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Old School Vs. New School

Sure, lots of fitness professionals will continue to sign-up for extra income by giving away their client lists (emails, addresses, phone, etc) to MLM programs, affiliate programs and other commission-based dropship programs.

All for 20-25% commissions.  Sorry if you are one of them… but, it is so “old school.”  

Just log on to eBay and search for Isagenix or Advocare or Shaklee.  Listen, they are all great products.  And, if you are a part-timer they probably make sense.

But, do you really want to compete with all of that..???

This is exactly why the top revenue generating health & fitness marketers DON’T DO IT.  They go a different route….

Branding is REALLY BIG..!

The “new school” fitness marketing is all about BRANDING.  Yup.. BRANDING IS BIGGER THAN EVER! 

  • The top marketers are earning 100% mark-ups on premium nutritional supplements.
  • They are generating 50-60% mark-up on branded apparel
  • Training Departments are “nixing” the faulty apps and selling Branded Daily Journals at 100% mark-up.

It’s Not Just the Money!

But, it’s more than just the money.  They always carry Business Cards, hang Branded Posters on their walls and display Branded Video on their sites, blogs, social media and email.

(Yes, I know the links are self-serving – but, that’s not the goal.  I honestly want more fitness businesses to be even more successful … and developing brand is the first step!).

What Market Leaders Know…

You see, market leaders know to build and constantly reinforce their BRANDS. By doing so, they are:

  • Creating BRAND LOYALTY
  • Controlling BRAND PRICING
  • Protecting BRAND TERRITORY
  • Increasing BRAND AWARENESS

They create their own CULTS.  They establish their own TRIBES.  Their BRANDS attract LOYAL FOLLOWERS. 

In the very early days of Apple, Nike and even Gatorade… it was all about the BRAND.

Want even more proof? 

Look at how well CrossFit has built it’s own CULT, TRIBE, LOYAL FOLLOWERS and BRAND without any advertising!  Brilliant!

It is the absolute key to generating revenues, increasing referrals and building YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS!


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