First impressions count! 

The 5-PACK WELCOME KIT ---> Branded with YOUR LOGO creates an incredible first impression of "professionalism" and "integrity."  It includes five (5) of each:

PLUS... you'll also receive four of our most popular handouts including:

  • "The Journal Advantage"   
  • "If you're going to train... You've got to Track!" 
  • "The Secret Weapon" 
  • "The Achievement Sheet" 
  • PROMO VIDEO - Daily Journal Advantage

All branded with YOUR LOGO...!

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(5) 8-Week Journals with YOUR BRAND


Today's elite trainers, clubs and health professionals educate and empower their clients toward health, fitness and lifestyle success with the Daily Exercise & Nutrition Journal!

PLUS.... it's an instant profit generator for...

  • Value-Added Memberships
  • Personal Training
  • Weight Management Packages
  • Fitness Contests and Promotions
  • Pro Shop Sales

Educational information with charts, graphs and food exchanges.

(5) Daily Multi-Vitamins with YOUR BRAND


Unique Proprietary Formulation for Athletes and Active Lifestyle Enthusiasts.

  • 150 Complete Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Complex Tablets
  • Food Glaze Binding for Optimum Uptake
  • Digestive Enzymes to Enhance Digestion:
    • Protease
    • Amylase
    • Lipase 
  • Appropriate for Multi-Dose Protocol
  • Source Specific Ingredient Adherence

Download SPEC SHEET 

You Get All Four (4) Mini-Poster / Handouts BRANDED with YOUR LOGO!

Today’s elite trainers, clubs and medical professionals add to their success when they educate and empower their clients with the Daily Exercise & Nutrition Journal and one of the world's most unique, top quality multi-vitamin formulas! 

Plus... This Welcome Kit includes a Promotional Video FREE!

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