5-Pack Starter

The Starter 5 Pack includes five (5) of the

PLUS, you’ll also receive four of our most popular handouts including:“The Journal Advantage” —  “If you’re going to train… You’ve got to Track!”“The Secret Weapon” and “The Achievement Sheet.”   All branded with YOUR LOGO…!


Today’s elite trainers, clubs and medical professionals add to their success when they educate and empower their clients with the Daily Exercise & Nutrition Journal and one of the world’s most unique, top quality multi-vitamin formulas!

5-Pack4The Daily Journal

You can view every single page of the entire Daily Exercise & Nutrition Journal by clicking on the arrows at bottom. You can also enlarge or minimize each page with the + or the signs.  There are over 25 pages of Food Exchanges that coincide with the MAP System Exchange List.  We did not post all of them in this flip book.   To view the actual Exercise Log and Nutrition Log, please turn to pages 22-25.


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