Kiosk – Self Guided


Self-Help Kiosk Plan

Total Time Investment:  1 Hour 15 min.

Your Total Cost of Goods:  $20.00    /    Suggested Retail Range:  $99 -$149.00

This is a “hands-off” concept for the person who believes that, given the right tools, he or she can go it alone.  This course requires minimal amount of staff time (1 hour 15 minutes).

Total COG: $20.00


A stand-alone computer and printer are set up as a “kiosk” (small computer work station) in an office or corner of work-out floor.


  • Participant is provided with a one-day personalized menu template (based on BMR x activity) and taught how to use the Activity/Planner (MAP SYSTEM) to plan and print personalized menu plans.  (See tutorials for software demo) .
  • Participant provided with exclusive log-in information allowing him/her to plan menus at home, office or any other location with web access.
  • Participant provided 8-week Daily Journal

Client Participation:

  • Participant uses kiosk on his/her own time to create and print menu plans (could be after workout, an off day, at lunch, at your facility or elsewhere with a computer, iPad or mobile devices with web access etc.)
  • Participant maintains daily tracking (nutrition exercises using the 8-week Daily Journal as a tracking tool

Exit Interview:

10-15 minute interview with participant to assess results and/or up-sell into 8-Week or 12-Week “Guided Course.”


  • Stand-alone Computer with web access
  • Printer
  • Body-fat analyzer

Staff Requirement:

One staff member to access, evaluate and interview client, input client data to MAP System to create client account and demonstrate Menu Activity/Planner (MAP) (See tutorials for software demo)