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What Your Fellow Professionals Say...

"I can't say enough..."

I can’t say enough positive things about the Onboard 101 program. It’s so user-friendly.

This program has helped educate students from the 7th grade all the way through to college and university students.

Onboard 101 has really helped my High-Performance Strategy Business by giving corporate executives, real estate agents, dentists, and professionals of all walks of life -- the tools to a healthy lifestyle.

It teaches them the absolute importance of taking care of themselves  -- so they can be on top-of-their game in their every day lives.

"This is AMAZING!"

For some time now, we at Mitchell Fitness Systems, have been struggling to find the time to implement educational systems into our business. It's extremely important to offer clients educational opportunities in order for them to know and understand how their bodies function.

This has been a struggle for us and in the past has taken up valuable time. Onboard101 has saved the day! To say we're thrilled with the Onboard101 system, is an understatement! The automation this system offers takes ANY ongoing work out of our hands and runs practically by itself! This is amazing!

We also love the way this system encourages our customers by the automated congratulatory emails as they complete each chapter. It even offers a certificate of completion and social media segue! What?!?! 

Delivering this curriculum with a combination of copy, video, and quizzes, creates opportunities for customers to learn according to the way they learn best. Our customers tell us that the best part about Onboard101 is that it's fun!

Thanks Art! You've saved us tons of time and effort and have created a system that we'll continue to use with our customers. I highly recommend other trainers, coaches, and clubs to give a serious look at Onboard101.

"...helped take my company to a new level!"

As the fitness coordinator of the Utica Fire Academy, I use the 12-chapter program as an educational platform for my cadets.  They can take the program at their own pace and I can monitor their progress through the Client Profile section to see that they are progressing. 

I can also see what topics they me need me to intervene as they may need some help!

I absolutely love Onboard 101! It’s educational, it allows me to dramatically provide the right image of professionalism that I want to portray! And the best part is the system does all the work, all the tracking, and the documentation!

Love it, Love it, Love it,  Love it!  Thanks Art, as usual your programs have helped take my company to a new level!

"The best investment we made all year!"

We purchased Onboard101 three years ago when it was called WMU-101.  It was deployed as a key component to our employee wellness initiative.

Since then, more than 300 employees and executive staff have been through the program and continue to use it on a regular basis.

It's amazing to see how this system has evolved. We've been approached by lesser applications being marketed for 10 times as much money - not to mention required our IT department to jump through hoops.

You and your company have made it so easy. Highly recommended!

"It feels like Christmas!"

I've been with Art Rothafel and Private Label Fitness for over 15 years. He and his company's products and services have been a gold mine of fitness marketing ideas for my Personal Training and Group Fitness business.

This latest version of his ever-improving health education platform called Onboard101 simply encapsulates his brilliance.   I'm so excited about this one that it feels like Christmas.  Thank you, Art. You're a God-sent!

"My ladies just love this extra care!"

I'm so THRILLED to see the new features included in the program with new name: ONBOARD101. 

It is 200% even better than before.

I had already created benchmark incentives with my clients for passing certain milestones and final course completion.  I posted a chart every week with each client's progress through the course.  My ladies just love this extra care and commitment from my staff and me.  With the new points and badges I already have a ton of creative ideas on how to use them to incentivize my groups.  Outstanding. 

You'll be happy to know, Art, that two of last hires were so inspired by the course and our other certification programs, that they left they corporate jobs to come work for us -- and help change lives.  Keep up the fantastic work!

"The best --- from the best!"

This is a terrific course for teaching the basics of human physiology. But, there is a lot more to it than just the information. 

As usual, Art, you were careful not to promote any protocol.  Just pure information.  There are no pop-up ads or affiliate banners that could compromise its integrity.  And, you even took care to ensure ethnic neutrality by use of the little bubble characters. This new version with the gamification and automatic scoring displays is super effective.

I never have any problems bringing any of your programs into the organizations I consult.  I simply tell them it’s the best  -- from the best.

