There are tons of different ways for health clubs, studios and trainers to get new clients and new members.

Unfortunately, some are "bait and switch" and others are just plain false and misleading. 




If you are serious, I mean REALLY SERIOUS about getting new clients for your personal training business or new members for your club or studio, then there's one tactic that works 10-times better than anything else!


While you still need to have a well rounded marketing program this ONE TACTIC single-handedly trumps all social media, lead boxes, email campaigns, direct mail, print advertising.... it beats EVERYTHING.

All Sales & Marketing Experts AGREE..!

If you're working with a qualified sales and marketing consultant, then, he or she is going to agree with this. Why? Because they do this, too!


This action plan is GUARANTEED SUCCESS for landing new clients and members.


And, deep down inside, you've always known that THIS is the answer.

Can You Guess What it Is?

I'll bet you already guessed it. Yes... it's presenting your own 1-hour seminar on credible Weight-Management. That's it! Period!


Besides the fact that it's already proven itself over and over again to get tons of new clients and members, let me offer some clarity as to WHY this tactic works and WHY this topic is so perfect for you.


Fitness Marketing Experts Do It Themselves...

Let me ask you this. Do you retain a marketing or success coach? Do you belong to a marketing or coaching group?


Think about this.....


Didn't they reach out to you and continually invite you to come to their "mastermind meeting" or "workshop" or "seminar?" At some point did you attend one of their workshops or seminars? Did you get eyeball-to-eyeball with them.


And, once you got to meet him, her or them... didn't you feel more confident about getting on board? Like, "...they understand me and will help me grow my business..!"


Do you see where this is going? The top marketing and sales professionals in all businesses understand how IMPORTANT it is to get in front of you and make their pitch. Eyeball-to-eyeball!

Tony Robbins Does It, Too..!

Even the "big guys" get out there and do it... sometimes in STADIUMS! Zig Ziglar did it. 


Anthony Robbins packs 40,000 - 50,000 followers in to a stadium with huge projection screens that constantly display a close-up of his face.


Again... eyeball-to-eyeball. Believe me, if this tactic didn't work... do you think these guys would travel all over the world presenting live seminars?

Peak Motivation...

At the end of every show, seminar, workshop, etc. -- when your motivation is at it's very highest level... they just happen to have a ton of CDs, DVDs, Membership Packages, etc., available to you for purchase.


It's common practice.


And, while some will balk, most people will buy. In fact, the big guys almost always sell out of products. And, if they don't get you to purchase, they definitely find a way to get your email address... right?

The Difference Between Them and YOU

It's not much... really. Yes, they have years more experience. But they all "started" somewhere. The other difference is simply the size of THEIR UNIVERSE compared to the size of your universe.


Well, alright, there may be a few more differences, but, your audience does NOT expect you to walk across hot coals! What they want from you is the SIMPLE TRUTH about how their bodies work -- and what they need to do to change their body composition. That's it!


So... DO YOU SEE IT? Do you see how valuable it is to be in front of people, in-person? Even in a packed stadium of 40,000 people, each person feels a one-on-one connection with Tony Robbins. It's remarkable.


And YOU can do it, too!


For more than 30 years an annual research study conducted by American Sports Data, reveals the same finding year after year:

The #1 reason consumers join a club or hire a trainer is to "lose weight."


Consumers say it in different ways, but the bottom line is they want to change their bodies -- and that typically means "smaller..!"


If you're a career fitness professional with just a basic knowledge of nutrition, then this topic is right in your "wheelhouse." It's a topic you live every day! By most people's standards, it's a topic to which you are an EXPERT -- eating right and exercising!

Your Knowledge is Pure Gold


And here's the best part. Serious, long-term, credible weight management protocol is EXACTLY what MILLIONS of people want to know about. They want the TRUTH.


They've already been hyped by stupid shows like "The Biggest Loser." They get all kinds of email from bogus companies with bogus products. Most have already been failed by commercial weight loss franchises like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and NutriSystem.


Today's educated, affluent consumer wants an ADULT CONVERSATION about Weight-Management. And YOU are the most qualified health professional to give it to them. Even more qualified than their doctor!


Just think about that. YOU have the opportunity to turn-around someone's life -- by doing what you already know how to do! Talk about a rewarding profession! You just need to DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE with a bigger megaphone!

You Will Be a "Stand Out!"

Most fitness facilities do NOT offer weight-management seminars or presentations, either. Many don't offer weight-management programming at all. And for most, it's an after-thought. They just add it to their list of services (like kid care) but, that's it. WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY and an EPIC FAIL!


It is absolutely amazing that while the research clearly points to what the public wants (consumer demand), our industry doesn't leverage the opportunity. This is EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD!


You will be absolutely amazed when you experience the power of this tactic and how it will catapult your business to whole new level.


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