Super Premium Boutique Manufacturing

What You Should Know

To understand the differences between "off-the-shelf" and "super-premium" nutritional formulations, we must agree that even with today’s modern research and technology, supplement formulation is still a combination of both art and science.

For starters, nutritional supplements are more subtle and more complex than some of the most powerful pharmaceuticals.

Creating any kind of nutritional formulation requires a deep understanding of how multiple vitamins, multiple minerals and other nutrients work together synergistically.  

Without proper balance nutrients can literally offset and negate each other rendering them useless.

Another consideration is how and where the formulation physically breaks down within the digestive tract.  

And, finally, how the formulation is ultimately taken-up and absorbed by the body.

To make things even more complicated, the process of disintegration, uptake and absorption varies from person to person.

Knowledge, Experience and Vision

This leads to a man who mentored me as well as many athletes, coaches, dietitians and sports nutritionists.  

His name is John E. Logsdon (1924-1998).

He remains an unsung hero in the world of sports nutrition.

Logsdon was a homeopathic researcher and the master formulator of this unique line of nutritional supplements.   

Under his company, OFNP/SporTelesis, he also developed some the first sports nutrition protocol to incorporate “oxidative typing” based on an individual’s autonomic nervous system and ability to breakdown foods.

Even after his passing, Logsdon’s research, science and experimentation is recognized, today, as some of the most relevant, innovative and highly regarded works in the fields of biochemistry and sports nutrition.  

Early Days

During the 1960’s, mainstream medical experts, nutritionists and other life science professionals were developing “nutritional standards” for the general public.  

This time period coincided with what many experts consider the beginning of the “food technology” industry.

While most were attempting to set “generalized” standards, Logsdon was going in a different direction.  He was far more interested in researching the nutritional needs of athletes.  

He quickly discovered their metabolic requirements were quite different.

At the same time, many of his professional peers, including such luminaries as Linus Pauling, Adelle Davis, Carlton Fredericks and George Watson also were on a different research track.

They were identifying the relationships between foods, allergies and mental illness. Much of what they discovered provided a foundation as well as deep insight that helped Logsdon with his hypothesis regarding athletes.

Over a 15-year period, he learned how, why and which various blends of nutrients were crucial to the pursuit of athletic performance, muscle gain, muscle recovery, efficient fat-loss and stamina.

In short, Logsdon not only proved the deficiencies of the typical RDA’s (recommended daily allowances) but demonstrated the absolute necessity for “optimal nutrition” protocol when dealing with athletes.

Finally, in the mid 1970’s, based on this research, Logsdon and his boutique manufacturing facility (OFNP/SporTelesis) began to formulate a complete, synergistic line of nutritional products specifically designed for athletes.  

His formulations were, and are to this day, extraordinary.  

Validation - Gold’s Gym

Through the remainder of the 1970’s and 80’s, Logsdon marketed his formulations along with his “oxidative typing” menu planning protocol to athletes, coaches and sports nutritionists.

There are dozens of undocumented events where athletes broke through performance plateaus, set records and achieved personal “bests” while adhering to Logsdon’s protocol of specific “oxidative type” menu planning and supplementation.

Then, in 1989, Logsdon’s protocol caught the attention of Gold’s Gym, in Venice, California.  At the time GGC was the fastest growing chain of gyms in the world. 

They immediately saw the value and integrity of Logsdon's "oxidative typing" protocol as well as his state-of-art formulations.  

It fit perfectly with Gold's "Serious Body" branding as well as their plans for expansion. 

Under the Gold’s Gym umbrella, Logsdon’s protocol was reconfigured into a “system” and branded under the name, Nutritionalysis.  The program was very successful and quickly rolled-out to more than 200 Gold’s Gyms throughout U.S.

As successful as Nutritionalysis was with Gold’s Gym, Logsdon wanted to expand his system beyond a single franchise.  Unfortunately, Gold’s Gym wanted an “exclusive.”

