3 Done-For-You Websites Bundled into 1 Web Suite

Get More Clients.  Attract More Leads.  Generate More Profits.


✅ 50 Branded Handouts
✅ 111 Branded Recipes
35 Pro Videos
12 Call-to-Action Videos

 10 Online Assessment Forms
12 Social Media Banners
20 Direct Mail
1 eCommerce Dropship

✅ 12 Chapters Online Course
✅ 31 Actionable Blog Posts
✅ 12 Mini Posters (.pdf)
17 Branded Supplements

If your current website does not generate revenue... or, at least create leads and referrals, then, it may be time to take the leap into the new world of heath and fitness marketing... with the ULTIMATE WEB SUITE.


More than $80,000 worth of websites, integrations, profit centers and marketing materials....


The Complete "Online" Turnkey Solution

Check Out the Most Current Ultimate Web Suites



There are websites and, then, there are WEBSITES!


For the first time ever, I've taken all three (3) of our most robust, done-for-you, websites and combined them into a single Web Suite. 


As a result, the Ultimate Web Suite provides the most content rich, interactive ONLINE PLATFORM available, anywhere. Period. 


With the all new Ultimate Web Suite, you'll project an image of professionalism, expertise and leadership authority.   


And, best of all, EVERYTHING is done for you. 


Your pre-written and professionally pre-produced web pages, forms, blog posts, handouts, recipes and videos are all branded with YOUR LOGO.   

Here's what Darryl Daniels, Business Owner, Certified Trainer and IFBB Pro Body Builder, says about his Branded WebSuite...


Oh boy, where do I start... My experience with Art Rothafel and his game-changing Web Suite concept for digital platforms and branding has been nothing short of spectacular. The way he's tailored my product offering and amplified my brand is like adding a turbocharger to a sports car .

Art's knack for brand elevation is just like a perfectly baked cake  - the right ingredients mixed in the right way. His private-label nutritional formulations are top-notch and, to put it simply, they've put my brand on the map!

When it comes to my websites:



Art sprinkled his magic, and voila! They're more relevant, modern, and user-friendly than ever before. I mean, navigating them is as easy as finding a cat in a pet shop.

But wait, there's more! My social media presence? Let's just say it's gone from 'Hello?' to 'Hello, world!'  The improved brand consistency across all platforms has my clients hitting the "like" and "share" buttons more than ever.

So here's the deal - working with Art Rothafel and Private Label Fitness is like finding a four-leaf clover in the world of marketing and branding. Want to boost your brand, enhance your products, and skyrocket your online presence? Give Art a shout. Believe me, it's an investment that keeps on giving!

Why 83.4% of People Leave a Website Without Connecting

That means 83.4% of people who visited your website never completed an opt-in form -- or asked a question -- or even left a single trace of their visit.


And, that's because 99% of all health and fitness websites look almost exactly the same - with very little compelling content.


They all incorporate the same design tactics.  I bet you know them:  "Sell results. Display before & after photos/testimonials.  Describe the services.  Introduce the staff."


Not wrong.  Those components are important. 


But, make no mistake.  Today's modern health and fitness professional, just like you, offers a lot more than just exercise and nutrition. 


In this busy, noisy world, you need to get that message out -- loud and clear.


After all, YOU are the "GO-TO" for all things health related. 

YOU... The Authority, Expert, Leader ...and Friend

That's why the Ultimate Web Suite is pre-loaded with tons of credible, peer-reviewed CONTENT, including:



✅  Recipes with Macros (76) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Shakes and Smoothies (34) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Intake Forms and Releases (11) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Information Handouts (19) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Promotional Handouts (12) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Blog Posts (28)



✅  12 Chapter Online Course (1) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Explainer Videos (35) - Branded Header with YOUR LOGO

✅  Online Fun Quizzes (12) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Call-to-Action Videos (12) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Automated Email and Messenger System

✅  Achievement Certificate (unlimited) Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Social Media Banners (12)

✅  Direct Mail / eMail (20) (MS Word for editing)

✅  Promotional Videos (5) - Branded with YOUR LOGO



✅  Complete eCommerce Website - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Automated Payment Gateway (PayPal)

✅  Automated Invoicing - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Guaranteed 20% Commission Structure

✅  Direct-to-Client Fulfillment and Shipping

✅  Nutritional Supplements (20) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Product Descriptions/Ingredients (20) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Supplement Spec Sheets (.pdf) (20) - Branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  3D Container Images (20)  - Branded with YOUR LOGO


The Ultimate Web Suite is specifically designed to help YOU display your expertise and professionalism through a state-of-the-art, content driven "ONLINE" presence.  


