Trudy's Letter

Trudy's Letter

(It's really an email)

Trudy sends this email (or a variation) out every single week.  Her clients love it.  It fills her group sessions and after the tasting, clients purchase quite a few jugs of her own branded Whey Protein.

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Dear Client...



As you know every first and third Saturday we hold our “Weekend Tasting” with a Protein Shake. 


So, this Saturday [DATE] immediately following your session, we will be setting up with 3 blenders, our ingredients and 6 oz. cups.   


If you would like a larger shake, I encourage you to bring your own cup.


This week, we are blending [NAME OF SHAKE] for your tasting pleasure. 


We will be using my own Trudy Fit Vanilla Creme Whey Protein so you already know it’s going to taste great.


See you on Saturday! 




P.S.  If you like my Whey Protein, I will have plenty of 2lb Jugs on hand for purchase so you can experiment with your own creative ideas! 



As a result of her "tasting sessions" Trudy now receives orders and referrals from her clients.


Those referrals include non-members such as family, friends and co-workers of clients who already purchase the Whey Protein and other nutritional supplements from her own branded online eCommerce/Dropship website.


As of June 30, 2021, Trudy's average monthly commissions are $239.91 -- and that is just for sales through her online eCommerce/ Dropship website.  Combined revenue (studio + online) is much higher.