With Just One “Click” Add a Complete Weight Management University to Your Existing Website

A Complete “Done-4-You” Membership Website with Your Logo  –  that links directly to your existing website!

Introducing the most comprehensive, self-guided weight-management education platform available.  This pre-built website presentation, branded with YOUR LOGO, covers both nutrition and exercise as inseparable components for effective weight-management protocol.

The 12-Week curriculum is delivered in four mediums including:

  • Videos – Professional produced in high-definition, plays on all mobile devices
  • Audio files – (.mp3 formats for downloads – play in mobile devices, cars, etc.)
  • Webpage content – Professional designed with licensed imagery
  • Hard copy downloads (.pdf files)

 What is a “Done-4-You” WMU-101 website..?

A “Done-4-You” website is a pre-built production that includes professionally written, peer-reviewed content, licensed images, high definition video with professional narrations, easy-to-understand navigation and everything required to ensure a smooth “hands-off” interactive website operation.   In the internet world, this is known as a “set it and forget it” type website.    We do it all for you including nightly back-ups, updates and revisions. Hence, DONE-4-You!

WMU-101 is the health and fitness industry’s most unique and useful “Online Education” — especially as it relates to weight-management.  It also is branded under YOUR LOGO and can serve as a “bolt-on” addition to your regular website.  It is specifically designed to help educate your members, clients, staff, patients, employees and anyone interested in learning how his or her body really works.  It is the perfect “bolt-on” companion component for:

  • Weight-Management and Nutrition Programs
  • Personal Training Packages
  • Value-Added Memberships
  • Group Programming
  • Fitness Contests
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Boot Camps

iPadTrainer_2520Self-Guided Curriculum
Saves Time | Adds Passive Income

One of the best features of WMU-101 is that it is “self-guided.”  The “student” can even self-register and then proceed at his or her own pace.  This allows you, as an administrator, to choose the amount of personal attention, extra information and time you wish to spend with students.

The curriculum is presented to the “student” in multiple formats (video, audio, web page, .pdf).  Then, at the end of each chapter a simple 10-question multiple-choice quiz is presented to ensure comprehension of the material.  In order to proceed to the next chapter, the student must achieve a score of 80% or higher.  All scoring and access permissions are conducted automatically by the website.

WMU-101 is one of the most effective and efficient “time-savers” as well as passive income opportunities in the industry!

Your “Done-4-You” WMU-101 website includes…

  • Videos – Professional produced in high-definition
  • Audio files – (.mp3 formats for downloads)
  • Webpage content – Professional designed with licensed imagery
  • Hard copy downloads (.pdf files).

What WMU-101 Will Do For Your Business….

For the first time ever…. a credible, online —  knowledge-based platformbranded with your logo or name. No ads. No affiliate links. No product endorsements.  No protocol.  Just straight, pure information.  Your own branded WMU-101 website will:

  • Add tangible VALUE to your business by adding a whole new category: HEALTH EDUCATION!
  • Project your PROFESSIONALISM and INTEGRITY by offering an interactive “Educational Resource” to your training services
  • Differentiate you and your business from all competitors by “positioning” your business at a HIGHER LEVEL
  • Penetrate all “barreiers” and allow YOUR BUSINESS to reach members, clients and patients at home, work and everywhere via mobile devices!
  • Create a NEW PROFIT CENTER as well as several new revenue streams through various bundled packages ie: memberships, training packages, nutrition programs, bootcamps, etc. that include WMU-101 as part of the package.

And… What About Your Clients, Members, Patients or Employees…

How often do you wish they had just a little better understanding of how their bodies actually worked? It would sure make training and programming a lot easier if they understood just the basics, like…

  • Weight-management is about body composition… not pounds-on-the-scale
  • The importance of increasing metabolism as opposed to slowing it down via “restricted calorie dieting”
  • The difference between aerobic and anaerobic workouts
  • How digestion works and the value of eating numerous small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day
  • How stress affects our bodies in numerous ways
  • Try it for FREE!

Typical Member Payment Scenario


Yes…. the WMU-101 is your very own branded, teaching portal. And, what a time saver.  With WMU-101, your clients can login to YOUR BRANDED WEBSITE on a mobile device or computer at home, in the office, at the beach, park…. ANYWHERE… and self-guide themselves through a comprehensive 12-session curriculum — complete with quizzes, videos, downloads and even .mp3 audio files they can play anywhere.. including their cars!

This allows you to focus on the training component. In fact… just think about this… With this WMU-101 Website coupled with Your Training expertise/motivation…. you have the most complete, (and truthful) weight-management program in the world!