With this much content, your clients, prospects and complete strangers will be become "RETURN VISITORS" over and over again.

Here's what Michele Sodon, Regional Fitness Coaching Director at Anytime Fitness, says about her MicheleSodon.com website...


"Joining arms with Private Label Fitness was the best decision I made for my business."

"Art taught me so much in the process as we worked very closely on this project.

Where I lacked in marketing knowledge and technological skill, Art and his team excelled.

It was such a great learning experience and though it was hard work — well worth it!"



Clients Will Love You... Forever!

Here's the TRUTH:  The old world of "price point" strategies in the fitness industry have been abandoned.   The "churn & burn" owners who compete on price will simply fight their way to the bottom.


The NEW WORLD of fitness marketing is all about building relationships -- with existing clients, inactive clients and even strangers you've never met.   Pure and simple.


Relationships start with honesty.  Then, build with value. 


At the end of the day, clients hire the "trainer" -- not the training. 


And, with the Ultimate Web Suite, you'll add value to all your relationships by providing credible, actionable components... and lots of them.  From handouts and recipes to blog posts and eLearning.  


Your clients will become "friends for life!"


Building a Website Can be Frustrating



Web Developer: "I'm waiting for your content. Where is it?"

  Health Professional: "I already sent you everything!"

What Really Happens...

You'll pay a web developer or agency more than $10,000 for such a comprehensive online presence.  And, the monthly recurring will be well over $200.


And, even then, you STILL need to create and deliver the CONTENT.


As a result, YOU end up frustrated because you don't have that much content.


Web developers end up frustrated because they don't have enough content to build you a viable website.


It's a vicious cycle. 


  • Fact #1:  Developers don't really KNOW the fitness business.


  • Fact #2:  You don't have TIME to produce great content.  


It's like a contractor who can build your studio.  But, YOU still need to outfit the studio with equipment.    If you don't have equipment, well... it's just an empty shell.


Likewise, a developer can build out a website.  But, YOU still need to create the content.  Otherwise, it's just an empty shell.

Let Me Take Away the Pain...


Here's a good analogy: 


With the Ultimate Web Suite, your "online platform" comes fully furnished with loads of credible, peer-reviewed content and products -- all branded with YOUR LOGO


It's like an HGTV home "reveal" where you open your eyes and the entire project is 100% completed and beautifully staged (and, you get to keep the furniture)!


In the end, it's better than anything you could have done yourself (even with the help of a developer).   And, you saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars!

Grow and Scale Whenever You're Ready


We constantly think "forward."   As such, when we build your Ultimate Web Suite we actually lay down a "foundation" that will allow you to grow and scale your business as big as you want.

For example, at some point you may decide to create:

✅  Paid Memberships (different levels)

✅  Video Workouts

✅  One-on-One Premium Consults

✅  Additional eCommerce

✅  Additional Online Courses

✅  Affiliate Links

✅  Podcasts

✅  YouTube or Vimeo Channels


If Your Online Platform Had a Floor Plan...


If you're like me, it often helps to visualize things.


While a website is a "digital" structure, a helpful visual is that of a house or multi-room studio that can be instantly modified with additions, deletions and revisions.


So, if you decide to add a new component or function to your Ultimate Web Suite (paid memberships, videos, live streaming, etc.) -- the plumbing and electrical are already in place and ready to accept the new components.  We call it "forward design."



What You Actually Receive with Your Ultimate Web Suite

If we continue with the "floor plan" analogy, then, with the ULTIMATE WEB SUITE, you already have a mansion!  Here's a brief tour of what you'll receive with this incredible, done-for-you, online platform. 


Digital Welcome Kit - Content

  • Online Forms

    Instantly converted to .pdf format.  Auto-email. Branded with YOUR LOGO

    • COVID-19 Screening
    • Xpress assessment
    • Health history
    • PAR-Q
    • Lifestyle questionnaire
    • Physician release
    • Model release
    • Food intake survey
    • Kitchen questionnaire
    • Habit Tracker

    See them. Try them...