So, in 1994, the relationship ended with Logsdon retaining the rights to the Nutritionalysis brand as well as all associated protocol and proprietary formulations (the system).

Athletes, Coaches and Health Professionals

Once again, Logsdon was marketing his “system” to athletes, coaches and sports nutritionists.  He also enjoyed success with health clubs, fitness studios and hundreds of highly qualified health professionals who used his system for credible weight-management and lifestyle programming.

In 1998, John Logsdon abruptly passed away watching television at his home in Apple Valley, California.  Almost fittingly, he was viewing the Winter Olympics.

Since his passing, the company has been directed by his wife and business partner, Patricia Logsdon. The original management team remains in place and continues to operate the company, today.

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond…

While Logsdon’s “system” is still in use among various elite athletes, it has been deemed too complex and time-consuming to remain a viable consumer product.

However, Logsdon’s proprietary formulations continue to maintain an intensely loyal following through my company (Private Label Fitness) as well as other distributors who private label under their own brands.

Among my customers are top athletes, coaches, trainers and other health professionals who either know this background  -- or instantly recognize the quality of these formulations by the list of ingredients.

And, now through our new branded, eCommerce/Dropship program, the general public has direct access to these formulations through their health professionals.

This line of proprietary formulations is NOT sold via normal retail channels.  It can only be accessed through verified health professionals.

About The Formulations

First and foremost, whenever possible these nutritional formulations incorporate all natural raw ingredients.  This is important.  

There is substantial scientific evidence that vitamins derived from natural sources are more readily absorbed and assimilated by the human body.

In contrast, vitamins derived from inorganic chemicals are usually combined with undesirable substances such as sugars, inorganic binders, preservatives and coal tars.  

Second, each formula consists of “source-specific” raw ingredients from the exact same suppliers to ensure consistency in both balance and potency.  

Again, this is important.  For example, Korean ginseng root is quite different than Siberian or Chinese ginseng.  Again, this level of detail in the development of these formulations is significant.

Where sweetener is required, the formulas incorporate Stevia instead of sucralose or acesulfame.  No corn syrup solids or derivatives are found in any of the formulations.

There are NO stimulants such as caffeine, ephedra, bitter orange, etc in any of these formulations.

Finally, each product requires its own manufacturing protocol including precision measurements, exacting temperature-controlled manufacturing processes and constant testing and analysis.

All manufacturing is conducted under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), however, the manufacturing protocol for these formulations adhere to a much higher standard including double sterilization of all machines,  slow line run times and small limited batches to ensure freshness.

These proprietary formulas represent much of Logsdon’s life work.  As such, each product has been registered, patented and trademarked.

It’s the Little Things That Make Big Differences

As with all super-premium products and services, it’s often the little things that make such a big difference.  

For example:

  • Both the Daily Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Formula and For Women Only Formula contain Pancreatine 5X – one of the highest quality and most expensive digestive enzyme complexes available.


  • All multi-vitamin/mineral formulas contain a full complement of amino acids to help with uptake and assist in protein synthesis.


  • You’ll also find an abundance of herbs and herbal complexes incorporated into the formulas to help enhance absorption and utilization of food in conjunction with the products.


  • All products are manufactured in temperature-controlled environments to ensure efficacy and bioavailability of natural ingredients.


  • All tablets use natural ingredients instead of varnishes or other harsh chemicals that serve as binding agents to hold it together or to make the product smell more acceptable.


Compare For Yourself

If there is doubt in anyone’s mind about the quality of these super-premium supplement formulations, I invite you to actually Google all the ingredients in some of the more sophisticated formulas like the Daily Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formula.

Or, download our ingredient list for any of our formulations and compare to other products sitting on the shelf at any retail venue or internet site.  Start with Whey Protein and check the sweetener source.  That’s always a good indicator of quality. If it is sweetened with Stevia, then, chances are good  the product is excellent.

I hope you find this helpful.  There's more to come...