Obesity Fact Sheet

Here we go again.. with some fantastic information from CSPI (Consumers for Science in the Public Interest) group.

I don’t always agree with them on everything, but this OBESITY FACT SHEET is pretty astounding.

To Download just CLICK HERE…

And, as a fitness professional, it provides some really useful information – especially if you are pitching your “education based” or weight-management services to:

  • Human Resource Directors
  • PTA Groups
  • Coaches and Athletes
  • Medical Facilities
  • Chruch Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Business Organizations

If you’re communicating with corporate executives about the health of their employees – and how it relates to overall production, absenteeism and health care… this is exactly the type of information they want to see. Hard Facts.   Plus, it’s all footnoted with actual sources etc.

If you were part of my “MASTERMIND GROUP” I  would challenge you to come up with a list:


I’ll start it in the comments section and perhaps you can add a few of your own… !