  • Handouts ready for download

    Branded with YOUR LOGO

    • First Workout Checklist
    • Weight-mgmt. Facts
    • Weight-mgmt. Flow
    • Target Heart Rate Chart
    • Muscle / Skeletal Charts
    • History of Diets
    • 365 Days of Positive Living
    • Sugar
    • EZ Resolutions
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Skin Care Bonus
    • Immune System
    • Positive Living

    See them. Try them...

  • Recipes ready for download

    Each recipe branded with YOUR LOGO

    • Prep time/Cook time
    • Macronutrients 
    • Licensed image
    • Downloadable .pdf docs
    • Unlimited use
    • Main Dishes - twelve (12) 
    • Lunch/Brunch - eight (8) 
    • Grain Sides - five (5) 
    • Pasta Dishes - six (6) 
    • Veggie Sides - nine (9) 
    • Snacks - nine (9)
    • Smoothies/Shakes - (34)

    See them. Try them...

  • 31 Professional blog posts

    Pre-written, formatted with licensed images

    • Your Immune System… 
    • Stress… The Great Reality Check!
    • 5 EZ New Year’s Resolutions
    • The Almighty Stretch
    • Your Healthy Grill
    • 7 Effective Life Hacks
    • Sleep and Recovery
    • How to Overcome Excuses
    • What to Do When You...
    • How to Get Out of Bed...

    See them. Try them...


Onboard 101 - Your 12 Module Online Course

An incredible Profit Generator

  • Onboard 101 Tech Features

    All this technology branded with YOUR LOGO

    • Unlimited Clients
    • Fast and Secure
    • 100% Automated Content Delivery
    • Automated Quizzes (12)
    • Auto Quiz Scoring (12)
    • Auto Email Validation (12)
    • Internal Messaging System
    • Gamification Badges
    • Content Explainer Videos (35) 

    FREE TRIAL - Let's Get Started...

  • Onboard 101 Outreach

    Video Tutorials on how to attract clients to Onboard 101:

    • How to Drive Traffic
    • Top 3 Questions
    • How Much to Charge
    • The Free Model
    • The Profit Model
    • The Mandatory Model

    See them. Try them...

  • On-Site Promo Videos

    These videos are embedded in your Onboard 101 website and play just beneath YOUR LOGO:

    • The Miracle
    • What is Onboard 101
    • The Investment
    • Finally... the TRUTH

    See them. Try them...


Your Branded eCommerce / Dropship Program

  • 100% Automated / Done-For-You

    All this technology branded with YOUR LOGO

    • Hosting, Back-ups, Security
    • Transaction Processing
    • Label Creation, Layout, Design
    • Fulfillment Direct to Customers
    • Flat Rate Shipping
    • 20%+ Commissions
    • Monthly Payouts 
  • eComm / Dropship Marketing

    Marketing support for your BRANDED FORMULATIONS:

    • 3D Branded Container Images
    • Formulation Spec Sheets
    • Introduction Emails (5)
    • Auto-Ship Option ($300)

The Ultimate Web Suite is For You, if...

  • You are a marketing savvy FIT PRO, HEALTH COACH or LIFESTYLE CONSULTANT


  • You want to ADD NEW PROFIT STREAMS to your online business

  • You want to ADD a TON of new BRANDED CONTENT to your existing website

  • You don't have a website and want to START BIG

  • You're want to CONSOLIDATE your existing website and FOLD it into the Ultimate Web Suite

  • You already have one of THESE WEBSITES but want EXPAND to the Ultimate Web Suite


Get All 3 Websites combined into one Ultimate Web Suite

Get More Clients.  Attract More Leads.  Generate More Profits.

✅ 150 Branded Handouts   ✅ 52 Pro Videos   ✅ 20 Branded Supplements   ✅ 12 Social Media Banners  ✅ 20 Direct Mail

1 eCommerce Dropship Webstore    ✅ 12 Chapters Online Health Education Course


The Complete "Online" Turnkey Solution

All 3 Websites into one Web Suite
(DIY costs = $80,000 + mth)
Just $4,399 + $199/mth


Call my direct line: 714-404-1800
or email:  CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Digital Welcome Kit

The NEW MARKETING REALITY for all internet marketers is CONTENT DRIVEN.  If you visit most health professional websites, the content is all about the service offerings, the team members, the before and after photos with testimonials, programs and schedules, calendars and how to join or buy now, etc. 

