From day one, we have always OVER-DELIVERED with marketing support for our products.  And, here we go again! 

Check out this strategically designed and professionally produced, $25,000 marketing package created specifically to support and promote ONBOARD 101 PLUS and ONBOARD 101 ULTIMATE.  And, YOU get it all for FREE!


Marketing is crucial to your business. In fact, during the start-up phase, marketing is everything!

After all, you can't grow a thriving business without clients... lots of them!

Beyond being one of the most sophisticated, interactive tools in the business, your branded ONBOARD 101 $25K Marketing Kit includes a powerful mix of  multi-media TOOLS.

They include videos, Facebook banner ads, mini-posters, media releases, direct mail and more. 

No one else offers this level of Sales and Marketing support... and, you get it all for FREE!


Today’s inbound marketing is all about online video. In fact, 72% are more likely to purchase your product or service after watching a video because they get a greater understanding of what you are selling.

High Quality Videos to Help Promote Your Professional Services... and Motivate Your Prospects to Get Started!

So, with that in mind, we tapped the Los Angeles creative community to help us produce 3 incredible videos just for YOU!

These truthful, no-hype presentations are some of the best health education videos in the business -- and will help convert leads into clients!

Here's what went into these videos:

  • One of advertising's top copywriters scripted our videos for maximum clarity and substance.
  • The narration was read by a professional voice-over artist to ensure an articulate, non-regional presentation of your services.
  • We even hired a music consultant to help choose just the right background music.
  • All videos are recorded in high-definition so they can be displayed as large as 1280 x 720.

Each video offers a compelling reason to retain you and your services. The videos specifically "talk" to the person who is finally ready to achieve his or her goals through real-life, science-based protocol.

For most people who have already failed at restricted calorie dieting, magic pills or some other weight-loss scheme, this video is an "adult conversation."

No hype. No outrageous claims. Just this one plain fact. Credible, long-term fitness, weight-management and overall health starts with EDUCATION!



You get all THREE (3) promotional sales video for FREE..!



A Complete Set of 12, DONE-FOR-YOU "Call-to-Action" Video Ad Campaign Designed Specifically for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube --

View all 12 videos right now..! Click each image to view.

Plus... you can display on your Website, Blog and Email

INSTANT POWER...  That's right!  Instantly leverage the POWER of Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media with professionally pre-produced "CTA Videos!"  (Call-To-Action).

DONE-FOR-YOU... Everything has been completely pre-produced and is "ready-to-go" right now!  More than 60 hours and $6,000 worth of content creation, script writing, editing, animation, voice-over - all especially created and designed for fit pros, health coaches and medical professionals who are marketing on social media -- and beyond.

YOUR VIDEO ADVANTAGE...  You get twelve (12) Done-for-You :30-second CTA Videos that will increase your presence and help your business to:

  • Engage viewers with your brand and business
  • Entertain them with a professional presentation
  • Educate with :30 second "knowledge nuggets"
  • Motivate viewers to learn more by visiting your site
  • Convert referrals and leads into NEW CLIENTS!

PLUS... you can embed these same videos on your:

  • Website - landing pages, sales pages, lead capture
  • Blog - widget area, email capture
  • Email - CRM, autoresponders and funnel marketing! 

ULTIMATELY... All 12 of these professionally produced :30-second CTA Videos will serve your business forever... and continue to showcase your expertise, generate new leads and attract NEW CLIENTS.  That means NEW PROFITS!




With ONBOARD 101 PLUS and ONBOARD 101 ULTIMATE...  you receive the complete "DONE FOR YOU" package of Mini-Motivator Videos.  You'll receive all of these powerful and inspiring Motivation Videos (56 videos).

*** These videos are delivered WITHOUT your LOGO.  To brand each video (56 videos) with your logo is $149.

Click on the samples below...


Click Here to Learn More and View All 56 Videos



Here are 12 professionally designed mini-posters for each chapter of the ONBOARD 101 curriculum. With your ONBOARD 101 PLUS  or ONBOARD 101 ULTIMATE PACKAGE, you get all 12 of these mini-posters with YOUR LOGO on the HEADER... for FREE!

And, they are yours to keep FOREVER! They are sent to you as .pdf files so you can print them as many times as you like!

If you operate out of a facility you can post these 8.5 x 11" posters and handouts as a way to generate interest in your health coaching services as well as personal training programs, group exercise and fitness contests.

Branded Mini-Posters for Walls, Handouts, Direct Mail, Lead Boxes, Web Content...

(Click on the poster to enlarge).

Mini-Posters with YOUR LOGO (a $1,200 value) And, They are Yours FOREVER!


Most people loath the idea of having to sit down and write a brochure about their business... for lots of reasons.

There's design work and graphics.

Then, attempting to boil down your complex business into a few short paragraphs. It can be overwhelming... not to mention a huge time expenditure.

So we did it for you. And, we kept it simple. This way your clients get a quick overview of what to expect and why they should retain you.

Plus, the copywriting does an excellent job of positioning you as an "expert." Just by the knowledgeable, authoritative persona of text, your potential clients, members and patients will know they are in good hands.

We provide two (2) brochures.  Both are in .pdf file format so you can download and print as many as you want.

And, if you want to edit or use a better paper stock, you have our permission to take the files to a commercial designer and/or printer and make whatever changes you desire!



Facebook attracts more eyeballs every single day than any other platform. So, we created some perfectly sized "TEASER" Banner Ads that you can place on your Facebook Page and Groups to promote your ONBOARD 101 program organically -- or with paid ads.

Displayed below are all twelve (12) banner images we provide you....

12 FaceBook Banner Ads... (a $1,500 value) And, They Are Yours FOREVER!



Wow... you don't need to hire a public relations professional or a copywriter to promote your programs. Nope... when you order your ONBOARD 101 PLUS or ONBOARD 101 ULTIMATE, we send to you five (5) Done-4-You hard copy and email media releases in MS Word file formats.

This way, you can make your own revisions to fit your business. We even made sure the formatting is appropriate (AP Style) and presented just the way media professionals expect to see it.

Media Releases include:

  • Launch Announcement
  • Open Enrollment PSA
  • Client Achievement - Certificate

Plus, if you send out your media release via email, you can attach the FREE Promotional Video (above) to the email if you use a service like gmail. Media releases with video almost always receive priority placement by media professionals.




Today's top marketers still use direct mail as a way to communicate with targeted audiences. To that end, we provide you with several direct mail templates covering several different topics allowing you to send to specific target audiences, including consumers, club members, inactive members, corporate prospects, guest referrals, seminar attendees, etc.

The following letters are available as FREE Downloads in Microsoft Word. Just edit to your particular circumstances:

  • Introducing Onboard 101
  • May I be Blunt
  • Corporate Introduction
  • I Don't Care About Your Results
  • Let's Have an Adult Conversation
  • Corporate Open Enrollment
  • Medical Referral
  • The Buddy System
  • Media Personal Invitation



If you've taken the time to read all the way down this page...then, I want to offer you a free gift.... especially if you are headed into - or, are already health coaching.  This free e-book is the stuff they never tell you about when pursuing your certification.  It's full of the little secrets that make a BIG difference in your business.  ---  Enjoy!