing, distribution, packaging, and in-house direct mail just to name a few! 

We've also attempted to get other leading outlets to allow us to use our branding, but have been unsuccessful without a steep investment. Promoting our brand is very important to us. 

If you have had the same desire and have thought about the issues stated; we have good news! Private Label Fitness (PLF) is the answer! Talk about the best deal for us and anyone wanting to break into this market. PLF will basically take care of just about all facets of getting you up and running and ready to sell supplement products. Need a website for it; they'll take care of that for you.  No room to warehouse? No worries, you don't need any because they have you covered and will drop-ship direct to your customers.

We keep a few of each supplement on hand to promote to our customers, but that's about it. It's totally up to you. Worried that the product won't be available? We've never had an issue to this point.  Overall, I'm trilled and excited about this and feel it's a good fit for any other personal training business to pursue. 

Trent Mitchell, M.S., C.S.C.S.
Owner - Mitchell Fitness Systems, Inc.

Hey Art -- I realize my practice is much different than most of your customers though I use many of the same tools and protocol.  So, since I'm currently preparing my taxes, I thought you'd like to know that in 2017 the Onboard 101 program generated more than $15,000

After sitting down with my marketing consultant and accountant, we are projecting even more than that (about $20,000 annually) with my branded supplement line due to the repeat purchase loyalty it will garner. 

Thank you for providing me with incredible products and services.  You're the best!

Brenda Dillingham, PhD.
Dillingham, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question.   Just like you, I make a small commission from every purchase - and that's how we pay for the site and make our money. 

The difference is that, for us, it's a "delayed ROI model."  It doesn't become profitable until our website development and collateral materials costs are met.  In other words, it's really an investment in YOU!  Our return on investment (ROI) comes later.

Each eCommerce website is set-up as as an independent WordPress website with WooCommerce as the shopping cart and PayPal as the payment gateway.  All shipping is integrated with USPS.  Here's a line list of everything you receive:  

  • Domain Name:  We secure a domain name based on your business name:  Ex:  If your website is: we would secure a domain:
  • Complete Done-For-You WordPress Website:  We build a complete WordPress website on your behalf.  Each individual website will include:
    • Your Brand in the header (example)
    • Images of Branded Supplements (example)
    • Branded Product specification "One Sheets" in .pdf download (see example)
    • An about page for you and your business (example)
    • An Opt-in form for lead capture
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart:  We fully integrate the WooCommerce Shopping Cart into your website allowing your clients to shop on all devices from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.   The shopping cart includes images of your branded products.  (see example here) .
  • PayPal Integration:  We fully integrate our own PayPal integration into your branded store so your clients can easily make a direct payment for their orders using Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover or PayPal.  
  • Email Notification:  Via a proprietary email set-up with our hosting platform, you'll be notified whenever customers place orders.   You'll also be notified every time an order has been completed and shipped.  You customers will receive order processing notifications, too. 
  • Hosting:  Your website will be hosted via https: secure managed WordPress hosting server.  This makes it secure and super-fast since our hosting platform is "tweaked" specifically for WordPress websites. 
  • Back-ups:  All websites are backed-up nightly (database) and weekly (full back-up) so if the worse case scenario ever occurred, you'd be up and running within 24 hours.  
  • Updates and Upgrades:  All websites are "living breathing" things that continue to grow, evolve and improve.  We will manage all core code updates as well as plugin upgrades as they occur.  This will be invisible to you as we manage all of this tech stuff on the back end. 
  • Administration:  All payments, commissions, delivery tracking and other administration duties are handled by us.  At the end of the day, your only responsibility is to help drive traffic to your brand store and ultimately collect your commission checks.

YES... absolutely.  You'll definitely earn a higher profit margin by carrying the physical products in your facility.  But, when members recommend your supplements to friends, family and co-workers who are not members or clients -- they NOW have a way to show them your products -- and allow them to purchase your products online.

It's the best of both worlds... especially if your customers are not local. 

(NOTE:  We do NOT process INTERNATIONAL ORDERS due to health compliance regulations that vary from country to country.

Unfortunately, no.  We're a boutique company and too small to offer free samples.  You're certainly welcome to purchase single items to try under our house brand: MediCorp.

Yes.   Our company is a "Trade Only" business model. We are not interested in web marketers or others with no background in health or nutrition. As such, we require you to be a:

  • Verifiable Fitness Studio or Health Club owner
  • Certified and/or Verifiable Fitness Trainer or Health Professional
  • Registered Dietitian and / or Nutritionist
  • Medical or Chiropractic Professional
  • Licensed or a Degreed Professional  in Health or Health Sciences

These proprietary formulations were created by OFNP/SporTelesis, a privately-held custom, boutique manufacturer located in Southern California. Like 90% of all supplement brands, the actual manufacturing processes are contracted out to various laboratories. Our labs and manufacturers are located in California. Some specialize in tablets and capsules while others specialize in powders

In all instances, the processes are carried out under OFNP/SporTelesis' strict protocol and guidance including filtration, batching, temperature, line speed, mixing, drying, etc.  