"... working with clients is so much easier!"

Onboard 101 has made working with clients so much easier.  And, now it's so much easier to monitor their progress. 

The content is right on point and gives all the correct information to transform their bodies. 

The mobile aspect of the software allows the information to be used anywhere.  You and your team have done an amazing job. Thanks for all that you do.

"Onboard 101 is for every human on this earth."

Art  ---  I have been a customer of Private Label Fitness for many years now and the main reason is you. You actually understand what our industry needs.
When you introduced Weight Management 101 several years ago, I plugged in because I saw the need to educate just like you did. It is an awesome learning and business tool.
When you told me that it was going to change for the better, I had no idea if that was even possible.
Onboard 101 is simply bad ass! The new features help me as a fitness coach, not a trainer, keep my clients on point while they navigate the program. This makes accountability much easier.
I love it so much that I will continue to make it a pre-requisite part of my new client protocol but also, I will present it to companies as a much-needed wellness solution. This is not just for my clients. I feel that Onboard 101 is for every human on this earth. I will do my part to spread the word. 
To me, Onboard 101 is a coach, trainer, gym owners dream cash cow. All he/she has to do is plug in and promote. It's that simple. 
Art, thanks once again for producing awesome and innovated products. Keep them coming.

Proactive Leaders during the COVID-19 Crisis...


Art,  I wanted to send out a personal message of thanks to you and your organization for stepping up during this unprecedented time of crisis.  You are true inspiration to not only the health and fitness community but to the world in general.  May we all follow your lead and do whatever we can as fitness professionals to HELP everyone get through this crisis and not put profits in front of people.


Suzanne L. Gove-O'Rourke, BPE, BCRPA-TFL
ProActive Personal Training & Fitness


OMG!  This is so helpful!! Thank you!!

My website developer and I got crazy busy yesterday after I read your FB message.  Putting together something really cool to make things happen!!  Thanks for all the wonderful emails too on how to turn this challenge into something really special for many!!  Stay Strong Art!! Your a Super Trooper!!


Jeremy Smith
Body Elite Personal Training



What a wonderful gift for my clients...

I am using your Quiz Chart to create a Challenge and am charging $19.99 for enrollment which will be used for a graduation ceremony whenever we can congregate again.

I sent an email to my list last week and have 212 people enrolled.  That's over $4,000.

We're going to have a heck of a party!

Thank you again, Art.

Shelly Yee
Shelly Yee Life & Style



During this coronavirus crisis our business has been temporarily been shut down by the state. 

So, thank you so much for such a great health and wellness tool.

We've made this website, Onboard-101 available to all 237 of our employees while they are at home.  We provided incentives for each chapter completed and have experienced over 98% completion rate since we started.  

Cecelia Jimenez
Wellness Director
Station Wheels and Automotive, Inc.
Stanton, CA


This is saving my ass.   Onboard 101 rocks right now since I have to shut down my studio.

I'm doing all the live streaming with ZOOM and FB Live but this keeps me going in my clients heads.  Just like you told me to do I turned the chapters into a contest and keep a leader board.  Clients dig it.

Thank you so much Art.  This is the add-on of ALL add-ons!


Jimmy Stit
Ultimate Body




I hope all is well with you and your family!  And, you all are healthy and safe! This is an unbelievable time for all of us to say the least.

I just wanted to Thank you for being so generous with your time and products and for stepping up to help many of us in this industry who are really struggling right now.

You have always been a leader in promoting the online business. I could see your vision but, I always struggled with getting it up and running.  I guess I have no choice now.

Thank you again for providing me with an opportunity to reestablish myself and my business.

Take Care & God Bless

Trent Patterson
Owner / Founder
Train For Life Systems


Onboard-101.  We use it.  We love it.  End of story.

Thanks for putting out so many great products for my clients.

Makes my job easier.  You provide the tools. I provide the techniques and motivation!

Stay well and be safe out there.

Ron Stafford, CSCS, NASM
Owner / Founder
Peak Performance


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