There was a time…

…when almost all gas stations employed attendants who filled your tank and washed your windows.

There was a time…

…when you actually had to walk into a bank and speak with a teller who handled your simple transactions.

There was a time…

…when you needed a travel agent or airline rep to book a flight.

But Then It All Changed

Most folks think this all changed for the sake of “convenience.” Well, that’s partly true, but the real reason was costs. During the 80’s and 90’s businesses discovered the advantages of “operational shift.” That is…. to shift many of their costly operations from their businesses on to the consumer.

For example, the gas station owner paid the attendant a wage, covered worker’s comp and a host of other expenses associated with employees.

At a certain point he began to wonder:

“What if I shift the filling of gas and washing of windows on to the consumer? How much money would I save?”

A lot!

And, in many ways consumers benefited, too! Because of this shift, consumers naturally became much more aware of the cost of gas, travel and miles per gallon. Beyond gas stations, ATMs and online travel sites, your grocery store and other retailers have shifted to “consumer checkout.”  It is the future of all retail operations.

How Top Fitness Clubs, Studios and Trainers Benefit From the Shift

I think about the “operational shift” a lot.   Especially, since, for the most part, health clubs and studios operate the same as they did 40 years ago.  And, I realize this is self-serving, but the shift is part of what drives our compnay.

For example, I think about operational shift every time a health or fitness professional tells me he or she spent 6 hours creating a month’s worth of customized menus for a client.  What a waste of time… especially if there is no compensation for it!

  • Shift the Operation… The top grossing health and fitness professionals teach their clients how to use the MAP System. Then, use their valuable time providing guidance and motivation.

I speak with some of the most highly qualified fitness trainers in the world who are continually challenged by over-fat people who still think “starvation diets” are only way to lose weight. Even the best in the world can’t possibly explain all the facts in a 6-session training package.

  • Shift the Operation… For two years now, top professionals have incorporated  ONBOARD 101 into their training, group, weight-management and nutrition programs.  And, whether it’s free or paid subscription, it allows clients to learn on their own time, at their own pace, and to ultimately abandon their preconceived ideas about dieting. The top health and fitness professionals use their valuable time to answer questions, provide clarity and offer inspiration/motivation.

Make the Shift

Listen…. the health and fitness business continues to evolve.  It is becoming more and more fragmented with specialized models such as Crossfit, Yoga, Spas, Bootcamps etc.  But it doesn’t stop there.

The industry also is fragmenting by demographics including gender, age and price-point.  The 35-49 age group does NOT want or require the same protocol as the 18-34 age group (and vice-versa).  The 50+ group is totally different.  And within each group is a price threshold from budget-based groups to premium one-on-one private consults.

Yet, across the board, they all benefit from basic knowledge about how their bodies function.  About how nutrition affects their results.  And, these are all added-value service options you can incorporate into your business to increase your revenue without adding labor – because you “shifted the operation” to your client.

Here’s the point.  Whatever products, services or options you add to your business in 2017, consider whether or not you can shift the operation to the client.  Even if it’s as simplistic as a vending machine!   I promise your business will become MORE PROFITABLE... while at the same time, actually helping your clients become more knowledgeable and EMPOWERED!

It’s smart business!


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