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Can We Talk..?

Let me ask you a few direct, and perhaps, insensitive questions.  And, please forgive me if none of this describes you.  However, the fitness business is rapidly changing.  And I mean FAST!

More and more health and fitness professionals are attempting to expand their businesses online. The goal is to generate revenue through multiple profits centers —  all from their websites.

Web_FrstratedBut, in reality, most don’t even know where to start.  Or, are so overwhelmed with technology and unfamiliar strategies that they just give up.

So, this is what prompts me to ask you these questions….

Here goes….

When you look around the “online” landscape, do you feel just a bit of “website envy?”

Do you feel like everyone has a better website or is further along with their “online model” than you?

Are you a little embarrassed about the look and feel of your current site?

Are you frustrated that it doesn’t function the way you want it to?  Or, that it gets all screwed up when it displays on a mobile device?

Is your website helping you to build an email list through optin forms and lead magnets?

And, does it concern you that your website doesn’t generate any revenue whatsoever?

You’re Not Alone…

If I just described you, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  More than 93% of all websites are not much more than electronic brochures.

That’s because most websites have no purposeful strategy behind them.  So, they rarely perform as “pro-active” revenue generators.  Instead, they simply sit passively, like a brochure, with features and benefits.  Just like a million other websites.  Just like your competitors.

This is just so wrong on so many levels.  Just think about it.

Shouldn’t you have a website that is strategically designed to be PRO ACTIVE..?

HappyO.K., So Let’s Talk About the Possibilities…

Just imagine having a website that is strategically designed to be effective at both getting potential clients to contact you and serving as a significant revenue generator —  at the same time.

Here’s a fact.  The Next Generation Health & Fitness Professional will not just have a website.  But, instead, will operate a complete “CONTENT DELIVERY SYSTEM” that generates revenue and grows his or her business.

That’s the Future.   And, you can have it RIGHT NOW…! 

You Basically Have 4 Options

Option 1: Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

If you’re a “techie” with a good design sense and know exactly how to create an effective site, then, this is a great option. But the problem I usually see is fit pros and other health professionals struggle for months to DIY their site only to stall… for any number of reasons.  So, it never reaches completion.

Sure, they might be saving money.  But, they’re definitely NOT saving time.  And frankly, most often, they lose both time and money on a project that never gets launched.

This means that instead of:

  • marketing their business
  • closing prospects
  • training clients (which is what they really want to be doing!)

…they’re spinning their wheels trying to complete their website.

Option 2: Hire a WordPress Website Developer

There are thousands of web developers out there who have strong technical skills.   But, they don’t really understand the health and fitness industry.  Nor, do they know how to strategically design a site that converts.

Sure, they can create beautiful designs.  But, most often these beautiful sites have absolutely no strategy to:

  • build your list
  • get new clients
  • generate passive income

Just this past year, I’ve spoken with hundreds of health and fitness professionals who reached out to me after spending thousands of dollars on a website that didn’t convert prospects into clients, didn’t generate revenue, didn’t do anything but provide information and scheduling.  No wonder they weren’t happy.

Option 3: Use a Website Template Platform

Platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and are popular because they are relatively easy to use. But, what most people don’t realize right away, is that they come with huge limitations.

The biggest problem is they are NOT WordPress websites.  And, because these aren’t WordPress platforms, it’s almost impossible to design a website to look the way you want.

I feel so bad when I speak with health and fitness pros who feel trapped by the templated layouts these platforms offer.  These “easy” sites also limit the control you have over the functionality of your site.

For example, you may be limited to using their shopping cart or be unable to integrate your email marketing system.

And, here’s the worst part.  You won’t be able to use any of the thousands of free WordPress plugins for things such as pop-ups, social sharing and SEO.  With many of the “easy” platforms, these options are considered “upsell add-ons” with recurring monthly fees – which can add up to significant amounts.

Option 4: Give-up and Do Nothing…

I sincerely hope this isn’t you.  But, if it is…  please consider working with me and my professional team who have the marketing know-how, strong technical skills and design expertise to make your website everything you want it to be — and everything it needs to be.

The Ultimate Solution – More Than a Website…

ComputersThis top-of-the-line custom package is way more than just 3 revenue generating websites:
Website, Onboard 101, DropShip Program.

It also includes:

We also host, build and maintain all of the technology that ties them together into a single integrated money-making Health PRO Suite.  We literally take care of everything for you including the bulk of content, images and video.  This way, you’re up and running FAST!