There's almost no reason for existing members and clients to ever RETURN to those websites.  No reason for them to REFER a friend, family member or co-worker to grab some actionable, useful information.  Most health and fitness websites look the same.  They are set up to convert new prospects and that's it. 

But, what top marketers have come to realize is CONVERSION starts with useful, actionable CONTENT

Here's why:  CLICK HERE...

YES.  We'll delete as many forms as you like.  However, it's nice to have them if needed.  With an assortment, you can simply instruct a client which form to complete.  Also, with with our test pilot program we found that sometimes a non-client visitor would pick a particular form and complete it for his or her own interest.  Now, that's a HOT LEAD!!!

YES.  I understand some professionals offer a "CONSULTATION" or a "DISCOVERY CALL" instead of a Guest Pass.  If required, we'll not only change the BUTTONS, but we'll also change the FORMS to match and align with your requirements. However, customized forms require a lot of coding so there's a charge based on an estimate.  Typically coded at $65 per hour. 

YES.  By all means!  If you have your own content and licensed images (or your own pictures) and send the text to us in either Google docs or MS Word, we will format and upload to your DWK.  Also, please let me know if it is a "Handout" or a "Blog Post" or other category.  

YES.  We'll provide you and/or your web developer with backend ADMIN access to your DWK website - with two (2) caveats. 

1.) You will be responsible for all updates and compatibility of plugins and/or integrations you might add to the site.

2.) If you inadvertently blow-up the site and can NOT restore it, we charge a $300 restore fee as it takes many hours to bring a site and all the databases back to life. 

These conditions are part of our terms of service. 

YES. If you are already an ONBOARD 101 admin or are an eComm/Dropshipper, you will receive a discount that will pro-rate the buildout.  I will personally discuss this option with you over the phone or email. 

YES...   However, this falls under the category of a complete "custom" website that includes this content plus more elements like a schedule, team bios, etc.

Obviously, this requires much further customization resulting in a higher buildout price and slightly higher monthly hosting/management cost. 

If this is of interest to you, we will provide you with two estimates. One for the Website Buildout and another for Monthly Hosting / Management --  all based on your specific requirements.

We call it a BOLT-ON website.  Here's a good way to think about it.  CLICK HERE...

You simply add a link on your top navigation or menu bar.  It might be labeled as "Welcome" or "Content"  or  "Info" --  or however you want to label it.  You'll notice on the DIGITAL WELCOME KIT website we have a LINK back to your existing website.  It's labeled as "MAIN."

Unfortunately, NO.  There are plenty of entrepreneurs who create white-label content.  However, we are building out complete platforms with interactive functions for both YOU and YOUR CLIENTS including, automated forms, downloads and other processes beyond content.  Think of it as being a holistic approach toward "CONTENT MARKETING."   

We will continue to expand the DIGITAL WELCOME KIT with new content and functions every month.  As such, I reserve this content for our partners

At least once a month I'll be adding a new blog post or other content like new research, health tips and recipes.  I won't just add content for the sake of adding content.  It must be relevant, timely and in most cases peer-reviewed for accuracy and credibility. 

We'll also be adding video content as the sites expand.

Great question and it's YES and NO.   Here's the legal side of things.  Yes you can keep all the materials BUT, you will need to reformat everything.  That's because all the formatting and licensed images are all copyrighted under Private Label Fitness. 

So, as long we actually own the website and are providing you with service - then, all copyrights, videos, images, etc are legally licensed. 

However, upon discontinuation of service, the licenses become invalid.  So, for example, you could certainly keep all the information for a recipe, but you can NOT use the same formatting and you can NOT use the licensed image on the page. 

This is all part of our Terms of Service -- and it actually protects you as long as you're a subscriber. 

For more information about how I protect YOU and the content please read our page: "The Unwitting Pirate."


Onboard 101 - Online 12-Module Course

After 30 years in the health and fitness business, we’ve come to a realization about health education… and it is this:

Almost every credible fitness professional possesses an amazing amount of knowledge — and knows EXACTLY what it takes to change body-composition… BUT....  your clients don't. You know the journey... but, your clients have almost no knowledge as to how their bodies function.  And, as an industry, we don’t necessarily explain it in a way that clients easily comprehend.

