The Protein Boost..!

Are you like me?

I’m definitely a power athlete with carnivore cravings. That means that I have my MAP System food preferences set on “High Protein.” (29-37%).

That being said, I recognize the importance of carbs as well as fiber and other nutrients.  So, to get it all in, I’ve become somewhat of a “granola fan.”

And my wife, Gigi, makes it from scratch complete with a couple ounces of “love” (category: Free Food).

But, here’s the thing.  If I start my day off with Gigi’s Granola, I am freakin’ “off-the-charts” with carbs. And it seems like I spend the rest of the day trying to catch-up with protein intake.

Necessity Breeds a Solution!

One day, out of desperation, I sprinkled a scoop of our Chocolate Whey protein over the granola.

Well, not only did it significantly increase my protein intake… but it gave the granola an incredible taste! Vanilla was even better!

Just click on the images below to see the actual difference.  Still not perfect.. but what a protein boost… plus a calorie boost as well.

Before Protein


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With 1 scoop of Whey Protein

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It’s in the Mix…!

I had totally forgotten how easily our Whey Protein mixes.  You can literally just stir it with a spoon in milk or water.

On Gigi’s Granola, it was amazing how quickly it mixed in with all the ingredients after I added two cups of non-fat milk.

O.K. so now that you know about this… here’s the topper.  You know at the end… when the cereal is all gone and there’s just about 3-4 tablespoons of milk left?  And, you’re not supposed to lift it to your face and drink it…?  I DO! And with either Chocolate or Vanilla protein in the mix… well… it’s delicious!