The Quick ‘n EZ Recipe Book


Not every health and fitness professional or client wants or needs a detailed nutrition strategy or plan.  Some just need some healthy recipes that are easy-to-prepare. That’s why we created the “Quick ‘n EZ Recipe Book” available with YOUR BRAND. 

Listen, this is “big league” branded marketing for your business. And, this level of professionalism will absolutely be noticed by prospective clients, members, employees and patients! But, it gets even better.  We slashed the price. These exact same recipe books were previously $13.50 but they are now just $9.99



A Meaningful “Thank You” with Your Brand…

If you have special clients, members, patients, employees, etc., who have been loyal to you and/or your business, then, this is a great way to say “Thank You.” 

Did you know that surveys have shown that thousands of Personal Trainers, Clubs, Studios and other fitness venues do NOT demonstrate this level of appreciation for their “customers?”  It’s true. 

That’s exactly why this type of branded fitness gift will differentiate you from the competition.  It will breed continued loyalty and even generate new business through positive word-of-mouth referrals.