Each website is set-up as a "subscriber-based" membership website. This allows you to market and sell a "self-guided" educational program to each client or member. You will control the price. Each site will include the following:

  • Your logo on the header
  • Home page video, Finally, the TRUTH About Weight-Management ($599 value)
  • 12 Chapters of peer-reviewed curriculum in lay terms, distributed in 4 formats:
    • Web page format
    • Video format
  • Automated content delivery
  • Automated quizzes, scoring and progression
  • Automated "gamification" with points and badges
  • Internal messaging system
  • Secure membership functionality
  • Domain registration and security
  • Hosting and nightly back-ups
  • All upgrades and coding updates (all the tech stuff).

NO, you do NOT need to install anything.  ONBOARD 101 is a "Software As a Service" (SAAS) platform.   That means it's totally "Plug 'n Play."  Everything is handled by us on our servers including upgrades, back-ups, security, hosting.... the works!

It depends. Most commercial online weight-loss programs use faulty protocol (restricted caloric intake) and false metrics ("pounds-on-the-scale") to determine progress.

These tools actually debunk both of those concepts and, instead, adhere to sound physiological protocol including proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive motivation.

All programs are based on "body composition" as the only viable metric for real change. 

Maybe. But that is not the intent. ONBOARD 101 only mentions supplements as an option that can be explored. It is not designed to sell supplements. In fact, the whole purpose is to teach people how to make better choices with their nutritional intake. That is the highest priority.

It's typically marketed as a 12-Week Educational Course -  as it coincides with the 12-week curriculum. BUT... your clients, students and members are set-up for an unlimited time with no expiration date - that can be revised if you choose.

After the 12 weeks, most clients, students and members will continue to access your ONBAORD 101 website and use it as an ongoing information resource.

All of our Done-4-You packages are designed to generate revenue -- sometimes, even while you're sleeping! But here's the real truth.

The #1 reason people join a health club or retain a trainer or health coach is for weight-management. This research has been proven over and over again. Unfortunately, we, as the health and fitness industry, do not do a very good job of explaining how the real process of "changing body composition" is accomplished.

So clients, students and members become discouraged and quit. All because of a simple lack of knowledge.

Our Done-4-You packages changes all of this. In essence, the ONBOARD 101 website is a self-guided educational platform that provides people with the actual rationale behind your programming.

This allows you more time to provide the physical training and positive motivation components. ONBOARD 101 accomplishes two major tasks for your business -

  • It educates your clients thus increasing understanding and adherence.
  • It can be used as both a profit generator and/or a lead generator.

Yes! In fact, here are the first six videos that are contained in Chapter 1. Just click on the buttons below and imagine how impressed your clients and potential client will be with your branded information!

Yes! All videos will play on all mobile devices. You can test it right now with the six videos listed in the FAQ question above!

Yes.  Yes, absolutely...!  In fact you can demo the platform as both a "CLIENT" and as an "ADMIN."  And, with the FREE TRIAL, we'll even upload your logo so you can see EXACTLY how it will integrate with YOUR BUSINESS.  

Our pricing is the best! Plus, if you were to attempt this yourself, you'd pay over $80,000 for content, production, image licensing, music licensing, professional voice-over, etc. 

Not to mention the hundreds of hours of your time putting it all together!

We obviously are building a volume of sites which provides economies-of-scale. I pass those savings on to you. Nonetheless, each individual site takes more than tech time to set-up individual databases, specified protected content, individual functionality, etc.

Equally important, your ONBOARD 101 website will be professionally and expertly maintained with nightly back-ups, code upgrades and all sorts of technical operations to ensure your websites run smoothly 24 hours a day... every day!

Termination of your branded ONBOARD 101 website is simple as just letting us know. We require 30 days notice to terminate the site as it actually takes a bit of technical work to take a site down. However, your monthly $49.99 charge will be terminated within 30 days of notice. 

IMPORTANT: The "build out" fees are non-refundable.

This is why we truly want you to try it for FREE to determine if it is going to be helpful to your business. We even encourage you to "load in" some clients in order to gain "real world" feedback from your members, clients, patients, whomever!

Pricing will be entirely up to you. Our suggested retail price per person is $97 as a stand-alone program.

However, many health professionals place a high retail value on the program. Here's Jenny's Story (she cleared $15,000 in one day!) : CLICK HERE...

