“Done-4-You” Websites for Your Weight-Management Program

Yes, it’s coming …  January 2013.

We’ll be introducing branded “Done-4-You” websites for Weight-Management.  Our project name is WMU-101 which stands for Weight-Management University 101.

  • These are websites that trainers, clubs, studios and all fitness professionals can use as a primary site or as a “bolt-on” site that you can link to your current website.
  • The content is a comprehensive 12-week weight-management curriculum complete with quizzes, video, .mp3 audio files and document downloads.
  • The WMU-101 sites are subscriber-based “membership sites.  Therefore, if you wish, you can charge for a subscription to the site at whatever price-point you think is appropriate for a complete, comprehensive 12-week curriculum.
  • This allows you to generate new revenues.


Why did you develop these “Done-4-You” websites?

After 20 years in this business, we’ve come to a realization about weight-management… and it is this:

While almost every credible fitness professional possesses an amazing amount of knowledge  — and knows EXACTLY what it takes to change body-composition… that doesn’t mean they know how to articulate it.  They know it… but don’t necessarily explain it in a way that clients comprehend.

What’s included in the WMU-101 Website?

Each website is set-up as a “subscriber-based” membership website.  This allows you to market and sell a “self-guided” educational program to each client or member.  You will control the price.  Each site will include the following:

  • Your LOGO on the header and footer
  • Home page includes “Finally the Truth About Weight-Management” video ( $499 value)
  • All 12 Chapters of the Reference Manual  distributed in:
    • Web page format
    • Video format
    • .mp3 audio downloads
    • Download document format
  • 12 Interactive Quizzes
    • Each quiz is scored
    • 80% score required to advance to next chapter
    • Optional incentives for completion of quizzes
  • Optional with or without the MAP SYSTEM
  • We will secure domain name and secure hosting

Why would I want this..?

Here’s the simple answer.  It makes money… almost in your sleep!  Here’s another truth.  The #1 reason people join a club or hire a trainer is to lose weight.  This research has been proven time after time.  Unfortunately, as an industry, we do not do a very good job of explaining how the real process of “changing body-composition” is accomplished.  So, the clients often become discouraged and quit.

This educational site will change all of that.  In essence, the site is a self-guided educational platform that will accomplish the education component… thus allowing YOU to simply add the physical training and motivational components.  The WMU101 website accomplishes two things:

(1.)   It takes a HUGE burden off your back;

(2.)  While at the same time generating new revenues.

Can I have a sneak peek at the videos…?

Yes!  In fact, Week #1 includes 6 different videos that explain basic human physiology in a fun, non-technical and non-threatening manner.

Here are all six of the short, educational videos: 1.) “Welcome – Here’s the Truth”   2.) “Throw Away Your Scale”  3.) “What’s a Calorie?  4.) “Metabolism”   5.) “Energy & Fueling”  6.) “Your Body’s Fuel System” that are part of the first week… (just click on the buttons).

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Do the Videos play on iPhone and iPad..?

Yes!  All videos will play on all mobile devices.  You can test it right now with the six videos above!

Will there be a FREE Trial..?

Yes, absolutely… you’ll be able to use a complete trial site to see if this is the right opportunity for you.  Unlike most trial sites that ask for a credit card, $1 dollar payment or any of the marketing pitches just to get you in… our trial will be absolutely free with no strings attached.  Just like the MAP System.   It will be a straight forward trial with all the bells and whistles operating so you can make a sound “business decision.”   At the end of the day you’re either going to love it or leave it!

How Much Will it Cost..?

TheWMU101 websites are sold for just $899 for the initial build-out plus $49.99 per month for hosting and maintenance.  This includes

  • Securing an exclusive domain name ($15 value)
  • Web hosting ($120 value)
  • Web (WordPress) installation and set-up ($300 value tech time)
  • All Branding with Your Logo in headers and footers ($500 value tech time)
  • All content including more than 25 exclusive videos and podcasts ($14,000 proprietary content value)
  • Membership security set-up for the website ($900 value)

As you can see… these websites are valued over $15,000 if you were to attempt to build one yourself.  BUT… we’ve done it for you!

How much should I charge for this curriculum?

Pricing will be entirely up to you.   Our suggested minimum price per person is $99.   However, I know some fitness professionals will create recurring revenue by selling it as a monthly EFT account for $____  per month.  Still others will make it complimentary as part of a training package.  read more…


“I was about to purchase a refurbished treadmill for my club.  Then I saw this.  I came to the conclusion that dollar for dollar this would be a much better investment for our members as well as our revenue stream.  Well done!”

Terry McDowell – Owner
Jamesville Athletic Club


“Sign me UP NOW…!  I have been searching and searching for something like this.   I already tried to build a website like this and wasted more than $2,000 hiring someone who didn’t get it all.  This is WAY better than anything out there! “

Susan Lockhart, ACE, ACSM


“Looking good Art! I am pretty sure I’ll be on board with this! Those videos are AMAZING!”

J.J. Brawley – Owner – San Diego Personal Trainer


“This information, presented this way is not found anywhere. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m in!”

Carlotta Souther-Grey – HR Director – IMG Corp.


“Art, I remember you talking about doing this many years ago. Nice to see the execution is already better than what you told me!”

Brian Simpson – Owner – Excel Fitness Studios


“Art, we’re like anxious kids and have perhaps forgotten to properly say: thanks for thinking about us by creating this great tool-for-success.”

Bill Calhoun