A Done-For-You, Online Course for Resale Under Your Brand

If you are a health and fitness professional or own a health-related business... and, seek a super quick and easy way to expand your business online... in order to generate additional revenue... then, this easy-to-use Plug 'n Play System may be just the solution you seek.  Check out these videos...



And, We'll Do It All For You!




When you hear the term: “business-in-a box” this is what they’re talking about.

The ONBOARD 101 PRO incorporates sophisticated “tools” you will use in your day-to-day business to help educate clients as well as market and sell your services.

The ONBOARD 101 plug 'n play system is a $40K value by itself.  Then, combine it with the $25K BONUS MARKETING KIT and you have an online powerhouse!

Compared to the typical packages currently available to most health, fitness and medical professionals, this unique, professionally produced ONBOARD 101 PRO is different.

Way different…

The ONBOARD 101 PRO is specifically designed for fit pros, health coaches, lifestyle coaches, wellness coaches and weight-management consultants who start their clients off with a baseline education on how their bodies actually function.

And, then, coach and build out their programs from a “baseline of knowledge.”

Your ONBOARD 101 PRO includes a pre-built, subscriber-based, INTERACTIVE website: ONBOARD 101 (branded with YOUR LOGO) that you simply “bolt-on” (via a link) to your existing website.

PLUS… to help you get new clients we added our industry acclaimed $25K BONUS MARKETING KIT


ONBOARD 101 PRO is specifically designed for the entrepreneurial “career professional” (not a hobbyist) who wants to build a thriving practice full of engaged members, clients and patients.

Here’s how this professional package will help your business:

  • Branded with YOUR LOGO, the components of the ONBOARD 101 will project instant professionalism and credibility for you and your business — as well as breed confidence among your current and potential members, clients and patients.
  • ONBOARD 101 PRO includes the most powerful, web-based components in the health and fitness industry including a complete, “done-4-you”online 12-session curriculum (ONBOARD 101).  These value-added resources will elevate your business to new levels of professional excellence and financial success.
  • Your weight-management, fitness and health coaching skills combined with ONBOARD 101 PRO make YOU one of the most highly qualified professionals with the most up-to-date consumer tools available… anywhere.
  • This expert presentation of your skill sets will help gain referrals from doctors, hospitals, wellness programs and others who demand a “professional holistic approach” based on adherence to basic human physiology and science-based protocol.


Whether you're a personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, physiologist, therapist, etc., no doubt you’ve already earned your certification.  But, your certification is no guarantee of success.

This is where ONBOARD 101 PRO comes into play.  It will immediately accelerate your business with credible content presented in professional easy-to-understand manner.

Or, perhaps you’re simply investigating HEALTH EDUCATION an an option to expand your current fitness business.... ONLINE.


Just take a minute to view these ONLINE VIDEOS found in Chapter One of ONBOARD 101 (click on any button below).

Think of the impression you’ll create. This is professionalism at its highest level. And, that’s what you’ll project as a credible and knowledgeable Health Professional:

35 high-definition professionally produced videos come with ONBOARD 101 along with Interactive Quizzes.


As the health and fitness business continues to evolve and populations continue to age, it’s clear that a more “holistic” approach toward “health management,” “behavior,” and “lifestyle” is the FUTURE.

But, don’t take my word for it. Look at all the new certifications for “Health Coach” and “Wellness Consultants” and “Lifestyle Coach.”

These certifications outline the new direction of health and fitness professionals. This is especially true if you are working with “time-crunched” clients who need a “strategy.”

The message of the health coach resonates because it is exactly why you entered this business in the first place: A PASSION TO HELP PEOPLE.


For the past four years of "real world" use we’ve learned how successful fitness professionals are using these systems.

One-on-One Coaching & Consulting: The hourly one-on-one model almost always develops into a long-term professional relationship. It’s a great model that is used by top fitness professionals, lifestyle coaches, health coaches and wellness consultants as well as licensed therapists, nutritionists and chiropractors.

The ONBOARD 101 website, by itself adds incredible value to these premium consulting services and practices. It also aids in retention and referrals. Based on your skill sets, education, certification and license hourly rates range from $65 to $250 per hour.

Group Classroom Education: Everything you need to run a complete classroom style curriculum is right here. Many of our beta testers continue to offer 12-Week programs just like this — with groups ranging from 8 people up to 35 people.

Most charge between $399 and $699 per person. Here’s a brief case study of a super successful classroom model. Click Here….

Online Coaching & Consulting: Literally thousands upon thousands of clubs, studios, family practitioners, chiropractors, hospitals, wellness and lifestyle consultants are missing the “online opportunity.” They continue work in the “static environment” of their own physical locations attracting only local clients.

Just think about this. One of our customers is an online health professional in New Jersey. He has over 50 clients in Dubai UAE. He uses all the tools included in the ONBOARD 101 PRO along with Skype to communicate and facilitate his international online customer base. You could do this..!

Online Self-Guided Offering: Jerri Wilson is a 28-year old trainer with a 900 sq ft. studio. She currently uses ONBOARD 101 PRO.  Starting in October 2014, she used an earlier version of ONBOARD 101 PRO for her self-guided program called: “Everything You Need To Know About Your Body – And How to Change It.”

She marketed the program for just $99 dollars and allowed each purchaser to simply self-enroll and work through the chapters at their own pace. Other than collecting money and establishing a purchaser login, she had absolutely no labor costs or time involved in this program.

In less than 2 months she sold 37 programs for a total of $3,663. But, it gets even better. Of the 37 people who purchased the program, 6 of them joined her studio and purchased additional training sessions. This is “online marketing!”

Corporate and Medical Consulting: Looking to partner with companies, municipalities and medical facilities? ONBOARD 101 PRO is the perfect “calling card.”

Your professional skill sets combined with the premium marketing package and ability to offer complimentary usage will showcase your business in the best possible light. And, it will breed confidence among potential partners who ultimately refer new clients to you.

Health Seminars and Workshops: Whether you are an exhibitor, a breakout session educator or even the keynote speaker, ONBOARD 101 PRO will provide you with everything you need to enhance your presentation.

Lead Generation: Over a single weekend as an exhibitor at a community health fair, one of our customers set-up a laptop computer and captured over 900 potential new clients via “self-enrollment.”  You’ll be the “hit” of the show or workshop.

PRO $899 +49.99
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