12-Week Fast-Track

12-Week “Fast-Track” Package

FAST_Track_12_04This is a great 30-Journal package for fitness professionals, health coaches, clubs, studios or anyone who is running a fitness contest or just plain tracking progress. 

The Fast Track Chart:

  • Branded with YOUR LOGO
  • Branded with YOUR Daily Journal Image
  • 1 Fast Track Charts –  Size 24″ x 36″
  • Tracks 16 Participants for 12 Weeks
  • Allows for Benchmark Incentives

GREAT NEWS..!  We just learned that you can get these FAST TRACK charts laminated at Kinkos, Staples and Office Depot.  This will allow you to use over and over again.  Just spray with “dry erase cleaner” or “whiteboard spray” and you’re good-to-go!

  • (30) of the 12-WEEK JOURNALS w/ YOUR LOGO
  • (1) Fast Track Charts – 24″ x 36” Chart w/ YOUR LOGO
  • (4) Branded Mini-Posters w/ YOUR LOGO
  • (1) Daily Journal Video / FREE DOWNLOAD

Value of this Package. $2,099.50  Save 1,424.50

Just $675



It’s About Accountability

Every fitness professional, health coach and athlete knows that “accountability” is EVERYTHING!  First and foremost, writing it down.  In real time.  Immediately after the actual activity is performed.  In fact, some elite trainers have told me that they recommend this advice to their clients:  “Let your handwriting reflect the quality of the repetitions you just performed.”

The Daily Journal is all about… Right Here.  Right Now!

Mind-Body Connection

There is something to be said for the “mind-body” connection when a person immediately writes down what they just accomplished.  It’s an affirmation.  It’s repeated.  It becomes behavior. It GETS RESULTS!

Some research studies have revealed that people who wait to enter their information, ie; weight, reps, time, distance, etc. –  into an app or computer typically approximate or are simply guessing.  And quite often, the information is not even entered at all.  Delayed recording simply isn’t accurate and doesn’t work.  At least not for those who are genuinely serious.

Plus.. with the 12-Week Fast-Track Package… 





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