All fulfillment is carried out at OFNP/SporTelesis where each individual order is hand-labeled and individually inspected for quality control.  

For a complete history of this specialized formulations, please click here..

There are several agencies that certify nutritional supplements, including: 

  • U.S. Pharmacopeia,
  • NSF International

However, none of these organizations guarantee that a product has therapeutic value.  Instead, they simply verify label claims.  In other words, that the ingredients listed are actually in the product.  They also ensure that the products are not contaminated with arsenic, bacteria or lead. 

Plus, in the State of California, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) conducts "Random Testing."  This is where agents actually enter the manufacturing facility and pull products right off the line and send them off for independent laboratory testing.  If the test fails, the entire batch is quarantined and not allowed to be shipped.  We've never, ever failed a test.

The FTC also ensures the physical environment is conducive and in compliance of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) to manufacturing and storage by measuring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, air quality and other elements.  

For more than 35 years, we have provided health professionals with this exact same proprietary line of formulations.  These professionals recognize the high-quality of the raw ingredients as well as the design of our formulations. 

* (For a complete history of these formulations, please CLICK HERE...

Over the years, hundreds of professional athletes, coaches and teams have submitted our formulations to their own laboratories for independent assays.  We have NEVER failed an assay test.  

As stated, our formulations are proprietary.  In order to run proper assays, we are required to relinquish trade secrets which includes our proprietary formulation design, raw ingredient sourcing, manufacturing protocol and hundreds of closely held elements of intellectual property we choose not to share.  

Finally, to be 100% truthful about ingredient claims, all brands would need to submit their products after every single batch run.  To our knowledge, it is not required to resubmit.  In our minds,  this invalidates the entire validation process since all kinds of differences can occur with the same product from batch to batch.

Therefore, based on our longevity in the market place, our educated customers and reluctance to share intellectual property, we do NOT submit any of our formulations to the aforementioned organizations.

However, if you desire to have the products tested at your own expense using an independent laboratory willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) we will provide all formulations along with documentation for independent assay testing.

Yes. Since you are classified as a "distributor" you are a rider on the manufacturer's insurance policy.  The way the law works, is the company responsible for applying the label to the product is totally liable for the content of the product.  All formulations are filled and labeled at our manufacturing facility in Southern California. 

In more than 40 years, there has never been a claim filed against our manufacturer.

The commission structure is a sliding scale based on RETAIL SALES as follows:  

  • $0- $2,000 Commission = 20%
  • $2001 - 4,000 Commission = 25%
  • $4,001 + Commission = 30%

Commissions are paid monthly.  There is a 30 day delay to accommodate any returns or non-valid orders.  Commissions are disbursed at the end of every month regardless of amount.   We do not require you to meet any thresholds. 

The answer is YES... BUT... only if you choose to INCREASE the price. You can imagine the chaos of "price wars" among our fitness partners if we allowed discounting.  Further, this is a proprietary line of super-premium supplements.  We are not interested in customers looking for a "deal."   The entire goal of our nutritional supplement line is to offer a super-premium, high-quality line at a fair price.

No.  Affiliate programs use cookies, banners and click throughs to an existing brand.   

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own affiliate program to help sell your branded line of supplements!

No.  Network marketers are usually selling a "mother brand" like Isagenix or Advocare or Amway.  Plus, they rely on you recruiting new distributors into the network.  This is nothing like that. 

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own network marketing program to help sell your branded line of supplements!

Unfortunately no.  These eCommerce Dropship websites are specifically set-up for your branded supplement line ONLY.  

Yes, however it requires an additional $300 during the "buildout" as it requires extensive coding to enable auto-shipping to your clients.   Just click on the "ADD-ON" during checkout. 

Yes, we offer several sales and marketing materials to help you promote, market and sell your branded line of nutritional supplements.

A Complete eCommerce Business


What You Receive...

  • Complete WordPress Website:  VALUE: $2,500     

  • Branded 3D Product Renderings:  VALUE: $500     

  • Set of Branded Spec Sheets:  VALUE: $300     

  • Branded Social Media Banners:  VALUE: $1,000    

  • Pre-Written Blog Posts (8):  VALUE: $1,500    

  • Pre-Written Emails (5):  VALUE: $750 

    Total Value $6,550              

You Pay Just $999! +69.99/mth
We manage everything including website, transactions, shipping & delivery!