99_Cost-Box3Well, just for starters… let’s discuss the “core” product — the WMU-101 done-4-you website branded with YOUR LOGO.

It’s More than a Website…

WMU-101 is a complete knowledge base  —   a content rich “resource” specifically designed for the layman who is once-and-for-all ready to approach weight-management using a protocol that adheres to human physiology.

No more silly diets.  No more pills. No more craziness.

Trainers, Doctors and Corporations….

When we first beta-tested WMU-101 among trainers, doctors and corporate wellness administrators, the first thing they asked was: “What’s the catch?”

THERE IS NO CATCH!  WMU-101 is PURE INFORMATION with no sales gimmicks attached. There are no attempts to sell supplements or other diet products.  No pop-up ads.  No affiliate links.  No selling… PERIOD.

Plus, WMU-101 is gender and ethnically neutral –  making it a useful teaching tool for EVERYBODYObesity affects people of all ages, all races and origin.  It is a global issue.


These attributes make WMU-101 one of the most comprehensive and valuable “info products” available, anywhere.  As one Human Resources Director said to me:

“…refreshing to see a website with so much info and no ads!”



You get this promotional sales video (a $2,500 value) for FREE..!

Today’s marketing is all about online video.  And, this one, in particular is compelling to the man or woman who is finally ready to do it the right way.  We send you this professionally produced, high-definition video as a raw .mov file that can be uploaded to any of your marketing media including your own website, email, YouTube, FaceBook, Linked-In or however you reach out to your target audience.

Just added…. You’ll also get this video for FREE…!!!

You get this promotional sales video (a $3,000 value) for FREE..!

This second video was even more costly to produce.  And, you get it for FREE as part of your premium support package.FREE.)

**** and now look… we’ve added a 3rd Video as part of your Premium Support Package!

You receive the “10 REASONS” sales video for FREE..!



This is the exact same Powerpoint Presentation that's changed the lives of thousands people worldwide. Why? Because it's the TRUTH!

When you deliver this powerful information, you can count on 50% of the audience ready to sign-up and enroll right then and there.

With this premium package, you'll receive this pre-built Powerpoint slideshow with YOUR LOGO! T

Powerpoint Slideshow with YOUR LOGO (a $399 value) for FREE..!

 You Get the Slide Show in a VIDEO ($699 Value )

Perfect for your Website, Blog, Social Media and you can even attach to your email…!


Check out our Video Series: How to Produce, Promote and Present a Weight Management Seminar21-Day Seminar Blueprint:  CLICK HERE…



And, They are Yours FOREVER!

So, you can print them whenever you want – as many times as you like! By posting these 8.5 x 11″ mini-posters and handouts around your facility, you will generate interest and increase sales of your weight-management curriculum, personal training programs and value-added memberships.




This Premium Package contains 12 branded mini-posters and a branded tri-fold including: Basic Physiology, Digestion, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Aerobic Activity, Anaerobic Activity, Vitamins, Minerals, Weight-Training, Stress and the Danger Zones of Foods.








Wow… you don’t need to hire a public relations professional or a copywriter to promote your programs.  Nope… when you order your WMU-101 website, we send to you these Done-4-You hard copy and email media releases.

This way, you can make your own revisions to fit your business.  We even made sure the formatting is appropriate and presented just the way media professionals expect to see it.

Plus, if you send out your media release via email, you can attach the FREE Promotional Video (above) to the email if you use a service like gmail or others that convert video links to attachments.  Video almost always receives priority placement by media professionals.





Certif_w_callouts3This is a really cool idea thanks to several current WMU-101 Educators.  Just like all of our branded offerings, we apply YOUR LOGO on the “Certificates of Achievement” and then send it you as an email attachment in a .pdf file format.

We even adjust the border colors to match your logo colors.

Once you receive the file, you simply download, print them out and then, set-up a Word document with just the client’s name and run through your printer again.

These “Certificates of Achievement” look very official and will provide your clients with a sense of accomplishment.

You could even hold a graduation ceremony and present them to each of your students, individually.



Add $300 and get the MAP System, too!  CLICK HERE...

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