I Shouldn’t Show You This, but….

Branded Supplements for Branded Fitness ProfessionalsMost supplement companies will never show you this. It’s the official LAB REPORT for an assay conducted on our Daily Multi-Vitamin Mineral Formula. (Officially labeled as Mid-Oxidizer Tablets).

For most companies, these reports are confidential… for lots of reasons. But, we have nothing to hide… especially when it proves a good point about quality.

This is the report that regulatory agencies review when determining whether or not a formula meets label claim.

Here’s how it works. An authorized laboratory official randomly selects a sealed bottle from our distribution facility. In our case, it was a bottle that had been private-labeled and was ready for shipment. (This obviously caused a slight delay for our customer.)

The bottle is removed from the facility and taken directly to an independent lab for testing. Then, a multitude of tests are conducted to determine all kinds of things… not the least of which is label claims referenced against actual test results.

Professional Scrutiny

We’re actually used to assays being conducted on our product line. That’s because we provide formulas for trainers who work with professional athletes. The very first thing they do is get an independent Lab Assay – for more reasons than label claim. They need to make sure there are no banned substances — or other ingredients that may conflict with their particular sport’s guidelines.

I often claim that we are the most scrutinized supplement company on the planet. For no other reason than WHO our customers are!

In the World of Supplements… You Get What You Pay For!

A superior product will exceed label claims. And, that’s O.K. since in most cases the body will simply get rid of whatever it doesn’t need (water soluble). It’s NOT alright to be UNDER label claim. Especially if it occurs on more than one nutrient or ingredient by 5% or more.

But listen, it happens all the time. I could name a few companies… but I won’t. The point is that the saying: “You get what you pay for” — is very true in the world of supplements. If you’re getting a great deal… you are probably getting a lousy product! And, unless you get an assay report you have no way of knowing.


I am happy to report that our most popular Daily Multi-Vitamin Mineral Formula exceeded label claims across the board. Below are the actual lab results.

So… to our long-time and loyal private label supplement purchasers who take advantage of branded fitness marketing opportunities…. proceed with confidence knowing that you are providing your clients with the highest quality ingredients and formulas available.

Below is an actual copy of the assay. The big black block is hiding some confidential info (sorry… but some things are still proprietary!). There are actually a few more pages but they all look the same – the formula exceeds label claims. (Note: Official name of the Daily Multi-Vitamin Mineral Formula is “Mid Oxidizer Tablets.”

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