10 Plus is a Profit Generator

Listen…! Branding breeds confidence. And, when a potential new member or client is confident in your professionalism... your business grows!

The 10-PLUS is one of our most popular starter packages for clubs, studios, boot camps, independent trainers, corporate wellness and even medical programs. And, for good reason!

Just imagine the impact on a new member or client when you present to him or her a branded Daily Journal and a branded Reference Manual as part of a Value-Added Membership Package — or a Personal Training Package!

And now imagine what happens when they show your branded educational material to their family, friends and co-workers. Yup.. it makes your phone ring!!

One women showed her branded Journal and Reference Manual to her boss… and the next thing you know… the club got the entire corporate account!

This is EXACTLY the type of marketing that will
differentiate YOU from the competition.


Did you know that with the 10 Plus Package, you have a complete Educational Curriculum right at your finger tips? Just look at all the educational elements you can download for FREE. It’s easy. It’s fun. And, it’s all been done for you!


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