Reference Manual Physiology 101

“Knowledge  is Power”
(90 pages/ 12 chapters)
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  • Education is the key to fitness adherence.
  • Education is the key to client/member retention.
  • Education is the difference between YOU and the competition.

Your clients and members will forever thank YOU for this unparalleled educational resource.  It explains in “lay-terms” the rationale behind “eat right and exercise.”

aaaA Turn-Key Curriculum

But we did way more than just write a book.  We turned the Reference Manual into an actual BRANDED, turnkey curriculum that includes promotional posters, a quiz series  —  and even a game plan on how to implement a group classroom education program.

Here’s an example.  For one week, you post the promotional handout all over your facility.  This should generate some interest in your VALUE-ADDED programs.  Then, among your VALUE-ADDED participants, you assign Chapter One.  The following week, you give the Quiz.  (Some even post the results!).  You do the same thing with Chapter #2 and continue for all 12 Chapters.  You’ll be amazed at how the momentum generates new revenue by people joining your VALUE-ADDED P.T. programs, weight-management and lifestyle courses etc.

 If you believe in the concept of “empowerment through education” then the Reference Manual will serve your clients and your business for years to come.

The Reference Manual is peer-reviewed and written in lay terms for easy reading and comprehension. It helps your clients/members understand the inseparable connection between nutrition and exercise.

Chapter Topics & Fun Quiz Series

Many fitness facilities, corporate wellness programs and other health and fitness educators use the Reference Manual as a curriculum guideline.  As such, we provide a series of “Fun Quizzes” to help motivate and educate clients.  Feel free to download the quizzes right now!

Chapter Quizzes & Answers (below):

Here are some professionally designed posters for each chapter.  When your subscribe to WMU-101… you get all 12 of these mini-posters with YOUR LOGO on the HEADER… for FREE!  And, they are yours to keep FOREVER!  Print them as many times as you like!  By posting these 8.5 x 11″ posters and handouts around your facility, you will generate interest in your weight-management curriculum, personal training programs and fitness contests.   Smart Marketing Investment… Smart Branding…!

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Basic Physiology





Aerobic Activity

Anaerobic Activity



Weight Training


Danger Foods

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I had a weight-loss management clinic for several years. The “What do You Know About Digestion” poster is an excellent thought provoker. I have used these tools and find that the larger majority of patients have little to no idea about their body and its physiology. This where we begin – education.”

Betty Kitchen, DSc
Doctorate Science/Nutrition & Genetics

Branded Fitness Marketing

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