How to Go Bold and Go Big!

Sure… you’re all over Twitter and FaceBook.

You have your own website and write a blog.  Yes sir… you’re a “big wheel” in the electronic world.

But is that really enough?  

Is your name and business known anywhere beyond the web?  How about your own local market?

My_Brand I know this will sound self-serving… and, I guess, well… it is!

But, it’s frustrating to see fitness professionals who profess their “bigness” all over the web… who, don’t think it’s important to be wearing their own logo on a shirt at local events (seminar, workshop, health fair, etc.,) and often in their own clubs…!

Or, displaying their own branded products.

Listen… here’s the word:  MICRO-BRANDING

It really exists.  The technology is available to microbrand  all kinds of things.  I know.  Our company is totally invested in it.

Today, you can look, feel and be as professionally branded as the big boys.  It’s not expensive.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at some of the best branders in the business… Nike, Pepsi, Apple…   You want to talk brand imprint…!!!   But, hey… those guys did not start out HUGE.   But they did start branding right away.  And YOU should, too!

Microbranding with your own logo is “new school.”  Merchandising, marketing and selling national brands is “old school” and frankly, a money loser in so many ways.

It’s that simple!

Go Bold… Go Big…. Tell the WORLD who you are.  You can do it!