Whey Protein is Back In Stock!

YES... It' Back!



Our super-premium, proprietary WHEY PROTEIN is back in our inventory and ready for YOUR BRAND.


✅  Dutch Chocolate

✅  Vanilla Creme 


For the past six months we've painstakingly navigated through the supply chain debacle to finally, once again, produce the highest quality whey protein that meets the "super premium" requirements of pro/am athletes and advanced fitness enthusiasts!  



* Important New Information

There are a few new changes affecting the proprietary Whey Protein. 

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    The price per unit is now $39.99 with suggested retail $59.99 - $64.00 (Profit $20.00 - 23.01)

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    Minimum Order Quantity:

    Whey Protein orders require a minimum order quantity of four (4) jugs in any combination:  

    • 4 of a Single Flavor
    • 2 Chocolate / 2 Vanilla
    • 3 Chocolate / 1 Vanilla
    • 3 Vanilla / 1 Chocolate

    (Does NOT apply to Dropship Program)


As you just witnessed we would rather go "without" than to offer you a compromised lower quality product.  That is in the DNA of our company for all of our fitness components - as well as our customer service.


Unlike mass producers, our batching is conducted through a "boutique" laboratory that specializes in unique, proprietary formulations specifically designed for athletes and advanced fitness enthusiasts


This can be witnessed through our use of digestive enzymes, pre- and post- formulations and the very highest level of raw ingredients including the use of stevia as a sweetener. 


It is similar to the QUALITY DIFFERENCE between a mass brewery (Budweiser) versus a microbrewery  --  or "off-the-rack" versus custom tailored apparel. 


Did You Know...?


Private Label Fitness is the ONLY company in world to offer this level of micro-branding...


✅  Super Premium Nutritional Formulations

✅  Absolute Lowest MOQs (minimum order requirements) in the Industry 

✅  Exclusive to Verified Health Professionals

✅  Private-Label Branding for Resale

✅  FREE Logo and Label Template Set-ups (no fees whatsoever)


** To our knowledge, Private Label Fitness is the ONLY company in the entire world to offer this white-label branding opportunity and value proposition reserved for health and fitness professionals at such a granular level.


Your Own Brand..!

When you place an order, we "print-on-demand" your specific branded label for the particular formulations you order.   Then, we cut-to-size the labels and apply them by hand to the containers for each product you order.  No other company in the world does this for such small quantities.


As such, everything about our processes and production costs more than mass produced nutritional brands who batch 100's of thousands of products all at once under their brands. 


Your BRAND QUALITY will speak volumes about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!