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Two Websites Linked Together as a Profit Generator..!


If you don’t already have a website… or are looking to create a new, up-to-date, mobile friendly site that can generate profits, then this package is for YOU! It’s literally two (2) pre-built websites professionally designed by not one… but two fitness marketing professionals.

We’ve partnered with Lynn VanDyke and her company, InControl Websites to offer you this incredible opportunity to take advantage of the most powerful combination of “done-4-you,” profit generating  websites in the industry! 

What You Get…  A Main Website

logo-transparentFirst, let’s talk about your MAIN WEBSITE:  InControl Websites offers 3 different pre-defined website designs so it’s super simple to get started  – just pick your favorite package.  Next, they can complete your website is just 4 days.  Sometimes, even less.  That’s right!  Just 4 days! 

And, you will be communicating directly with Lynn as she guides you through the process.  You’re never left alone wondering how to do something.   And, of course, she handles all the “geeky” stuff so you never have to worry about backing up your site, updating core files, hosting, registrar management and all that other confusing stuff. We do all of it for you.

You Also Get…. The WMU-101 “Subscription” Website

This is a complete “done-4-you” website that incorporates more than $40K worth of proprietary content, HD videos, audio and .pdf downloads.  WMU-101 is a subscription-based website.  It is specifically designed to help educate your clients using an automated “self-guided” content delivery system.  Upon completion of the 12-Week Course, the site continues to serve subscribers as an information resource.  The site is also designed to generate “passive income” for your business.

You Become a “Cutting Edge” Fitness Entrepreneur…

Just take a look around.  Almost all clubs, studios and trainers are doing the same things.   But, not the forward-thinking, cutting edge fitness entrepreneurs.  In the hyper-competitive health and fitness industry, advanced marketing-savvy health professionals require their websites to do more than display content.  Their websites generate revenue.

And, while eCommerce is one answer, a particularly lucrative model for fitness professionals is “subscription-based” websites where clients and members are willing to pay for “added-value” interactive tools to help them with their fitness journey.

This is often known as “passive revenue” because unlike other services that require a professional’s “active” personal attention, a subscription-based website does not.   Successful fitness entrepreneurs often refer to these websites as the “set-it-and-forget-it” income model!

WMU-101 and the MAP System meet this criteria and are two of the best in the business.  That’s because they were designed to generate revenue for your business.

How to Generate “Passive Income” with a Website:

  • Program Integration:  Gerald Thompson requires his clients to enroll in his WMU-101 as part of his training programs.  All of them.   It is NOT an option.  The cost to the client is $49.99.   During the sales presentation, he explains that EDUCATION and WMU-101 is an integral part of all his services as well as an ongoing information resource.   He also points out that none of his competitors have anything like it!  This totally elevates his business above the rest.  Since January of 2013, his small studio (3 trainers) has sold over 200 self-guided WMU-101 memberships at $49.99.  That’s over $10,000 of passive income without any labor involved.
  • Stand-Alone Promotion:  Another one of our customers marketed a “stand-alone promotion” via direct mail, social media (Craig’s List, FaceBook, Tumbler, Instagram, Twitter) and flyers to local merchants and businesses.  The program was called:  “Everything You Need to Know About Your Body… And, How to Change It!” and was basically nothing more than the the WMU-101 website.   In just two weeks, it sold 37 self-guided programs @$99. per enrollee.  That’s $3,663 in passive income… in just two weeks.  Plus, the trainer picked- up 6 new personal training clients.
  • Value-Added Memberships:  A multi-purpose club in Georgia raised monthly dues from $39/mth  to $44/mth.   But, as a perk,  included the WMU-101 program as a value-added membership bonus.  The club has 2,000 active members.  At $5.00 per member per month, that’s $10,000 in added monthly revenue.  And, they did not lose a single member due to the increase.  Nor did they incur any additional capitalization other than cost of WMU-101 $997 + $49.99.
  • Partnerships:  Early on when we first released WMU-101 I received an email from one of the first purchasers of the website.  After many months of calls, letters, follow-ups, a seminar and even a few free sessions, this young trainer locked down a partnership with a Family Medical Center for a flat fee of $5,000.   This partnership simply allowed all patients of the The Family Medical Center free access to the WMU-101 website.  The  practice included 7 general practitioners and several specialists.  As result of his hard work, he was referred more training clients than he could handle.  He ended up hiring more trainers to help with the load.   This is just ONE PARTNERSHIP with ONE MEDICAL PRACTICE.
  • Bootcamps:  The bootcamp model has become overly saturated and the price wars are simply ridiculous.  One smart operator uses her WMU-101 site as a Value-Added Proposition.  She’s selling it for just $29.99 as an up-sell to her 6-week bootcamps.  The bootcampers complete two chapters a week and she holds a 10-minute Q&A during her bootcamp warm-ups.  It’s run as a completely self-guided program so there are no additional labor costs, whatsoever.  In the month of March 2014, the bootcamp operator sold WMU-101 to 53 clients @$29.99 putting a clean $1,589.47 in her pocket — with no effort at all!  I still think the low-ball price should be $49.99Just sayin’…!




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