Here’s the typical “Student” flow….

Look at what YOU GET with the “Done-4-You” WMU-101 website…




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How To Get Started…

  • Set-Up Form: If you decide to have us build your WMU-101 website, you will need to complete a form with your name, business name, phone, etc. Please make sure to complete all fields. We also will include a brief paragraph “About You” regarding your business (optional). Can be a duplicate from your existing website. Here’s the form.
  • Your Domain Name: If you already have an existing website, we will secure a domain name where we will simply add -wmu.com to your existing url. For example, if your current website is www.joesgym.com then, we will secure a separate domain url: www.joesgym-wmu.com This will make it very easy for you and your “students” to remember. Although, most likely you will simply add the new url as a link on your existing site.
  • Your LOGO: Please send to us your logo either through the New WMU form or as an attachment to privatelabelfitness@gmail.com

Other Important Information

  • Build-out: Here’s why you really need to be sure to test out the trial site. The initial build-out cost $997 is NON-Refundable. It’s a huge job setting-up and creating your branded website… from tech time to coding, etc. I’ll spare you the details, but it takes a few days. If at some point you decide to terminate the site, we require 30 days notice and will then curtail the monthly maintenance $49.99.
  • Turn-around Time: These “done-4-you” branded websites take 3-5 days to launch from the date of purchase.

Questions: If you have any questions, please ask them now. Just send to privatelabelfitness@gmail.com and I will answer as quickly as possible. I’ve never experienced this big a response to any new branded product.. so, I want to make sure your questions are answered as soon as possible so you can make a solid decision, quickly! Need more info?  View the FAQ section below…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you develop these “Done-4-You” websites?

After 20 years in this business, we’ve come to a realization about weight-management… and it is this:

While almost every credible fitness professional possesses an amazing amount of knowledge — and knows EXACTLY what it takes to change body-composition… that doesn’t mean they know how to articulate it. They know it… but don’t necessarily explain it in a way that clients easily comprehend.

What’s included in the WMU-101 Website?

Each website is set-up as a “subscriber-based” membership website. This allows you to market and sell a “self-guided” educational program to each client or member. You will control the price. Each site will include the following:

  • Your LOGO on the header and business information (address, phone, web, email, etc.) on the footer
  • Home page includes “Finally the Truth About Weight-Management” video ( $599 value)
  • All 12 Chapters of the Reference Manual  distributed in:
    • Web page format
    • Video format
    • .mp3 audio download
    • Download document format .pdf
  • 12 Interactive Quizzes
    • Each quiz is scored
    • 80% score required to advance to next chapter
    • Optional incentives for completion of quizzes
    • We will secure domain name and secure hosting

    Does this program end in 12 weeks? If so, after the 12 weeks are up, then what?

    Yes, it’s 12 weeks as a “package” so as to give it “definition.”  However, your client’s “membership” subscription is set-up for two years.  Longer if you request it.

    We tested this concept two years ago and of great interest is how often clients went back to “refresh” themselves on a particular topic… long after the 12 weeks. They go back to it as a reference “resource guide” time and time again.   This was also true even of professional athletes and coaches with whom we tested the concept.

    Why would I want this..?

    Here’s the simple answer. It makes money… almost in your sleep! Here’s another truth. The #1 reason people join a club or hire a trainer is to LOSE WEIGHT!  This research has been proven time after time. Unfortunately, as an industry, we do not do a very good job of explaining how the real process of “changing body-composition” is accomplished. So, clients and members often become discouraged and quit.  All because of a simple lack of knowledge!

    This educational site will change all of that. In essence, the site is a self-guided educational platform that will accomplish the education component… thus allowing YOU to simply add the physical training and motivational components. The WMU101 website accomplishes two things:

    (1.) It takes a HUGE burden off your back;

    (2.) While at the same time generating new revenues.

    Can I have a sneak peek at the videos…?

    Yes! In fact, Week #1 includes 6 different videos that explain basic human physiology in a fun, non-technical and non-threatening manner.

    Here are all six of the short, educational videos: 1.) “Welcome – Here’s the Truth” 2.) “Throw Away Your Scale” 3.) “What’s a Calorie? 4.) “Metabolism” 5.) “Energy & Fueling” 6.) “Your Body’s Fuel System” that are part of the first week… (just click on the buttons below).

    Do the Videos play on iPhone and iPad..?

    Yes! All videos will play on all mobile devices. You can test it right now with the six videos above!

    Will there be a FREE Trial..?

