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Thank you for ordering your website.  Below is a really long form (I'm sorry).  But, it will prove to very beneficial in getting your website up and running as quickly as possible.

HINT:  The best way to complete this form is to follow this procedure:  1.)  Look at the information requested.

2.) For the information that requires a bit of writing think about completing that task in Microsoft Word or Google docs -- and then just copy and paste the info into the form all at once.

 IMPORTANT NOTE:    If you have more than three (3) staff members and/or more than 5 different services - we request you send a separate document with the information requested INSTEAD of using this form.

ALSO:  Most of the requested information is OPTIONAL.  So, if it doesn't apply, just leave the area blank.

PLUS...  Beyond our tech team, we provide professional copywriters and designers who may make minor edits (typos, spelling, shortened sentences, etc.) to some of your copy and images in order to enhance your website. This is done at NO CHARGE to you.

FINALLY:  If you prefer, you can simply gather all the information requested and send it all on a separate document via email attachment to:

Website Information Request

Upon submitting your form, you will receive a copy of all this information for your own record keeping.


Please provide a brief description of your “target audience” including gender (male, female, co-ed), age group (18-34, 35-55, 55+, all ages) general income level ($25-65K, 65-$100K, $100K+), general location (local, regional, worldwide/online), etc. This will help in imagery and design/layout.

Although we discourage "exit links" from your website, it's sometimes necessary for private groups and/or promotions. If so, please provide your social media links.

If you require "OUTSIDE LINKS" to other websites other than Social Media, Onboard 101 and/or eCommerce-Dropship, then please input the url(s) below.
Use this section to provide information about your company, or your personal journey, etc. In today's "relationship" marketing it's advisable to write in "first person" so that the reader feels like you're having a conversation with him or her.

Use this section to provide information about your your staff members. Again, it should be in first person -- as if your staff member is talking directly to the reader. Remember to include education, certifications, qualifications and experience. NOTE: If more than 3 staff members, please send a separate document.
Staff Bio #1:
Staff Bio #2:
Staff Bio#3:

Use this section to provide information about the SERVICES and PROGRAMS you provide such as "Group", "One-on-One", "Nutrition", etc.
NOTE #1: If you also ordered Onboard 101 and/or eCommerce-Dropship, we already have pre-written copy for those services.
NOTE #2: If more than 5 Offerings, please send a separate document with name of all services/programs and descriptions.
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Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 512 MB.