There are numerous pricing models, including:

  • EFT monthly charges for 12 weeks and beyond -- as an ongoing web-based health and fitness resource.
  • Value-added membership packages
  • Value-added training packages
  • Fitness Contest Packages
  • Flat Rate - Bulk-Buy Group Programs (where participants all chip-in as a group - Corp. Wellness, Schools, Church, etc.)

Whatever you decide... I can assure you it is VALUE RECEIVED. I've researched all over the place for a curriculum like this. What I found were all kinds of college courses on human physiology that are excellent... but, are way too technical for the lay person.

I also found plenty of false and misleading formats that are simply designed to sell supplements or some bogus product. You know the type... no exercise required!

Listen, this curriculum is:

  • Unique in its simplicity and progression.
  • Unique in its presentation.
  • Unique that you can brand it under your own name.
  • Unique because it is a complete automated online course which requires almost no effort on your part.
  • And, it generates profits! We are all in this business together!


Unfortunately, we do NOT offer any type of payment plan. Due to the amount of upfront labor and resources we dedicate to each new customized package, payment plans are not practical for our packages.


eCommerce / Dropship Program

Great question.   Just like you, I make a small commission from every purchase - and that's how we pay for the site and make our money. 

The difference is that, for us, it's a "delayed ROI model."  It doesn't become profitable until our website development and collateral materials costs are met.  In other words, it's really an investment in YOU!  Our return on investment (ROI) comes later.

Each eCommerce website is set-up as as an independent WordPress website with WooCommerce as the shopping cart and PayPal as the payment gateway.  All shipping is integrated with USPS.  Here's a line list of everything you receive:  

  • Domain Name:  We secure a domain name based on your business name:  Ex:  If your website is: www.LeanForLife.com we would secure a domain: www.LeanForLifeNutrition.com
  • Complete Done-For-You WordPress Website:  We build a complete WordPress website on your behalf.  Each individual website will include:
    • Your Brand in the header (example)
    • Images of Branded Supplements (example)
    • Branded Product specification "One Sheets" in .pdf download (see example)
    • An about page for you and your business (example)
    • An Opt-in form for lead capture
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart:  We fully integrate the WooCommerce Shopping Cart into your website allowing your clients to shop on all devices from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.   The shopping cart includes images of your branded products.  (see example here) .
  • PayPal Integration:  We fully integrate our own PayPal integration into your branded store so your clients can easily make a direct payment for their orders using Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover or PayPal.  
  • Email Notification:  Via a proprietary email set-up with our hosting platform, you'll be notified whenever customers place orders.   You'll also be notified every time an order has been completed and shipped.  You customers will receive order processing notifications, too. 
  • Hosting:  Your website will be hosted via https: secure managed WordPress hosting server.  This makes it secure and super-fast since our hosting platform is "tweaked" specifically for WordPress websites. 
  • Back-ups:  All websites are backed-up nightly (database) and weekly (full back-up) so if the worse case scenario ever occurred, you'd be up and running within 24 hours.  
  • Updates and Upgrades:  All websites are "living breathing" things that continue to grow, evolve and improve.  We will manage all core code updates as well as plugin upgrades as they occur.  This will be invisible to you as we manage all of this tech stuff on the back end. 
  • Administration:  All payments, commissions, delivery tracking and other administration duties are handled by us.  At the end of the day, your only responsibility is to help drive traffic to your brand store and ultimately collect your commission checks.

YES... absolutely.  You'll definitely earn a higher profit margin by carrying the physical products in your facility.  But, when members recommend your supplements to friends, family and co-workers who are not members or clients -- they NOW have a way to show them your products -- and allow them to purchase your products online.

It's the best of both worlds... especially if your customers are not local. 

(NOTE:  We do NOT process INTERNATIONAL ORDERS due to health compliance regulations that vary from country to country.

Unfortunately, no.  We're a boutique company and too small to offer free samples.  You're certainly welcome to purchase single items to try under our house brand: MediCorp.