    Yes, absolutely… just click here: DEMO WEBSITE  — to see if this is the right opportunity for you. Unlike most trial sites that ask for a credit card, $1 dollar payment or any of the marketing pitches just to get you in… our trial will be absolutely free with no strings attached. Just like the MAP System. It will be a straight forward trial with all the bells and whistles operating so you can make a sound “business decision.” At the end of the day you’re either going to love it or leave it!

    How much does it cost..?

    WMU101 websites cost $1,297 for the initial build-out plus $49.99 per month for hosting and maintenance. This includes:


As you can see… these websites are valued over $40,965 if you were to attempt to build one yourself.
BUT… we’ve done it for you!


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  • What..?  My website cost over $3,000.  How can you do this for so little?

    At just $1,297 our pricing is the best!   Plus, if you were to attempt this yourself, you’d pay another $40,000 for content, production, image licensing, music licensing, professional voice-over, etc.  We obviously are building a volume of sites which provides economies of scale.  I pass those savings on to you.  Nonetheless, each individual site takes more than 20 hours of tech time to set-up individual databases, specified protected content, individual functionality, etc.   More importantly, these sites are professionally and expertly maintained with nightly back-ups, code upgrades and all sorts of technical operations to ensure your WMU-101 website runs smoothly 24 hours a day… every day!

    What if I buy it but decide I don’t want it?

    Termination of your branded WMU101 website is simple as just letting us know.  We require 30 days notice to terminate the site as it actually takes a bit of technical work to take a site down.  However, your monthly $49.99 charge will terminated within 30 days of notice and we’ll pro-rate it based upon date of notification.  IMPORTANT:  The “build out” fee ($1,297) is non-refundable.

    This is why we truly want you to use the DEMO WEBSITE  for FREE to determine if it is going to be helpful to your business.  We even encourage you to “load in” some clients in order to gain “real world” feedback from your members, clients, patients, whomever!

    How much should I charge for this curriculum?

    Pricing will be entirely up to you. Our suggested retail price per person is $99 as a stand-alone program. There are numerous pricing models, including:

    • EFT monthly charges for 12 weeks and beyond (it serves as a “refresher course,” too!
    • Value-added membership packages
    • Value-added training packages
    • Fitness Contest Packages
    • Flat Rate – Bulk-Buy Group Programs (where participants all chip-in as a group – Corp. Wellness, Schools, Church, etc.)

    Whatever you decide… I can assure you it is VALUE RECEIVED.  I’ve researched all over the place for a curriculum like this. What I found were all kinds of college courses on human physiology that are excellent… but, are way too technical for the lay person.

    I also found plenty of false and misleading formats that are simply designed to sell supplements or some bogus product. You know the type… no exercise required!

    Listen, this curriculum is:

    • Unique in its simplicity and progression.
    • Unique in its presentation.
    • Unique that you can brand it under your own name.
    • Unique because it is a complete automated online course which requires almost no effort on your part.
    • And, it generates profits!   We are all in this business together!


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  • “Feedback”

Hi Art
The site looks amazing and I’m more excited about this than ever! I’ve dreamed of making a difference in the lives of people through fitness since I was 13 years old. This was when the health of both of my parents began to decline. Now I’m 31 and it’s FINALLY happening! You’re the BEST!!!
Derrick Boldin
Moov Enterprises, Inc.

“Art, once again you have “over-delivered!”

David Jenkins
Motivational Fitness Group


“We will definitely be using this for staff training as well.  That alone, is worth the price.”

John Polowski – Manager
Andersonville Fitness


“I was about to purchase a refurbished treadmill for my club.  Then I saw this.  I came to the conclusion that dollar for dollar this would be a much better investment for our members as well as our revenue stream.  Well done!”

Terry McDowell – Owner
Jamesville Athletic Club


“Sign me UP NOW…!  I have been searching and searching for something like this.   I already tried to build a website like this and wasted more than $2,000 hiring someone who didn’t get it all.  This is WAY better than anything out there! “

Susan Lockhart, ACE, ACSM


“Looking good Art! I am pretty sure I’ll be on board with this! Those videos are AMAZING!”

J.J. Brawley – Owner – San Diego Personal Trainer


“This information, presented this way is not found anywhere. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m in!”

Carlotta Souther-Grey – HR Director – IMG Corp.


“Art, I remember you talking about doing this many years ago. Nice to see the execution is already better than what you told me!”

Brian Simpson – Owner – Excel Fitness Studios


“Art, we’re like anxious kids and have perhaps forgotten to properly say: thanks for thinking about us by creating this great tool-for-success.”

Bill Calhoun