A Personal Note to you…

As a current WMU-101 Administrator, I first want to personally THANK YOU for your continued participation in the most comprehensive and interactive public health education software platform in the industry. 

As a group, you’ve educated and empowered thousands of people.  And, in some cases, even saved lives!  You truly are AMAZING!

As you know, I will always “grandfather” you in to all the new applications, new versions, new marketing materials and other new bonuses as my way of saying “Thank You” for your continued support.

This new version, is way more than a simple name change.  Although it’s the same content, is radically different in functionality than what you are currently using.  Plus, some new features that I know you’re going to like (our beta testers loved them).

I do hope you will give it a try.  You are WELCOME TO KEEP and USE BOTH VERSIONS (WMU-101 and Onboard101) at NO extra charge.

But, if at some point you decide you only want to use one version, please notify me so we can clear the server space and refrain from the nightly back-ups and other ongoing maintenance that is required for your sites.


Getting started is SUPER EASY.  Just 2 Steps!

1.)  Please view the Tutorials FIRST!  Click HERE

2.) Just complete the FORM below.


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    Allowed files: jpg, png, gif, pdf, ai