This premium custom Health PRO Suite includes set-up and configuration of several 3rd-party vendors such as MailChimp account and email capture (to build your list) and automation, membership plugins, PayPal set-up, Social Media integration, etc.


Physical Deliverables, Too!

Plus, all the hard deliverables ($25K and Seminar Kit) such as powerpoint, videos,  press releases, scripts, direct mail templates, email templates, FaceBook campaigns, blog posts, mini-posters, trifold brochures, daily journals, posters, etc. all BRANDED with YOUR LOGO!

Super-Premium 3-Site Health Coach eCommerce Suite

Included in this package:

  • Complete Done-For-You Website  (live site)
    • Pre-written content customized for you
    • All images plus those you provide
    • Pre-produced videos
    • 5 Pre-written blogs
    • Total hosting, coding & technical configurations
  • Complete eCommerce Store Front (live site)
    • All product categories set-up and installed
    • All product images pre-sized and uploaded to store
    • All product videos pre-produced and embedded
    • Complete set-up and integration with PayPal
    • Tax tables installed based on state and county
    • All shipping configuration and integration with USPS, FedEx, UPS
  • ONBOARD 101 Done-For-You Membership 12-Week Curriculum
    • Professionally written, peer-reviewed content
    • Licensed professional images
    • High definition video (35) with professional narrations
    • Automated content delivery
    • 12 multiple-choice quizzes with auto-scoring
    • Everything required to ensure a smooth “hands-off” interactive website
  • MAP SYSTEM – Menu & Activity Planning Interactive Website
    • Optimal caloric intake based on body composition
    • Custom personalized menu templates
    • Create custom personalized workout templates
    • Exclusive proprietary food exchange list
    • 8-Screen intake forms, medical history and physician release forms
    • Client tutorials to increase USER proficiency
  • Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar / Webinar Kit
    • Powerpoint presentation with script and training video
    • 21 Day Seminar Blueprint coaching tutorials (video)
    • Press release, direct mail and email campaign templates
    • Complete social media campaign with pre-sized images
    • TriFold brochures branded with your logo
    • HD promo video branded with your logo
  • $25K Super-Premium Marketing Kit
    • 3 promotional HD videos
    • 12 mini-posters branded with your logo
    • Press release, direct mail and email campaign templates
    • Complete social media campaign with pre-sized images
    • TriFold brochures branded with your logo
    • HD promo video branded with your logo
  • 12 Call-to-Action :30-second videos branded with your logo
  • 2 Tutorials on how to load to Facebook

Super Offer…


I Invite You to Price it Out…

If you were to go to a web design company and ask them to design and develop all of the copywriting, images, videos and functionality of these 3 websites …. and then, to outline a strategy on how to use it…. and then to develop all the collateral materials to support it and market it... well,  you’d be looking a cool $75,000 – $100,000.  Yes, that’s right.

Even at our regular price, ($12,997 + $99 per month) this is one of the most unique and outstanding opportunities being offered in the health and fitness space.  This complete eCommerce Suite and  HealthCoach Kit of custom branded websites, tutorials, coaching and deliverables is, in fact, a complete TURN-KEY business.

If you are in a position to make this purchase, then,  I urge you to “pull the trigger” on this one.

It’s a Business in a Box!

You could literally put up four walls around this package and start your own franchise!  It is that complete.

  • Done-For-You Website
  • Interactive Education Platform (WMU-101)
  • Customized, Interactive Nutrition and Activity Planner (MAP SYSTEM)
  • eCommerce (WooCommerce + PayPal)
  • Total Marketing Package ($15K Marketing Kit / Seminar Kit)
  • Call-to-Action Video 12-Pack (branded with your logo) – just added..!

Complete Revenue Generator Pays for Itself…

Listen, I understand that even at this price, it’s a huge investment.  And, it doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to work at building your online business.  You will still have to put in some time and gain some new skills.  But, I will personally teach you most of what you really need to know.

But… it will save you more than 4X that amount in time and money.  Plus, this package is a complete revenue generator… so, it should ultimately PAY FOR ITSELF!

You’ll have all the tools, integration, strategy and marketing to once-and-for-all launch your online business.  Plus, you’ll have a complete team of experienced professionals behind you for support, maintenance and forward momentum.

Please note, there will be quite a bit of email and phone conversation to ensure your suite contains the information, services and products you want.  So, if you’re ready to get to work, just click on the button below.