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Art_Web_NameWhy Should I Attend This Workshop?

Here's the truth about all ONLINE BUSINESSES.  It requires you, at the very least, to understand the strategy (flow) and technology involved to make it successful.

Even if you are in a financial position to outsource 100% of your technology development... you STILL need to know enough about STRATEGY and TECHNOLOGY in order to effectively DIRECT your freelancers.


Who Should Attend This Workshop?

This is a "nuts and bolts" hands-on workshop developed specifically for beginner to intermediate level WordPress users.  You will learn a ton of "actionable skills" that you can apply to your own website -- immediately.


It is a small, classroom setting and curriculum specifically developed for health and fitness professionals who want to take control of their website and other online marketing activities - from email to social media.  In your heart, you are a DIY’er.


You already have an existing WordPress website, but may not know how to access to your administrative panel -- or how to efficiently manage the content of your website.


Who is Leading This MasterMind Workshop?


I am personally teaching this workshop as I have a unique set of skills that I hope to pass along to you.  I've been building websites with eCommerce platforms since 2002.  Plus, I've been part of health and fitness industry since 1989.


This combination of technology, marketing and industry experience will provide you with a long-term technology structure as well as a successful, proven strategy to leverage it as you grow your online business. 


What Topics Will be Covered?


We start with a visual blueprint that will add clarity to the purpose of your website and how all related marketing activities (email, funnels, social media, etc.) should lead back to it.  This blueprint demonstrates a successful online marketing strategy.


Then we dive into the basic functions of WordPress including a tour of the admin panel, how to create a page, how to create a blog post, how to create a link, how to resize and upload images, how to upload a video and more.


Will I Receive Individual Help?


Yes.  This is EXACTLY why we limit the enrollment. I personally oversee each attendee’s progress and difficulties.  Then, will work with each individual to work through solutions.


Will I Learn How to Integrate My Email Opt-in Form and Email List?


Yes.  This is an area of confusion for many.  You may already have an opt-in form and an email service, but don’t know how they work together or how to grow your list.  I’ll show you exactly how the top internet marketers leverage these components.


What Will I Learn About Social Media?


The approach to social media is simple -- everything you do on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc., should lead back to your website.  Why?  Because that’s where “conversions” or sales take place.


To that end, you’ll learn how to create social media posts with links, images and videos that lead back to your website.


What Else Will I Learn?


Depending on the pace of the class and agreed upon direction, we will move on to automated marketing funnels, eCommerce platform integration or an examination of “plug-ins”  to enhance your existing website.






The workshop will be held at:

250 W. Main Street,
Suite 101
Tustin, CA 92780


The closest airport is John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County, CA. Other airports include Long Beach (LGB) and LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).



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Also, several hotels right next to the John Wayne Airport:  Trip Advisor: Click Here


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For more information just call me 714-404-1800 or email: privatelabelfitness@gmail.com



* If you are an admin for Onboard 101, Digital Welcome Kit, eCommerce Dropship Program, Seminar Kit, then this "HANDS-ON WORKSHOP" is Complimentary as part of your package.

For all others the cost is just $99 for the FULL DAY.