Yes.   Our company is a "Trade Only" business model. We are not interested in web marketers or others with no background in health or nutrition. As such, we require you to be a:

  • Verifiable Fitness Studio or Health Club owner
  • Certified and/or Verifiable Fitness Trainer or Health Professional
  • Registered Dietitian and / or Nutritionist
  • Medical or Chiropractic Professional
  • Licensed or a Degreed Professional  in Health or Health Sciences

These proprietary formulations were created by OFNP/SporTelesis, a privately-held custom, boutique manufacturer located in Southern California. Like 90% of all supplement brands, the actual manufacturing processes are contracted out to various laboratories. Our labs and manufacturers are located in California. Some specialize in tablets and capsules while others specialize in powders

In all instances, the processes are carried out under OFNP/SporTelesis' strict protocol and guidance including filtration, batching, temperature, line speed, mixing, drying, etc.  

All fulfillment is carried out at OFNP/SporTelesis where each individual order is hand-labeled and individually inspected for quality control.  

For a complete history of this specialized formulations, please click here..

There are several agencies that certify nutritional supplements, including: 

  • U.S. Pharmacopeia,
  • NSF International
  • ConsumerLabs.com

However, none of these organizations guarantee that a product has therapeutic value.  Instead, they simply verify label claims.  In other words, that the ingredients listed are actually in the product.  They also ensure that the products are not contaminated with arsenic, bacteria or lead. 

Plus, in the State of California, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) conducts "Random Testing."  This is where agents actually enter the manufacturing facility and pull products right off the line and send them off for independent laboratory testing.  If the test fails, the entire batch is quarantined and not allowed to be shipped.  We've never, ever failed a test.

The FTC also ensures the physical environment is conducive and in compliance of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) to manufacturing and storage by measuring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, air quality and other elements.  

For more than 35 years, we have provided health professionals with this exact same proprietary line of formulations.  These professionals recognize the high-quality of the raw ingredients as well as the design of our formulations. 

* (For a complete history of these formulations, please CLICK HERE...

Over the years, hundreds of professional athletes, coaches and teams have submitted our formulations to their own laboratories for independent assays.  We have NEVER failed an assay test.  

As stated, our formulations are proprietary.  In order to run proper assays, we are required to relinquish trade secrets which includes our proprietary formulation design, raw ingredient sourcing, manufacturing protocol and hundreds of closely held elements of intellectual property we choose not to share.  

Finally, to be 100% truthful about ingredient claims, all brands would need to submit their products after every single batch run.  To our knowledge, it is not required to resubmit.  In our minds,  this invalidates the entire validation process since all kinds of differences can occur with the same product from batch to batch.

Therefore, based on our longevity in the market place, our educated customers and reluctance to share intellectual property, we do NOT submit any of our formulations to the aforementioned organizations.

However, if you desire to have the products tested at your own expense using an independent laboratory willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) we will provide all formulations along with documentation for independent assay testing.

Yes. Since you are classified as a "distributor" you are a rider on the manufacturer's insurance policy.  The way the law works, is the company responsible for applying the label to the product is totally liable for the content of the product.  All formulations are filled and labeled at our manufacturing facility in Southern California. 

In more than 40 years, there has never been a claim filed against our manufacturer.

The commission structure is a sliding scale based on RETAIL SALES as follows:  

  • $0- $2,000 Commission = 20%
  • $2001 - 4,000 Commission = 25%
  • $4,001 + Commission = 30%

Commissions are paid monthly via a physical check mailed to you - regardless of the amount. 

The answer is YES... BUT... only if you choose to INCREASE the price. You can imagine the chaos of "price wars" among our fitness partners if we allowed discounting.  Further, this is a proprietary line of super-premium supplements.  We are not interested in customers looking for a "deal."   The entire goal of our nutritional supplement line is to offer a super-premium, high-quality line at a fair price.

No.  Affiliate programs use cookies, banners and click throughs to an existing brand.   

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own affiliate program to help sell your branded line of supplements!

No.  Network marketers are usually selling a "mother brand" like Isagenix or Advocare or Amway.  Plus, they rely on you recruiting new distributors into the network.  This is nothing like that. 

This is your own private-labeled business opportunity to create additional revenue and reinforce your own BRAND

But, if you have the knowledge and skill sets, you could literally create your own network marketing program to help sell your branded line of supplements!

Unfortunately no.  These eCommerce Dropship websites are specifically set-up for your branded supplement line ONLY.  

Yes, however it requires an additional $300 during the "buildout" as it requires extensive coding to enable auto-shipping to your clients.   Just click on the "ADD-ON" during checkout. 

Yes, we offer several sales and marketing materials to help you promote, market and sell your branded line of nutritional supplements.


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