Before you throw stones….

Yes, Lance Armstrong is a cheater.  I don’t care how much money he raises for cancer victims.  He’s still a cheater and a fraud.

And so are hundreds of other amateur and professional world class athletes.

What makes it so disgusting with athletes is that amateur sport is supposed to be pure. Sport is the essence of “fairness.”

It’s the level playing field where even the “little guy” with enough desire can make his or her mark.

But, cheating goes on at all levels…. maybe under your own roof!

Why Stop at Sports

Aren’t there “cheaters” in every industry?

Sometimes it’s not athletic performance, but, rather financial performance.

Big Pharma

Let’s take a look at the pharmaceutical industry.  Cheaters…. all of them!

Their industry motto must be something like
“Pain-free aging through modern chemistry!”

Almost every television commercial advocates treatment of symptoms related to aging or chronic degenerative disease.

Got a problem?  Take a pill!

Hey! How about getting to the root of the issue…. like lack of activity and pathetic nutrition.


They make a whole bunch more money by trying to trick Mother Nature.  Cheaters!

National Media

How about the media…? Sure they expose and bemoan the epidemic of obesity and poor nutrition.

Then, they turn around and gleefully take millions of advertising dollars to promote  junk food, commercial weight-loss centers, alcohol, cigarettes, inactive lifestyles, etc.

Yup… it’s all disingenuous and two-faced….   Cheaters!

What About Us..?

How about a little closer to home.  How about those trainers who don’t think it’s necessary to get any kind of certification whatsoever?

How about the club owners who still hire them?

We’ve all seen it and cringe at some of the training we see…   Cheaters!

So, before we all jump on the soapbox and cry “foul” over cheating athletes and others… maybe we should take this as a “wake-up call” and look at our own house!

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